STYLE | The Old Navy Shoe Mystery

Old Navy is probably not what most people would think of when it comes to shoes, flip flops maybe but proper, even stylish footwear? Me neither. But in the past year with a few clicks of my mouse, I’ve found myself in possession of 3 pairs of shoes  and as someone with a no commitment policy to footwear, I thought this deserved a proper post.
The is the pair that I wear most often and for good reason. I purchased it while searching for something to replace a beloved pair of modern cowgirl boots that I wore to death. The soft faux suede feel and neutral colour palette makes it easy to pair with clothing be it with a blazer or a fun summer dress. I love the simplistic design with the top stitching detail which looks like a city version of a country boot. Thick heels and a zipper means I can walk comfortably from cobblestone to grass and the treaded bottom keeps me on my feet.

Availability: Discontinued.

I picked up this pair solely for the fact that it looks identical to a black pair from Forever21 that I own which in turn is a dupe for a pair of Chinese Laundry shoes. At a mere $15 when it was on sale during Black Friday, there was absolutely no way I was passing these up. Even though d’orsay styles can often slip in the back heel, this pair was surprisingly snug when I ordered in a half size down. It could do with a little extra arch support but overall I am thrilled. The bottom of the shoe is rubber which makes sure I won’t be making a fool of myself in slippery hotel lobbies when I head to events. Faux suede, deep red and oh so luxurious looking.

Availability: Still available! Shop it here.

Everybody needs a shoe that just gets them out of the door quickly in the winter weather. This is my pair. Purchased at the same time as my Lady Shoe, I was desperately seeking an everyday shoe that can handle a bit of rain, snow and is, for all intents and purposes on the Westcoast…an all terrain shoe. This fit the bill perfectly. I ordered a size up to accommodate for thicker winter socks. This convertible style actually allows you to wear the boot laced all the way up or folded down to reveal a bit of faux fur while still keeping my feet warm and dry. Not quite a snow boot, not quite a rain boot but perfect for the daily hustle in bad weather.

Availability: Still available in black and brown. Shop it here.

The moral of today’s post? Good shoes often come from unexpected places. Old Navy only carries a small selection of shoes but it seems that once in a while, a real gem will pop up. If possible however, I would suggest checking them out in stores just to insure there aren’t any loose seams or major quality issues but all three pairs I own came out perfectly fine. Definitely worth revisiting for everyday simple footwear. I’ve got them bookmarked.


Haul-a-days : What I got, what I gave & Sale season madness

I’ve been just a little obsessed with watching these Christmas videos lately, it’s a way to extend the feel of the holiday season I suppose (which reminds me I have yet to take down the lights) and it seems like from your Facebook feedback that you all love these as well!

BOOKS THAT I GAVE (as mentioned)

  • Lauren Conrad Style | Lauren Conrad | here
  • Crafting with cat hair | Kaori Tsutaya | here
  • Macarons |Bérengère Abraham & Marie-José Jarry | here

 New Makeup -holiday

Winter Sweaters

Forever21 Camellia necklace

Forever21 Suede heels
A favourite find of this season : Forever21 faux suede bow heels 
Original : $33.80 / Sale : $8.50

I extremely happy to finally find some pretty sweaters at great prices because I’m loving the sweater and skirt look that I spotted in previous issues of ViVi. For many years I’ve received lots of clothing items as hand me downs, many of which wasn’t quite my style but I since it fit I added them to my closet without hesitation. In the past year I’ve been slowly weeding out the pieces that didn’t speak my taste and look forward to building a wardrobe that makes me feel happy.

Fashion Haul | Shearling Hightops & Golden Bows

According to this haul video, I’ve apparently grown a new liking for gold jewelry… but either way I put together a video sharing with you some new fashion pieces I’ve added to my wardrobe. If you haven’t gathered by now, I have quite a classic style sense with an attraction to small details and textures. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I’m selective in what I put on and I’m currently hooked on small delicate baubles that hangs just at the collarbone, so romantic!
Let me know which pieces you loved most!

Style: ASOS bag hunt

Handbags have always been a strange conundrum for me, on one hand I love how they look but on the other hand I can’t imagine getting one of them dirty! What if they get a scratch? What if there is a dirty mark? Oh the horror
With all that being said, I still can’t resist browsing through the bag section online and when I was on, I spotted a few very gorgeous arm candies that I thought I’d share…

Asos Bag_05

I adore the casual but “updated” feel of this cross body bag. The simple two pocket construction has handles for easy carrying if you choose to remove the strap. But what really makes this bag stand out is the porcelain blue fabric/pattern. It appears to be a floral design but the shapes are broken up as not to look too “dated” and of course the sports-like design makes this bag casual but cool.

Asos Bag_06

Floral bags don’t have to be the same as the one your Grandma carries. An updated barrel design with big leather details makes this choice a great one to throw over jeans or pair with your spring dress. With enough room inside for bath suit and flip flops, I’m really loving this one!

Asos Bag_04

Somehow this bag has an expected wow-factor for me, it’s chic but the big bold design and colour makes this bag worthy of the Cali sun. Turquoise and brown can do no wrong together and this bag would be a versatile choice for bringing into the office or taking out on the weekends.

Asos Bag_01

I am a huge fan of textures and this bag instantaneously caught my eye with it’s suede and leather construction.The tasteful gold hardware and the neutral tones of muted teal and beige keeps this bag simple and brings attention to the contrasting textures. A sophisticated but stand out choice!

Asos Bag_08

Isn’t this bag just so cute? It looks like an over-sized version of a small classic handbag, sleek in shape and design with no extra clutter or distracting details. However in making the bag larger, it somehow feels more casual (even with jeans and a t-shirt) than conservative and the preppy pastel pink will fit right in with my summer wardrobe!

Asos Bag_07

Sophisticated? Oh yes!
Boring? Oh no!
This envelope style clutch stole my heart with it’s light blue crocodile pattern. No longer just something to carry your pens and wallet, this clutch can certainly be the main focus in an outfit. Wear it with a something neutral to bring attention to the bag or pair it with something equally colourful for the night out.

Asos Bag_03

Well Helllloooo Cowgirl!
This sweet little cross body bag with flip flap closure in leather is nothing new but the bright coral/pink details add an element of fun and whimsy. Pair it with some Levi’s and boots for a laid back look but I think it would look equally cute with a little gingham skirt out on a picnic.

Asos Bag_02

I leave you with this darling little swallow decal purse, gold wrapped curves and the perfect size to throw in a few cards and your sunglasses for a date out with the girls. Again, I was hit by this lovely s shade of muted teal which seems to be making a hit this year, just enough colour but nothing too flashy. This vintage inspired purse instantly put a smile on my face!
A few of these are currently on sale though stock is usually limited, I never get there fast enough to actually purchase anything on sale at ASOS. You can find these and more at…
Sadly, I haven’t mustered up the gusto to splurge on a beautiful bag yet. Most of mine have been hand me downs or inexpensive fabric totes. I’d love to own a gorgeous bag but before then, I think I might give a shot at making a suede clutch….more details (and perhaps a DIY tutorial) on that to come!

Are you a bag lover?
I’d love to hear more, talk to me in the comments!

Bunnie Finds: February Etsy finds {2012}

I contemplated posting this months Etsy finds on the week of Valentines but then I thought it would be too expected and cliche. While February is mostly about love and hearts, I’d like to think that it is also a good month to think about the coming of spring and the changes taking place. As soon as the heart shaped candies are gone, Easter eggs are popping up everywhere in stores and so there’s no reason not to think ahead. So here are my romantic spring themed finds for this month!
 Which item caught your eye in February?
Share it in the comments below!

Style: Vintage quirk at Mod Cloth

I have a soft spot for old things.
(not the ripped up, green moldy kind)
I love the design, detailing and character of vintage clothing but of course shopping vintage is a tricky business. It’s hard to find them in good condition and sometimes they are even more expensive than new clothes. 
During my web browsing I’ve come across this website many times and when I finally curiously clicked on the ad, I was hooked! Now, I have yet to take plunge on any of the items and make an order but I wanted share my browsings from this kitschy, stylish, vintage inspired site!
Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth mainly retails vintage inspired clothing, jewelery, accessories, housewares and even shoes. What drew me there were the gorgeous dresses and the quirky home decor.

Here are some of my favourite finds!

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Can’t say no to a coral dress. Ok, well this might be borderline orange but I’d like to think it’s coral anyways. I love the lines in this dress, normally I veer towards simplistic styling but I think the crepe fabric and vibrant hue makes this dress an absolute winner.

Mod Cloth --blogpost

This is something that I’d choose for a fancy dinner out on the town. Again, there’s that bright pop of red/coral in the bodice but that vintage lace gives this an old school appeal. The shape is a classic sheath but who can resist that little peek-a-boo bit at the back?

Mod Cloth --blogpost

This top just screams fun in the sun! I love the tangerine leopard design framed by the little black collar. The trapeze shape is rather modern and would go well with some jean shorts and a bright shoe.

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Cute romper? Check.
Floral print? Check.
Pockets for mints? Check.
Absolutely darling for the spring? CHECK CHECK CHECK!

A few other titbits that caught my eye…

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth also carries some of the cutest home decor items. Everything is such a fun surprise. I think it’ll make any home that much more interesting.

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth --blogpost

A few things I have noticed when looking through their website is the lack of descriptions for materials of the clothing, which (unless you are very good a differentiating via photographs) might be a problem for some. However they do have a “review” section where customers can rate and talk about the item so that is helpful for shopping online. In addition, I really wish they had a petites section as I am rather…small… to say the least.

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth is certainly a treasure house of catchy clothing and accessory pieces. I often see myself as the little black sheep in the crowd, I like something a little different than what is generally offered at the mall. If I’m not sewing it myself, I think Mod Cloth is the place I’d be. It’d also be a great place to look for unique gifts for family and friends…okay, I’ll stop rambling now…I really think I just need to get something from there…
What’s your favourite online place to shop?
Leave me something in the comment below 🙂


Style: Finding your Shabby Chic

So maybe you’re an interior design buff and you already know what I’m talking about today. Or maybe you just looked at the title and said: “Shabby…what?”
 Shabby Chic as a descriptive term refers to a style of design that is based on vintage looking items with a rougher more “worn in” feel (think layered, distressed finishes) and a undeniably romantic touch. Think pastel tints of mint greens, spring lavenders, cotton candy pinks and the like. Whilst this is often most evident in interior design, you can find many everyday “shabby chic” items such as clothing, jewelry, stationary and just about anything you can think of can be shabby chic (well…maybe not food, haven’t figured out how you can do that one!) Flowers and stripes are common as well as fine detailing like crown molding and curved lines, it’s both a little English yet a little French.

Of course, this trend can be interpreted in different directions as well to combine with other tastes. For example…combined with woodsy, earthy feel and you get something alittle more rustic….. and country.
…or it can be paired with more elaborate Victorian tastes…..
What underlines the attraction of shabby chic styling for me was it’s human quality, sure the sofa, the fireplace or the desk can be mass produced but that “shabby” aspect is (in theory) a sign of human contact and wear. It’s a little imperfect yet special in every way, it has that heirloom quality to it that seems synonymous with my love for handmade.
 Here I want to share with you some wonderful shabby chic items from Etsy.
 I was so incredibly inspired by these, gosh if only I owned a place of my own.
I’d decorate it like mad!
*pssst..the name of each item is also a link*

Natural Kei Romantic Shrug Top

True Rebel Clothing

Shabby Chic Crochet Peach Cream (Set Of 2)

Sincerely Raven

Beach Decor Candlesticks – Shabby Chic

Beach Grass Cottage

Cabbage Roses Shabby Chic PILLOW COVER

Emma Dear

Light Blue Shabby Chic Earrings Holder


Shabby Chic French Chairs


shabby chic handbag (Cath Kidston pink roses)


Ashley: Shabby chic romantic earrings


The best way to find your very own shabby chic pieces is probably at yard sales, vintage stores and flea markets. Look for quality pieces with stand out detailing. Other wise you may also want to DIY your own items with a little sand paper and paint to produce that aged result. Or if you are lucky enough to live near a Target, I just found that Rachel Ashwell (the woman behind the book in the first photo) who designs and collects shabby chic accessories produces a line sold right inside Target!

Hope you found something inspiring for today!