Beauty Look | Berry & Bright – ft. Shu Uemura x Maison Du Chocolate


This one is for all you chocolate lovers. Shu Uemura‘s limited edition holiday 2018 collection this year features a delicious collaboration with La Maison du Chocolate – a Parisan boutique creating confectioneries of it’s namesake. A few weeks ago, I posted a video preview of the items I have in my hands courtesy of the always generous Shu PR and today I’m sharing a complete look created using the products themselves, of course with a holiday theme.

The two big colour items in this collection are the Ganache & Praline eight pan eyeshadow palettes; Dark Cacao which takes on slightly cooler, taupe tones with flecks of gold and alternatively, Framboise Berry which includes nuances of reds in the form of berries, terracotta and copper. As a challenge, I decided to create my look centered around only the red shades so in a way this is a dark eyes and dark lip combination!


  • Pile on the foundation | My skin is certainly far from model perfect but when wearing red tones, be it lips or yes, any redness of the skin is enhanced so it’s a good time to go higher coverage.
  • Be selective about colour placement | I focused the heaviest berry colour on the outer corners of the eyes and also smoked it out a little around the lower lash line. If you look carefully however, I didn’t connect the colour all the way around the eye – instead the lower outer lash line is lined with a bronze metallic pencil.
  • Skip the heavy liner | This look has no eyeliner on the top what so ever and it’s a conscious decision to keep it from looking too theatrical. However, I did balance it out with false lashes – which I thought was a must – in order to still enhance definition for the eyes. I highly recommend choosing lashes that aren’t super dense, focused more on length and has a clear band to blend in better with your own natural lash line.


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I would love to know what looks you are excited to wear for this holiday season and if red is in your plans as well!

Chat soon,


Shu Uemura and the cleansing oils


When I say Shu Uemura, two things probably comes to mind – eyelash curler and the Shu cleansing oils*. The latter is celebrating a 50 year birthday this year and can really be counted as one of the iconic products in modern beauty history. In fact, for decades this was the only product of its kind that you can get your hands on in the western market and continues to gather a cult following. Rewind to 1950s Hollywood and Mr. Shu Uemura used a first version of his cleansing oil to take off the heavy pancake makeup favoured for film and movie sets. Today, the Shu Uemura brand offers various formulas and textures for different skin types and needs. There are currently 7 listed on their website that range from anti-pollution to large pore challenges.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil
Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil
SHOP SHU UEMURA | Sephora | Shu Online ($42-93CAD size & formula depending) 
Cleansing oils became a big part of my beauty routine when I first delved into Asian skincare and learned the importance of double cleansing – first wash to take off makeup and second wash to cleanse the skin –  something that I still preach today whenever the topic of face washing arises. Shu oils have entered my routine only within the past few years partially due to its price point but also that they had previously often included mineral oil in their formulas – thankfully this is being phased out! What I can appreciate about these cleansing oils in particular is how well they emulsify and wash away fuss free. All the fears about a sticky oily residue is not a problem as long as you use the right method. I’m extra excited to try out the new emulsion formula which not only seems like a great texture but also adverts the dripping-all-over-the-sink scenario.
Got a favourite cleansing oil brand? Share the deets!
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BEAUTY LOOK | Shu Uemura x Super Mario Holiday Makeup

If there’s one thing to expect from Shu Uemura holiday collections, it’s to allow yourself to be surprised by the unexpected! With a history of collaborating with artists and gravitation towards pop culture, Shu gives us a power up with a limited edition Super Mario makeup collection complete with the original pixel graphic artwork and shiny gold accents. 
Shu Uemura Super Mario Makeup//

This multi-piece release includes not only limited edition package but some fun colour options as well, all of which are much more wearable than you’d think at first glance. The collection ranges from makeup to skincare and even a few hair care items. Most of the products are the same formula as pre-existing favourites which I always think is a smart move so there’s no new learning curve to conquer. 
  • SHU | Yuzu Makeup Refresher Mist* 
  • SHU | Peach’s Eye and Cheek Palette
  • SHU | Drawing Pencil* | Light Orange, Brick Brown, Dreamy Peach Pink
  • SHU | Tint in Balm* | Underground Adventure
  • SHU | Rouge Unlimited Supreme* | #187
  • SHU | Eyelash Curler with Charm*
    The big drop in this collaboration is the two in one cheek and eyes palette which seems to be curated into corresponding purple and bronze options. Both extremely wearable on most complexions and every single colour is something that you can reach for frequently. Yet with that said, it is also quite a pricey piece and may not necessarily be the best value for money if the shadow is not part of your daily repertoire. Instead, if you want just a little something then the golden eyelash curler with the star charm or fun printed lipsticks would be my recommendation.
    Shu Uemura Super Mario- Holiday Makeup//

    Shu Uemura Super Mario- Holiday Makeup//

    If you manage to pop during our livestream Youtube session, you’ll remember that this is the makeup look that we created together live which was so immensely fun! The majority vote went to the orange side of the palette so I used all three shadows
    to create a warm rich bronzy eye with rust and brick tones and rimmed by a heavy dose of the Shu pencil in Brick Brown on the lower lash line. I mixed both peach and pink shades on the cheek. The lips was a real toss up between the two available colours I had on hand looking and at these photos, the deep glossy berry wine was the right choice and really popped the entire look. Do note however that the extreme glossy formula can be hard to work with and isn’t something I’d recommend for day to day wear but it does photograph so stunningly!

    Shu Uemura Super Mario Makeup//

    With this being such an iconic collaboration, I’d recommend calling your local Shu retailer as many counters might be very limited in stock. Shu’s website and even Sephora online will generally carry some holiday collections into the end of January. If you’re picking up a piece or two, let me know what’s caught you eye.
    Chat soon,


    With the weather finally hitting up to solid twenties, I’m excited to be in the mood to chat about warm season releases. This season, Shu Uemura, known for their artistic collaborations, have teamed up with Japanese jewelry design duo AMBUSH to release a gold dipped, limited edition set of products. The vibe is independent, urban and edgy. 
    My first take on the collection is a more toned down work appropriate version with golden shadow and a majorly glossy lip but as with most Shu products I’ve used, they key to their textures is layering so don’t be afraid to build up the colour to something that’s a little more style. 
    • SHU | Pore Erase UV Base*
    • MAC | Face & Body Foundation C1
    • SEPHORA | Baked Blush Duo* – “Medium”
    • SHU | Eye Foil Shadow* – dark bronze, yellow gold
    • SHU | Ambush Blush* – “Ambushed” (as shadow)
    • SHU | Soft Gel Pencil* – “Navy Black”
    • SHU | Eyelash curler*
    • SHU | Calligraphy Liquid Liner Pen*
    • COVERGIRL | Total Tease Mascara* WP
    • SHU | Rouge Unlimited Shine Lipstick* – “Ambush Freedom”

    I’m most looking forward to seeing how the new Eye Foils stand the wear test and especially matched against my beloved Armani Eye Tints as they seem similar at first glance. Who knows, I might even come back with a blue accented gunmetal smokey eye sometime…
    Chat soon,

    Shu Uemura x Murakami Holiday | Impressions & Beauty Look

    Bright, colourful and inspired by the magic of the cosmos, this holiday season Shu Uemura reunites with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for a limited edition beauty collection bursting with creativity and Murakami’s iconic floral motifs. Key pieces in this release includes two all over face palettes and a series of sheer to light finish lipsticks.


    • Cosmic Blossom Palette | Cosmicool (Cool tone)*
    • Cosmic Blossom Palette | Cosmikawaii (Warm tone)*
    • Nova Eye Trio | Cosmicool (Cool tone)*
    • Nova Eye Trio | Cosmikawaii (Warm tone)
    • Block Booster Primer | Fresh Pink*
    • Block Booster Primer | Natural Beige*
    • Rouge Unlimited Lipstick |
    • Rouge Unlimited Lipstick |
    • Cosmic Drawing Pencil | ME Navy*, M Black, M Purple Black, ME Comet Brown
    • Essence Absolute Beautifying Oil*
    • Wonder Worker Leave-in Spray*
    • Eyelash Curler*
    • Makeup Brush Set with Pouch
    AVAILABILITY: Shu Uemura online, Sephora online / in-stores and select Shu counters worldwide.
    With this collection, you get the familiarity of classic Shu products but updated with Murakami’s whimsical artwork and curated colour selection. As far as I know, none of the product formulations are new so take this as a chance to try our new colours and stock up on limited edition packaging of products you already love.

    Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//

    Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//

    Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//

    Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//

    At first glance, this could easily be a spring or summer collection as the unusual vibrant pairings are a breakaway from the common smokey muted shades this time of the year. Yet this is absolutely the kind of twist that I would expect from a brand with such a deep rooted creative history as Shu Uemura and anything less than a pop art-esque feel would not be Murakami. 

    Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to colour pairing and at first I was overwhelmed as I lifted the mirrored lid of the face and eye palettes but if there’s anything I’ve learned from Shu over the last few years, its to trust and just put it on. While its not something that can be said for all rainbow coloured makeup, there is something about the subtle tonal nuances curated into a Shu collection that melds together beautifully on the skin.

    The Drawing Pencil eyeliner is undoubtedly one of my favourite formulas and the navy is a fun shift away from your everyday neutrals, however the glitter can be a little gritty so avo
    id this in the waterline and use it above the lashes instead of tight-lining.

    The Block Booster Protective Primer is lightly tinted and provide just the subtlest tinge of sheer colour wash that has no real coverage but does impact the overall complexion when you put foundation over top. It feels very lightweight and similar to the Paul & Joe primer or the Laura Mercier however the SPF50 can leave a slight cast if photographing in artificial lighting so either go down a shade in your foundation or skip this altogether. For those already with pretty decent skin, this will not be your make it or break it product.

    Now the palettes are of course the star of every Shu release and both the Cosmikawaii and the Cosmicool option offer a lot of fun. As always, the shades themselves stand out for their translucent, buildable quality and I think you have to use them differently than other products that may have one swipe opacity. These allow you to layer endlessly for a variety of intensities without every looking heavy on the skin so if anything I would say you need a little more patience when working with them but they give a little more creative fluidity.

    Looking at the palettes as a whole, it could have done with just one glittery option versus three as the colours look very close when applied and only the most discerning eyes would make a fuss about it being a subtle pink glitter or a subtle gold glitter. I don’t recommend the glitter shades on their own but they do add a visual interest and snazz up the base colours.

    Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//

    Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//

    Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//

    For my own look I decided to focus around the blues in the Cosmicool palette; rimming my eye area in shades of lavender and navy then finishing off with an ombre lip. While blue eye shadow is certainly not an every affair in my routine but even I was swooned by how pretty the colours looked together. In the debate between wearable or dramatic, I challenged myself with a bolder interpretation.

    I started off with a halo of light purple all over the eye contour down to the tops of my cheek bones then began layering with navy over the lid and a touch of smokey charcoal at the outer edges for definition. Playing up the cosmic vibes, I swept the bright candy pink blush quite high on the cheeks and in a horizontal zone across the bridge of my nose as well. A coral lipstick acted as a base for an ombre pout and is given more dimension with the deeper sheer wine in the center of the lips. Glitter butterflies? Well, those are completely optional….

    Stay sparkling,

    Shu Uemura | F/W Haute Street + Look

    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup
    One thing that makes Japan so interesting to me is its duality of traditional and modern aesthetics. When it comes to street style, few cities can compare to its unique display of personal style both in art and beauty. This winter Shu Uemura releases the second installment of the Brave Beauty Collection (Vol. 2) in collaboration with artist Ōyama Enrico Isamu Letter to create a new medium of expression for the modern woman. Haute Street.


    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup

    When I first looked at the collection, it struck me as unusual for the season. The colours looked more like a Miami cocktail that what most would expect for fall and winter. Yet as I began shading the eyes with sky blue, the selection does read very street inspired. During the grey zone this time of the year, some lime green might be a great juxtaposition after all. I can see the collection being broken down into soft brights and intense brights to be worn depending on your personal preference.

    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup

    Left – Right | Cool x Chic* & Warm x Vibrant*

    For those who are looking for maximum flexibility these dual ended (crayon) pencils are a must have. Creamy enough for a smooth glide and enough pigmentation to go solo these are wonderfully creative and can be used as liner or shadows. I would even use them as a face stick if you’re feeling wild.

    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup
    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup

    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup

    Top – Bottom | Cool x Chic* & Warm x Vibrant*

    Two 6 pan eyeshadows palettes containing translucent brights are also part of the collection.  Whilst not chalky, these satins and shimmers are softer in pigmentation and can be paired down for a more sleek urban look. I found all the colours to be true to pan and most blended very smoothly. With both palettes, you can read them as 3 x 3; that is there are 3 brights paired with 3 more neutral shadows.

    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup

    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup
    On Haute Street, lips were certainly not shy. I adore it when Shu puts out brights because the texture is always beautiful and the shades vibrant but wearable. The Unlimited lipsticks come in dynamic colours with sheer high shine finishes and the lip gelatos are a full on lip paint without the goopy feeling.
    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup
    Left – Right | Avenue Sunset Lipstick*, Neon City Lipstick*
    Street Rose Lip Gelato*, Graffiti Orange Lip Gelato*

    After a whole lotta contemplation, I couldn’t decide on a singular shade and decided that since the were paints that I’d just mix them together. The result is a bright rose with a slightly moist finish and I added a pop of extra orange in the center lip. Shu has previously released a gelato tint in a wand format but that translates more as a satin mousse finish wh
    ile these are thicker paints.
    Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Haute Street Makeup


    The finished look I created is high contrast but you can certainly swap out the lip gelato for a sheer lipstick if that feels more comfortable. The green and yellow work with each other harmoniously yet it’s cut with a unexpected line of blue. I was indecisive about blush hence why it only ended up on one cheek (that’s more of the gelato in case you wondered) but I’d probably recommend something more neutral if you plan on doing bright eyes and lips together.
    Can you see this look worn with a cool graphic tee? Or maybe a sleek minimalist wardrobe with touches of corresponding bright accessories. I’m thinking Graffiti Orange will be excellent with my new moss green wool coat. More on that later…
    Stay bold,

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    Review & Look: 16 Shades of Nude Palette | Shu Uemura

    This spring, nude shades continue to dominate in makeup trends. While we’ve seen many variations from high end to low end, warm to cool shades and multitude of sizes in between. This time, it was Shu Uemura who dropped a fully loaded, incredibly valued, 16 shade full sized eyeshadow palette. Say hello to the 16 Shades of Nude.
    Brand: Shu Uemura
    Product: 16 Shades of Nude*
    Size: 16 x 1.4g
    Price: $105 CAD
    Availability: Shu Uemura Online Exclusive
    Would I (re)purchase: Possibly
    Now I must say $105 sounds like one very expensive palette; in a way it is and in a way it’s not. It turns out that all the individual colours in this palette are full sized, normally retailing for $19CAD if sold individually. Break this down in a palette and this rounds off to approximately $5.6CAD per eyeshadow. Bang for your buck? Definitely.

    The Shu:Palette comes packaged in a very sturdy yet slim matte black plastic casing with a wide mirror under the lid and an accompanying flat duo ended shading brush. I personally prefer a thicker, denser brush for all over shadow application but I have had Shu artists use a similar flat brush for eyeshadow and create some amazing results on me so this really comes down to personal preference.

    Note that this palette is designed in Japan but made in Korea according to the packaging.

    A closer look at the range of colours and finishes in this palette which are set up from light intensity (denoted by a 1) to medium intensity (denoted by a 2) and dark shades (denoted by a 3). This systematic approach or numbering is meant to help you easily create pairings for a 3 step gradation eye look.
    Shades & Intensities according to Shu Uemura

    TOP: Beige 821 (Glitter 1), Soft Beige 814 (Matte 1), Light Beige 825 (Metallic 1), Medium Brown 862 (Metallic 2), Soft Brown 851 (Matte 2), Light Beige 811 (Irridescent 2), Dark Blue 690 (Irridescent 3)
    BOTTOM: Light Beige 813 (Matte 1), Soft Beige 823 (Pearl 2), Light Beige 815 (Satin 1), Light Beige 822 (Pearl 1), Medium Brown 875 (Pearl 2), Dark Brown 895 (Matte 3), Medium Olive 471 (Metallic 2), Black 990 (Matte 3)

    On the rainbow scale, I feel like the shades even out to be fairly neutral. Although there are some golden tones (like the flecked golden glitter) and cooler tones (like the bottom brownish purple), it doesn’t swing dramatically in either direction and thus is a very approachable palette for a variety of skin tones. From my count, there are 5 mattes, 3 satins, 2 glitters, 6 metallics.

    Above: Colours layered over each other to show variance.

    For my light NC15-NC20 skintone, I felt that certain paler shades were just too similar or too light to show up well on my skin and in an everyday situation I wouldn’t need all of them in my palette. For someone with a more light-medium skin tone intensity, this would be the perfect colour spectrum with super pale highlights and rich smokey darks. 
    The overall texture of the shadows were super smooth (except the glitters which were a little patchy but not gritty) with the matte being exceptionally impressive. What I’ve learned about Shu eye shadows as a whole is that they are really designed for layering rather than the “one swipe does all” method that you may be used to from brands like Urban Decay for example. The formulations here give a translucency that makes it easy to create subtle or dramatic nuances by building the various textures and finishes together without ever coming off as powder or heavy on the skin.

    In this look, I decided to try out a very basic high contrast eye but keeping the style and placement simple. I started with the matte Soft Brown 851 all over the lid, then layered the metallic Light Beige 825 over the same area. I also decided to try out the intensity of the matte Black 990 (a tricky shade for any brand) using the flat brush included with the palette to create a super deep smokey extended liner. In fact, I was so impressed with the richness of the black eye shadow that I did not even pick up my usual liquid liner and instead merely dotted some pencil liner between my lashes, popped on some falsies and called it a day.

    Without any additional primer or setting spray, these shadows stayed pristine for 4-5 hours before I noticed some slight creasing but there was no significant shifting to warrant a touch up through the rest of the day. Some of the colours had slight fall out during application but again it was minimal.

    The Shu Uemura 16 Shades of Nude Eyeshadow Palette is a very versatile and approachable every day neutral eye shadow collection that will take care of not only your daily makeup but also a few party time looks as well. If you appreciate the subtle nuances in your colours then this is a must have for your collection and at an incredible value as well. The textures of the powders are very easy and forgiving to work with whether you like a singular, gradated or a layered multi-faceted makeup look and you don’t need a makeup artist to make this look spectacular. If you’re just a very simple neutral sophisticated makeup lover looking to build up a great wearable fool proof routine, this is it. Personally I don’t think every single colour in this palette is a must have but there I’m sure I will be able to put them all to good use.

    Beauty Look | #shupette Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Holiday Collection

    It looks like we’re going to be having a very kitty Christmas.

    This holiday season beauty and fashion come together once again in this limited edition Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Shupette Beauty Collection. The fabulous feline behind the inspiration is actually Karl’s royally spoiled cat Choupette who’s been jet setting with the top designer and is now featured in her own makeup ad.

    Here’s a quick look at what I have in my hands from this collection. All the products are printed with a cat-errific drawing of Choupette by Karl himself. I just adore the sweet little ribbon and how her eyes sparkle of sapphire blue!
    Up the glamour quotient with colorless shimmer powder with kitty-soft silky texture and gentle pink and gold sparkles.” | Shop it!

    Super soft and delicate, this loose powder has a fine mesh sifter lid (I removed it for the photo) and a kitty print face puff for a quick and easy application. I’m usually not one for shimmer face powders are they tend to photograph terribly but this one is more of a luminescence that feels and looks like angel dust. Pale skins can wear this all over while medium to darker skin tones may find this better used as a highlight.

    Diamonds are a Shupette’s best friend. This loose iridescent powder trio comes in brilliant sparkles so you’ll catch the paparazzi flashes and be the belle of the night.
    Loose powder glitter trio comes in brilliant sparkles of pink, gold and platinum that are perfect to finish your celebrity look
    ”  | Shop it!

    A trio of sparklers that’s perfect for gifting, this contains a gold, white/pearl and pink glitter set. The box labels it as eyeshadow but I would recommend using this sparingly as a finishing pop of shine as it is a bit gritty to work with as an all over eyeshadow on its own. Layer it over a powder shadow, pop on the center of the eye lid, the inner corner or as under shadow and you’ll be good to shine.

    #01 BLUE, #02 PINK | $45CAD
    Paw on a parisienne chic cat eye with the palette that includes the gor-geous “Shupette blue”, or get cute to the maximum in a bright pink tokyo kawaii cat eye.
    Three pearly eye shadow shades pre-set in exclusive Shupette custom case.” | Shop #01 & #02

    Whether you’re feeling playful or sweet, these two eyeshadow sets will help you set the mood. All six shades contain some kind of pearl, iridescence or duo-chrome shine. Pigmentation is great and the powders can easily be layered to create varying intensities without getting muddy or cakey. Smoothness varies between shades but none were terribly hard to work with. Note that the case can be taken apart and all the pans are interchangeable with other Shu customizable palettes.
    Partial accent lashes with metallic silver highlights and Shupette-blue crystals just for you to eyedolize yourself.” | Shop it!
    Of course no Shu Uemura collection is ever complete without a fabulous set of lashes. For Shupette, they have designed spikey accent lashes with silver foil and blue jewels on each piece. Each set contains 3 pieces for the top lashes and 3 pieces for the bottoms lashes, per eye. This is definitely an affordable collector’s piece for lash lovers out there!


    • Rouge BonBon Fantasy Lip Palette | #01, #02 | $45CAD
    • Furry Fantasy Premium False Lashes | $100CAD
    • Silk Cushion Cheek | $35CAD
    • Eye-need-shu Pencil Eyeliner | Midnight Black & Gala Brown | $28CAD
    • Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil | $98CAD
    • Eye & Lip Palette | $ 115CAD
    • UV Tsuya Skin Under Base Mousse | $46CAD
    • Eyelash Curler | $24CAD
    • With Love from Paris Brush Set | $95

    SHOP AT |
    All items are limited editi
    on and are also available at Holt Renfrew, select Sephora and Hudson’s Bay Shu counters nationwide.

    Now if you know me, you know I can not pass up on a pair of false lashes so I built my look around them using shades of blue and accented with soft coral hues on the lips and cheeks. Choupette is definitely a princes so I wanted to keep the look pretty yet playful.

    • SHU UEMURA | Light Bulb Foundation* | Medium Light Beige
    • SHU UEMURA |  Pampearl Me Loose Powder*
    • SHU UEMURA | Hard Eyebrow Pencil* | #05
    • SHU UEMURA | Eye-need-shu Shadow Trio* #01 
    • SHU UEMURA | Tint in Gelato* #CR04

    • On clean moisturized skin, I applied one pump of the Light Bulb Foundation which has medium buildable coverage and a satin-glow finish. Buff this out with a brush for even coverage. Then top off the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose and chin with a light press of Pampearl Me Loose Powder.
    • Shape brows with the Hard Brow Pencil in an arched shape. This was a little hard than I thought as it was also my first time using this cult favourite brow shader, looks like I still need some practice but the application was very smooth and the colour payoff was perfect.
    • Using the #01 Blue trio (I was completely mesmerized by that duo-chrome deep blue), apply the medium periwinkle all over the lid and blending slightly past the outter edge of the natural eye shape. Switch to a bullet brush and run the deep blue along the upper lash line and then shading the outter edge of the eye and again blending outwards. Line just the outer tip of the lash line with a small thin flick of black liquid eyeliner. Run deep blue over the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line and the periwinkle along the rest of the lower lash line.
    • Time for the pizzazz! Because I have very sparse lashes that will hardly show in photos, merely popping the Shupette accent lashes over my own will look a little out of place. In this case, I first started with a full strip of light lengthening lashes then added the accent pieces on top concentrating on the outer edges for that feline look.
    • Finish off with coordinating coral lips and cheeks using the Tint in Gelato in CR04.

    I dare you to wear this to a holiday party! Its sweet yet never boring and if the lashes are really not your thing then the blue and coral duo will still be a perfect match on their own. If you are to pick up a thing (or two) from this Shupette Collection, my favourites are absolutely this blue shadow trio along with the loose powder as they are both very versatile. Here’s to a very kitty holiday season!

    EVENT & LOOK | Shu Uemura Fall Beauty with Taca Ozawa

    Last month I had my face painted with one of the most beautiful makeup looks anyone has ever done on me. The place was the newest Shu Uemura counter inside The Bay (Richmond Center) and the occasion was the celebration of their fall Brave Beauty Collection. For this special event, customers could sign up for a special makeover with Shu Uemura’s national makeup artist Mr. Taca Ozawa and I was kindly invited as a special guest.

    What really struck me with this makeup look was how well balanced everything was. It was bright yet soft, romantic yet the lashes added the extra drama that I love. And I would just like to yell at the top of my roof, can you believe how good my skin looks with the Light Bulb Foundation? 
    While the colours may seem simple, Taca spent a long time slowly layering and blending everything together. With a quiet concentration, he’d put something on, step (way) back, ask me to tilt my head this way and that then proceed to pick up his brush again. There was something truly mesmerizing watching him work on my makeup. In fact, I told him I didn’t want to see anything until he had completely finished and what a beautiful look it is!
    The staff a the Shu Uemura counter were also kind enough to let me dig around some of their products and even shared with me some upcoming new releases like the latest edition to Shu’s popular TSUYA SKIN brightening skincare range (below). As you saw in the video, I had a bit of a skin prep prior to the makeup application and the combination of products really plumped up my skin while leaving it soft and supple.
    I still have much more to discover about the brand but I’m quickly learning that Shu Uemura is more than just their eyelash curler and eyebrow pencils. It’s bursting with colour, creativity and new visions to be created. If you’re interested in learning more about them, I’ve recently been catching up on a few of their creative videos from their Hong Kong Youtube channel. You can thank me later!

    Beauty Look | #bravebeauty Fall Look | Shu Uemura

    Beauty takes courage.
    This year I had the great pleasure of discovering the world of Shu Uemura and not only have I fallen in love with some of their products but even more so, I am madly in love with the spirit behind the brand. 
    For Fall 2014, Shu Uemura released the Vision of Beauty Vol. 1 – Brave Beauty Collection, a tribute to women as modern day warriors. Some say that women wear makeup as armor to protect ourselves; sometimes from the outside world, sometimes from our own insecurities but with this, makeup can also give us strength.

    I sat at my desk with all the palettes open and stared at them for along time. Colour matching in makeup is not my forte by any means and there are colours that I never reach for voluntarily in my everyday routine. But then I thought to myself, what would the braver alter-ego of myself wear? If I could paint a self portrait of myself in a different time or a different place, how would I do it?
    She would be lush, slightly untamed, decadent but not fussy yet romantic at heart. With this, I decided on a contoured green and orange eye look reflective of the season. The Green Palette in this collection has a warm golden undertone which looked like golden leaves tinged with the breath of autumn. The rest of the face I kept fairly neutral but of course I couldn’t pass on those lashes. And yes, this girl I’m painting…she would definitely have a Monroe piercing.

    • SHU UEMURA | The Lightbulb Foundation*
    • SHU UEMURA | Stage Performer BB Perfector*
    • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Eyeshadow Palette | Orange*
    • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Eyeshadow Palette | Green*
    • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Rouge Unlimited | Beige*
    • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Lasting Soft Gel Pencil | M Green*
    • SHU UEMURA | Brave Beauty Satin Radiant Stick | Light Pink*

    L-R | BB Perfector | The Lightbulb Foundation | Satin Radiant Stick

    L-R | Green Palette “GR4, GR2, GR1” | Orange Palette “GR6”
    Lasting Gel Liner ” M Green” | Rouge Unlimited Lipstick “Beige”

    Brave Beauty False Lashes | Brave Beauty Face Studs

    • On clean, moisturized skin, start with a thin layer of BB Perfector to smooth skin and give a slightly luminous finish. With a damp sponge, apply The Lightbulb Foundation from the center zone of the face and blend outwards. The foundation itself is quite creamy and I used an extra layer to cover any obvious spots and trouble areas. No concealer here.
    • Shade cheeks with a neutral, slightly rosy blush. Then I added the Satin Radiant Stick in Light Pink along the high points of the cheeks, on the chin and on the cupids bow of the lip.
    • Apply GR4 shadow all over the lids from lash line to the brow bone, contour the eyes from the inner corner towards the center and also from the outer corner towards the center using GR1 while leaving the center bare. Blend GR2 into the socket line in a rounded shape, connecting the darker inner and outer corner. Now this technique is easier done on those with a more prominent socket contour but if you don’t, it’s easier to create a uniform contour on both eyes by tilting your head back slightly and looking down into your mirror.
    • Line the lower lash line all the way around with Gel Liner Pencil in M Green and go over the lash line again with a mix of GR1 and GR2.
    • Using a dark matte shadow, create a fuller shaped brow with a gentle rounded lift, tapering off at the ends. I also used a bit of a brow pencil to get the ends sharper and to smooth out the top and bottom line. I also attempted to shade a bit of GR1 onto my brows as well.
    • Here I popped on the amazing hand made lashes from the Brave Beauty collection, featuring a full, lush style accented with a silver trim and feathered ends.
    • On the lips goes the Rouge Unlimited lipstick in Beige which has a creamy finish and a hint of shine.

    I must admit I was absolutely terrified that this will turn out into a muddy mess but the key to this look is to take it one step at a time, using a clean brush for each colour and blend the edges carefully for a smooth gradation. The eyeshadows were easy to pick and blend while having great adhesion for a seamless look. And can we just oogle for a second at how the silver trim on these lashes catch the light so beautifully in photos! 
    Looking at these finished photos now, I find that makeup both creates and reveals our inner and outer selves. Whether this is your everyday look, a photoshoot look or just your alter-ego look, remember that beauty takes courage and I’m rooting for you.