Daily Goods: Wet’nWild Megalast nail polish

I’m finally slowly catching up on the new(er) releases from the drugstores, one of which is the re-release of the Wet’nWild Megalast nail polishes. They’ve redesigned the bottle and stirred up some new shades. My favourite part? The brand new flat-wide brush which made even application on my right hand easy.
WetNWild Megalas nail polish
TOP: 202B “Break the Ice”
BOTTOM: 211B “Club Havana”

I’ll have swatches of these up when they go into rotation on my shelf but so far the formulation, brush and everything seem wonderful. I really hope that they will be releasing more colours soon!


DEMO: Art Deco crackle nails

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve got a fabulous nail tutorial for you today, its something that I’ve been wearing frequently (even in the tail-end of summer) and I think it’ll be a great addition to your fall look.

 Fall crackle Nails

While the concept and technology of crackle nails isn’t new, I never felt any love for the black crackle nail polish (the first ones that came out) but as more brands moved on to produce other colours I think I’ve found my love!

Fall crackle Nails

A easy to wear and uber chic combination is black with a gold overcoat, I’m not talking 24K kind of gold but a slightly rustic finish that is more haute couture. The combination of black and gold is actually also quite ART DECO in feel, again another classic.


Fall crackle nails

Ready to see how to do this?
!Video Time!

Products used
  • NAIL ENVY (by OPI)
  • Wet ‘n Wild WildShine poilsh “Black Creme”
  • Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat “#06 Antiqued Gold”
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat

Fall crackle Nails
Hope you liked the tutorial

If you do get a chance to try it out, I’d love to see it!
Also tell me your favourite shatter/crackle combo?


SWATCH: Wet’nWild Megalast lipstick 901B

Quick swatch

“Think Pink”
Wet'nWild--megalast lipstick

Wet’nWild claims this to be matte and long-lasting, I suppose that in theory it works. If its too glossy then it smudges off easier right? Yes it’s matte, on me it lasts a bit more than regular but gosh its dries me out!
However I have seen beautiful swatches from other bloggers which look absolutely not drying so it could just be my lips having a bad day.

Will sacrifice that for the colour though. Great price and totally cute shade! Absolutely worth checking out.

HAUL: Birthdays, Bunnies & Bubble Baths

Helloooo out there!

My my, it feels like a long time since I saw you all face to face in a video. The weather has been horribly unstable (seriously, its like JULY? and I wore a sweater cardigan outside) lately and I really dislike using artificial lighting. Today seemed like a decent day and I squeezed out some time for a little haul video, with some items that I’ve been meaning to share with you all.

Birthday Month Haul2011
A variety of goodies from all kinds of places….want to hear more about where they came from? 
Check out the video for all the juicy details!

Out of all the things I think the product that I didn’t expect to be excited about (but am now eager to use) is the Philosophy bodywash. I likely won’t but using it as a 3in1 like its designed but for a shower gel it smells delicious. Usually dessert scents are too strong for me yet Philosophy was able to make this just yummy with out being sickening. I have stopped by the Philosophy counter in Sephora and they do have an intriguing range of products, I’m just not sure if I’d spend so much on a bubble bath or if I’d have that much use for it.


As for IMATS….I heard that NYX is finally opening a booth this year? According to the registered exhibitors list Vancouver gained a couple more companies this year than last but still uncertain if its worthwhile to go. I was reading Eki’s blog and found out that Los Angeles got Danny Sanz as speaker for their pro-only show! My goodness!

Lastly I’ll leave you with another Bunnie photo…yes, the Bunnie has a friend!
I’m on a bit of a restraining policy because I need to use up a lot of my products but I’m always excited to read what other people have acquired, I suppose it makes me feel like I am part of the experience as well.
 What are YOUR recently purchases?

Wet ‘n Wild rocks it with Color-Icon palettes!

Ready for some drugstore goodies today?
If you haven’t already, its time to head down to the Wet ‘n Wild shelf and sample some of their new-er item. Yes, new-er because they’ve been out for a while, but they are still a new addition to the line.

Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon Trio eyeshadow

I’ve only recently been able to catch these guys since there is only one store that carrys them here and its almost always sold out…. >.>”

Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon 6-pan shadows

I was lucky to grab the last one of this VERY POPULAR shade; “Vanity”.

Let’s get into the review shall we?

Last words…

Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon Trio--swatch

The Good…..
  • Both palettes have beautiful pigmentation.
  • Show up well on the skin, even the matte shadows
  • Decent blendability.
  • Nice range of textures to experiment and combine.

Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon 6-pan shadow--swatch

The Bad…..

  • The texture isn’t great, come off too powder and thick (the matte shades especially)
  • Doesn’t last all day without a shadow primer.
  • The satin/metallic shades are a little too soft and easy to overblend, thus loosing intensity.
Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon 6-pan--swatch

Over all I’d still call these guys a good pick! While they are not the most long-lasting, I think that factor depends on your skin and also what you are wearing it for. For a 4 hour trip, they will do just fine, anything more and you’d better add a primer to it. I do think Wet ‘n Wild are really trying to revamp their line and that’s a great thing for us product junkies!

Hope you found this helpful!