ZARA | The Shoe Edit

Two Toned Cross Over Heels | Printed Leather Slip Ons | High Heel Strappy Sandal

It’s that time of the year again, right between the rainy early spring and the dusty late summer is what I consider to be the perfect shoe season. The weather has just warmed up enough to start testing out those peep toes but still breezy enough to done some cool kicks. 
Lately I’ve had my eyes on Zara, the it place for urban basics in fashion also has a very inviting shoe selection with classic choices with an unexpected twist either in colour or detail. Known for their sky high heels and strappy silhouette, they’ve widened the range to include a few mid high heels which are much more suited for running around the city without sacrificing style. 
Swiss Dot Court Shoe | High Heel Leather Court Shoe w/Bow | Leather Geo Pattern Sandal

I’ve picked out six options here which are neutral enough to go with your warm weather brights yet interesting enough to stand all on their own. Those mint green Printed Leather Slip Ons are the pretty girl’s answer to the soft grunge trend reappearing this season or if minimalist graphic looks are more your taste then Leather Geo Pattern Sandal could definitely grow into a new wardrobe staple. Now the big question is, which one should I bring home first?

Wishlist | A Clinique Moment

If you were to meet me at the fresh age of 17 and starting to get about serious beauty products, you would have found me deep in a collection of Clinique products. Though the ladies in the stark white lab coats can be a little intimidating (actually, the MAC ladies in all black can be scary too), the range was a good stepping stone into the world of department store brands with it’s affordable pricing and large selection of wearable colours. Looking into my drawers now, I realized it’s been years since I’ve used Clinique so I went browsing and thought I’d bring you some old favourites and new discoveries.

After a good wrestle with my acnegenic skin in my younger years, I have for the most part concluded that unless you really need it, a full fledged acne system is a bit too much. However, I have used the Acne Solutions system and found that it worked well for light to moderate acne. The toner, with its shine reducing powder should be used sparingly but does its job of keeping skin matte. The moisturizer is well loaded with natural based extracts but also a dose of benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient that worked well for me.

Clinique’s Turn Around Concentrate looks to be a skin renewing, radiance boosting serum product with a peeling effect from AHA ingredients. It’s been around for a good number of years now and seems to be one of it’s top sellers.
I always look at this whenever I’m in the skincare section of Sephora and for some reason I always put it back down. As someone who uses cleansing oils regularly, the idea of a balm to oil product really intrigues me, not to mention I can definitely sneak this past airport security as a non-liquid cleanser. Must pick this up next time I’m shopping Clinique.

Forget about the balancing part, I think this is a well rounded and simple everyday foundation for those who want medium coverage. The dry down is natural and just a bit matte. It’s very likeable and a good starting point for makeup novices but as a foundation junkie, there isn’t anything about this that makes me go wow. Colours can be a little tricky Clinique base products as they tend to run pink but Cream is a good match for me in their North American colour spectrum.

I got lured in by the ads, these look fun, adorable and with the intense formulation now available, they look pretty colourful too! I never quite understood the love for a stick lip product as it just look like a repackaged version of lipstick bullet but the reincarnation seems to cause quite a stir. I’ve seen swatches of the darker shades and must admit these look delectable.

A series of primers catering to colour correcting your specific skin issues while acting as a smoothing base for your foundation. The concept is a great one and seems to mirror that of the Makeup Forever HD Primer series. I am slightly worried that these might be heavily silicone based but will have to confirm once I swatch them at the counter.

Probably one of the top 2 foundations from Clinique in my books (can you tell I had a foundation fling with Clinique?), the Even Better has a beautiful bright and slightly glowy finish. It has medium buildable coverage, is very easy to blend and hides what you need without loosing that fresh skin finish. The main reason I stopped using it was my frustration at finding a perfect colour match, there are a few decent shades but my best match is actually Fresh Beige which is an Asia exclusive colour.

I’ve never been a faithful fan to any high end blusher but these little flowers not only look pretty but come in at an affordable price point and I’ve heard they have a very soft consistency. There are four wearble shades available and everyone I’ve talked to have absolutely loved them.

What is a girl with little to no bottom lashes doing looking at a bottom lash mascara? Well, I can dream can’t I? The truth is that my bottom lashline is very uneven, my right eye has a very obvious empty spot but I love the look of dark bottom lashes contrasted with my Dollywink falsies. My current rotation is the Covergirl Clump Crusher but the small dainty wand of this is likely a better option.

Is anyone here a Clinique fan? What have you used that’s a must try? While traditionally their products have always looked a little clinical for my taste, there’s been a slight shift into fun packaging and colours in the past few years. I think I might dip back into a little Clinique next time I’m at The Bay, it’s been too long!


WISHLIST:: Summer Lustables from F21

Sure Vancouver is known for great summer weather, clear skies and those northern mountains but there’s a few things that I’ve haven’t (and possibly will never) adapt to fully and that is these strange sudden heat waves that come a few times during the summer. Today we sudden hit the 30s which although not enough to be frying an egg sunny side up is a big leap from the comfortable 20s we’ve been having for weeks. So as I was sitting there slowly steaming up inside out, I decided to distract myself with a little browse over at Forever21.

Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I have been having a big love affair with blue lately and in a way that’s never quite happened before. I used to feel that blue was very serious and grown up but since falling in love with nauticals a few years ago I’ve been slowing working my way around all its subtle tonal variations. I’ve also found myself veering away from uber feminine frills and details, instead adopting a more sophisticated silhouette.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I must admit that I have yet to master the skill of subtly, my daily wardrobe is either extremely relaxed (aka. non existent) or I like to go full out (just like I do with makeup). But subtly is a skill I’d like to acquire and I think these 3 tops really feel relaxed, easygoing yet quite chic…little details like the applique, studs and beading add just a touch of interest.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013

Despite going through “growing up” phases with my Mom in regards to my wardrobe, there’s one thing that we always agreed on and that was florals. Of course her’s were always a little more country and rustic but at least we could agree on a general theme. I love floral prints for the very reason that they can be styled in so many different directions from the baroque feel (left) to the more California cool pairings (right).
Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I’d like to think of accessories as meaningful statements that you add to conclude your outfits… as if to say, “I am at once everything you see yet more than what you see”. A simple black quilted bag is roomy for all your daily baggage (yes, I’m one of those girls who can pull a kitchen sink outta her bag) yet still stylish in a classic way and your cute “makeup” bag wouldn’t get lost inside that hot pink lining. A wide dangling necklace can dress up a sophisticated sheath dress or let the beads cheekily play across a bare collarbone.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013

Shoes are probably one of the most (secretly) influential parts of my outfit, switching up my foot ware can instantaneously change my outlook on what I’m doing for the day. While flats are always a favourite for walking the town (-40% OFF signs are just about around every corner), I’ve been favouring the look of the chunkier 90s heel and really like them paired with a cute sundress for an easy going look that is still feminine. But of course, when I need to really show up with a pow, nothing beats that sharp stiletto heel for maximum impact (even though you may require walking assistance) and the mesh design give this city shoe a very urban appeal.


Now that you know my picks for the summer weather, what have you been eyeing on store shelves lately?

WISHLIST | Hey hey Topshop!

Topshop Makeup
What’s a girl to do when life get’s over her head?
Online makeup browsing of course! Topshop’s appearance in the Vancouver Fashion scene was much anticipated and it’s sleek, hip interiors has attracted much traffic in the 6 months since it’s been open. 
All fashion and accessories aside, I was curious to browse through the beauty department, having heard so much rave from British bloggers. In all it’s classic black and white polka dotted allure, the makeup wall was well stocked and the selection extensive. Although considered a “high street” brand in the UK, the prices reflected a more entry level department store range (or prestige drugstore) with many products selling near par to Clinique or MAC Cosmetics.

Being short on time during my brief run into TopShop, I decided to do a little more investigating online before returning with a list. Here’s what caught my eye.
Two items that frequently grace the pages of magazines and blog pages are the polishes and cream blushers from TopShop. For all you nail polish fanatics around Vancouver, the selection in store is incredible and with the way it’s laid out on the wall, it is truly a magical rainbow paradise (see proof on my Facebook photo). Cream blushers on the other hand are a bit of a tricky territory as they tend to be either too wet, too dry, too pigmented or just not enough colour at all. Word on the street is that they are the perfect, easy to wear consistency so I’ll definitely have go in for a test swatch.
TOPSHOP Clothing
Clothing items are also stocked by The Bay (online) and are available for easy ordering though it’s a substantially curated list compared to the shops. I did find a few cute items but mostly I felt TopShop to be too “hip” or grunge for my own personal style.
If you haven’t seen it already, the brand also has a Youtube channel where styling videos and makeup tutorials are spontaneously posted. The looks seem easy enough and showcases products from their limited edition or permanent line. 
Beauty Lovers, what is your take on TopShop makeup?
Are there any must have items that I should try?

Shop ’til I drop | Holiday Wishlist | LIPS

Beautysets - Shop til I drop holiday wishlist | 2012 LIPS

BUNNIE’S SHOPPING TIPS: I can’t think of any makeup item more sensuous and lady like than a beautiful lipstick but don’t just slap it on to your lips and call it a day, take care of your pout! It may seem easy to neglect the skin on our lips and then we go and wonder why that lipstick doesn’t sit so well. Exfoliate and hydrate as you would the rest of your face and then paint them in rich festive colours!

Shop ’til I drop | Holiday Wishlist | EYES

Beautysets - Shop 'til I drop: holiday wishlist EYES

Bunnie’s Shopping Tips: Many people have a set “look” when it comes to their eye makeup, maybe it’s a certain types of colours you like to wear or the shape of your liner. The holiday times are perfect for picking up a few good palettes as it’s the time most companies are putting out limited editions kits so you’re getting the best value for your money. On the top of my list is The Balm’s Nude’tude palette, I have a few UD ones already so I skipped out on the Nakeds but I love the colour choices from The Balm. I also want to highlight two star eye products, the Anastasia brow duo highly raved about and the Makeup Forever waterproof creme can be used both as an eyeliner or an all over base!

Shop ’til I drop | Holiday Wishlist | FACE

The holidays are a season of gifting but why not gift a little something for yourself? For the next few days I will be posting my “Shop ’til I drop Holiday Wishlist”, the ultimate indulgence to reward yourself for a years job well done. It’s the one time of the year you’ll feel a little less guilty about making the splurge.

Beautysets - Holiday Wishlist 2012 Face

My Shopping Tips: Face products are one thing I’m absolutely willing to spend a substantial amount of money on because its the one area of products that you’re more likely to use on a day to day basis. A flawless base will not only make your whole look come together but starting with a small bit of luxury in the morning will put you in a good mood for the whole day. My personal favourite is Guerlain, they make some of the finest, most incredible powder products that I’ve ever tested and their Meterorites are a cult classic.

LUSH Lustings: Fancy bits I want to try

As the winter season settles in (the never ending rain is proof on the westcoast) and everyone starts stocking up for winter hibernation, I’ve been watching loads of fall haul videos. Something that’s really caught my attention recently are LUSH products. Now Lush is nothing new here, we’ve had a shop for ages but it’s always been a bit overwhelming walking in there because there are products everywhere, plus the heavy fragrances knock me out after 10minutes. The wonderful thing about Lush though is there extensive and well designed website which shows every single item in their shops so I can make my list before heading into the madness. Here’s a peak at what items I’ve been lusting from LUSH!

LUSH lusts_01
I’m always on the lookout for styling products I can use on my hair, I love wearing it a little tousled and natural but I don’t want it to look haggard. “Shine So Bright” is a frizz tamer and hair treatment in one made of shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil which sounds like a great idea as my hair is starting to frizz a little at the ends as it’s growing longer. “Buche de Noel” is a limited edition facial cleanser what sounds equally messy as it is intriguing. On the bottom left, “Full of Grace” is a serum bar that’s reads like potent cocktail, with ingredients like portobello mushroom, rose infusion and murumuru butter. That dark green chunk in the corner is “Demon in the Dark“, an apple and peppermint infused bath soap that sounds fabulous even for the name alone.
LUSH lusts_02
Keeping up with the soap things, the lemony yellow chunk is actually their “Pineapple Grunt” shower bar which is made of fresh pineapple bits and coconut oil though some on the website say it’s not quite so authentic once wet. The milky honeycomb bar is “Mange too”, a most silly name for a product but it’s actually a melting moisturizer with coco, shea and mango butter(s) plus a dash of white chocolate and honey. Did I mention you are allowed to lick it too? And if there’s one thing that I just think is fabulous from Lush, it has to be their solid shampoo bars. They don’t lather as much as my liquid shampoos but they are great fun to use and have some fabulous ingredients. The blue round is “Seanik” containing sea salt, seaweed and Irish moss. The yellow is “Godiva” containing nut oils and is supposed to have a heady jasmine fragrance.
LUSH lusts_03

Moving on in my Lush list are a few bobs from Lush’s colour collections. Yes, they have makeup too! The Emotional Brilliance line is a collection of products chosen for you based on your attraction to certain colours plus they are supposed to reveal something about your inner nature. The shades traits I’m matched with are “Calm, Dynamic” and “Quietly motivated”. The last bit I want to share are probably going to be the first things I’ll pick up and they are the lip tints, I’m madly in love with swatches of the red one called “A million kisses” (the other one shown is “Latte”) which looks like the perfect casual red for wintertime.

Love LUSH?
Let me know what products I need to try!

LUST: My fall makeup look | Fresh Classic

If you’ve been reading up on my last few posts, I’ve mentioned that I’m in the process of building up my fall wardrobe. And of course along with that, my beauty “wardrobe” is no different, I’ve been looking for the perfect look for this winter and I think I’ve finally found the right combination. Although I’m forever fascinated by trends, I’m not one to easily switch up my personal look despite what may be hot for the season because quite frankly, there isn’t any fun wearing something that doesn’t feel YOU.

My fall beauty look
Through lots of magazine flipping and web hunting, I’ve settled on a variation of my personal style that’s a little more updated for fall. I’d like to think of it as a softer version, a new fresh twist on a classic beauty look that is at once feminine and polished.

It starts off with immaculate dewy skin (I have my eyes on the Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat) that’s approachable and luminous. Then a slighter fuller brow, nothing dark or sever, just a fuller shape (my DIOR brow pencil has been my favourite). Pair that with shades of rosy brown on the lids and delicate false lashes (Integrate has a gorgeous new palette I can’t wait to try). To bring the look together, a raspberry lip or something classic in red (Chanel anyone?).

I think it will be just the perfect update to my signature look of smokey browns and pale pinks, a little more grown up but nothing too serious. This photo of model Shu Pei Qin at the DIOR RTW Spring 2012 show is pretty close to what I have in mind. Now that I’ve settled on the look, it’s just a matter of hunting down all the perfect products. 
What trends are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

Shu Pei Qin
*image source*

Sephora finds: March Wishlist

As part of my bi-weekly ritual I made a trip over to Sephora (online of course) to browse through their collection in search of new releases and goodies. Although the Sephora website is only accurate for American orders (some items aren’t even available in stores here at all), I still love seeing what items I should be anticipating. And of course web browsing is safer for my wallet since the likelihood of me ordering online is slim, free shipping is for after $120Cad…

If you haven’t been around that beauty heaven in a while, let me share some of my recent finds!
 Sepohra wishlist 01-2012
  • Laura Mercier “Lingerie Palette” has been on everyone’s lips since its launch. As part of the LM spring collection, I really hope it will still be available by the time I do have a chance to go into the store because this one is stunning. Unlike the previous releases, LM swapped out the lipsticks and put in a new row of eye shadows. The colours are so feminine and sophisticated, I’m afraid this one will be sold out soon!
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hr Full Coverage Foundation had my heart at full coverage. In all honesty I wouldn’t wear a full coverage foundation daily but I am always intrigued by the promise of flawless skin. Zero pores, smooth as silk, even toned and luminous, oh yes you know what I’m talking about! I do like the concept of Tarte incorporating natural ingredients into their beauty products while still maintaining performance but this one definitely needs to be swatched!
  • TooFaced “Natural at Night” palette is the latest of the eyeshadow palette series released by the ever so cheeky brand Too Faced. Can you believe that after all these years I have yet to own any of these famous palettes? Me either but as much as I am attracted to them I want to choose one that isn’t a repeat of the others in my collection and this one could be it!
  •  Korres “Wild Rose” kit is something that I wouldn’t think twice about picking up if I was in Sephora and in need of some skincare. Having used the Wild Rose cream previously, I know it’s a beautifully textured, fragrant and skin loving line. It’s a shame that I’m always on the hunt for new products and haven’t had a chance to return to this.

Sephora Wishlist 03-2012

  • Dior Healthy Awakening Blush is a colour adapting blush that is meant to work with your own body chemistry to produce your unique blush shade. There have been a few blush/lipgloss releases claiming this technology but I’ve always been a little skeptical. However, even if it doesn’t change shades, I think the bright pink in the pan is equally alluring and worth a swatch.
  • Benefit “Highbeam” highlighter has been on my wishlist since goodness knows how long. I keep thinking that I can find something for a better price (it’s $35CAD here) since after all, it’s just some pink sparkly highlighter right? Oh contraire mon ami! There is something about the intensity of the silvery pink liquid that really gives you modelesque cheekbones like no other. I was enthralled by the glow when I owned alittle sample of it and I think I really need this back in my life.
  • Justin Beiber “Never say never” perfume was NEVER something that I thought I would like. To be fair, I was never drawn to any particular celebrity scent as I find the concept a little strange. However I had received a small tester strip in my magazine and was drawn to the sweet girliness of the fragrance. I was even more interested after finding out that they offered a hair fragrance mist…yes…maybe I shall dabble in that and no one has to know I’m in with the Biebs.
  • Tarina Tarintino “Dollskin” Cheek palette has been haunting me ever since I saw it online at Sephora. Her design and style truly embraces a whimsical everlasting femininity that I really enjoy in makeup. Certainly there is nothing wrong with classic, sophisticated beauty but sometimes girls just want to play and what better way to express that identity than through a fun and flirty cheek palette! I really hope this is not limited edition!

Sephora Wishlist 03-2012

  • Jimmy Choo perfume is a much anticipated launch for this year. Having tried it on a strip at the store I couldn’t quite makeup my mind about it. But good grief the bottle design is a stunner.
  • YSL Harmony for eyes #13 Candy is just too fun to be missed for spring! Though I can’t quite justify spending so much on colours that I won’t wear day to day I think this is absolutely worth collecting if it is within your price range. Who knew that YSL could play it cute?
  • Josie Maran Argan Balm is taking the popularity of argan oil to a new level with an easy to travel tin of argan oil balm. Though I haven’t been wooed by argan oil I do love the concept of an oil balm which is easy to carry in my purse without the fear of leakage, plus it will make me more likely to use it since I can reach for it anytime. Rub a little through the hair, a little on the cuticles, a little along the cheekbones…oh yeah, I think I can learn to love this.
  • DIOR polish in “Waterlilly” is the hottest shade for spring in my opinion. Forget about the neons, pastels have still got it for the upcoming warmer weather. Whilst I am not a fan of most green nail polishes there is something about the hue of Waterlilly that I find extremely beautiful. Not too pale and not too deep, this shade even has a shot of silver shimmer for added intensity. I’m sure this one will receive lots of wear all the way through summer.

Something’s got your heart at Sephora?
Share it with me in the comments!