Pain-less high heels : What to look for & Insoles tips!

So much beauty, so much pain. You know the story – you’re just browsing the mall minding your own business when you catch them from the corner of your eye, they are gorgeous and you take them home in a delirious high only to realize later on that these high heels are ridiculously painful. For all the shoe lovers out there, I think it’s time we are a little more critical of our shoe choices not only for our feet but also for our sanity. 

But really, with my fare share of shoe mishaps I’ve now become a little bit more reserved in my purchases although I still stop to pet the shiny ones whenever I pass them in the store *ahem Charlotte Olympia…because there’s really nothing more awful than pretty shoes that you can’t wear. On the other hand I’ve spent probably about a good $50 on various insoles but no regrets here, I’m perfectly happy sacrificing one pair of heels if it means I can wear my others more comfortably and when you are trying to get home on public transit after a heavy day you will be so thankful. Never let anyone tell you insoles are for little old ladies because heck, I’m sure they’ve been wearing shoes longer than we have and we can probably learn a thing or two from them too.

Chat soon,

The low block heel: Classic, stylish with a modern twist

There’s a running joke among my friends that I have a soft spot for little old grandma style. Now granted if you’ve ever read Advanced Style by Ari Cohen, there are pretty sassy grannies out there who can give any high fashion model a run for their money. Case and point, while block heels have been trendy for a few seasons now I am so thrilled to see the low pump version making its way through almost every single fashion brand because let’s face it, even if you’re a chunky heel I really can’t be bothered with hopping Westcoast puddles in 4″ shoes.


Jeffrey Campbell
Style: Bitsie
Heel: 2″

Let’s take Bitsie by Jeffery Campbell which comes in a variety of candy colours but I love the forest green for this season. Done up in suede, the effect is lush and cozy while the round toe looks sweet and not too serious. It’s an easy shape to dress up or down and would be a great pairing with tights and a corduroy mini skirt.

Alternative: Zara | Heeled Ballerina


Style: Contrast toe pump
Heel: 2″

I’ve always believed that dressing well doesn’t have to break the bank. If these look oddly familiar it’s because the luxurious Chanel version of the cap toe pump has been splashing all over Instagram in the last season.

While it still retains the low profile block heel for stability, you do get the a peep of colour blocking in front plus might I add that the pointed style is a great mix between modern and vintage.


Kate Spade
Style: Madelaine
Heel: 2″

If you’re still not convinced that a low heel can be trendy, may I present to you the very lady like option from Kate Spade. The brand has always done fun and feminine styles but this version of Madelaine in particular with full black lace (its lined inside, don’t worry) topped with a bow is perfect date night or holiday party material. In fact, I won’t even judge you if you want to wear this every single day.


Style: Paloma Loafer Pump
Heel: 2″

I did a literal wow out-loud when I saw these Paloma loafers from UKIES for the first time. While all the singular elements are not particularly interesting, the combination of smokey velvety teal, the leather pointed toe, loafer front tab and the decorative bow pulled together into a truly stunning shoe. The combination of masculine and feminine details plays together to make this shoe versatile with jeans, a special dress or my personal favourite, cigarette trousers.

I own a very similar silhouette shoe in leopard calf hair and I’ve always gotten complements whenever I wear it out. It’s a statement shoe without screaming from the top of your lungs.

So here’s to the new classic; in bright colours, beautiful textures and fanciful details that’s certainly to entice even the most practical shoe girl to adding these to their daily wardrobe. If you own a pair (or three), I’d love to hear your take on this trend.

 Chat soon,

Shoe Haul | Work + Casual Style

Who knew the things you put on your feet can ever be quite so interesting. The past few weeks yeilded a goldmine in awesomely affordable, everyday style shoes. On a side note, lets not confuse everyday with boring because I think there are time where a shoe should shine on it’s own and a time where it should play a supporting role to your amazing wardrobe. And guess what? They’re all totally walkable.

I’m really thrilled about welcoming these lovelies to my closet; it’s been far too long that I’ve purchased shoes that were both functional and pretty all at once and of course, you can’t beat the thrill of a sale. In the bigger picture though, this shopping extravaganza lately is part of my Wardrobe Architect Project and I’ve been working hard on purging the old and re-consolidating a closet of things that make me smile. Interestingly, the weather is now full blown rain as I’m typing this post and it seems like I didn’t quite get any rain appropriate footwear….
Happy Shoe Hunting.

STYLE | The Old Navy Shoe Mystery

Old Navy is probably not what most people would think of when it comes to shoes, flip flops maybe but proper, even stylish footwear? Me neither. But in the past year with a few clicks of my mouse, I’ve found myself in possession of 3 pairs of shoes  and as someone with a no commitment policy to footwear, I thought this deserved a proper post.
The is the pair that I wear most often and for good reason. I purchased it while searching for something to replace a beloved pair of modern cowgirl boots that I wore to death. The soft faux suede feel and neutral colour palette makes it easy to pair with clothing be it with a blazer or a fun summer dress. I love the simplistic design with the top stitching detail which looks like a city version of a country boot. Thick heels and a zipper means I can walk comfortably from cobblestone to grass and the treaded bottom keeps me on my feet.

Availability: Discontinued.

I picked up this pair solely for the fact that it looks identical to a black pair from Forever21 that I own which in turn is a dupe for a pair of Chinese Laundry shoes. At a mere $15 when it was on sale during Black Friday, there was absolutely no way I was passing these up. Even though d’orsay styles can often slip in the back heel, this pair was surprisingly snug when I ordered in a half size down. It could do with a little extra arch support but overall I am thrilled. The bottom of the shoe is rubber which makes sure I won’t be making a fool of myself in slippery hotel lobbies when I head to events. Faux suede, deep red and oh so luxurious looking.

Availability: Still available! Shop it here.

Everybody needs a shoe that just gets them out of the door quickly in the winter weather. This is my pair. Purchased at the same time as my Lady Shoe, I was desperately seeking an everyday shoe that can handle a bit of rain, snow and is, for all intents and purposes on the Westcoast…an all terrain shoe. This fit the bill perfectly. I ordered a size up to accommodate for thicker winter socks. This convertible style actually allows you to wear the boot laced all the way up or folded down to reveal a bit of faux fur while still keeping my feet warm and dry. Not quite a snow boot, not quite a rain boot but perfect for the daily hustle in bad weather.

Availability: Still available in black and brown. Shop it here.

The moral of today’s post? Good shoes often come from unexpected places. Old Navy only carries a small selection of shoes but it seems that once in a while, a real gem will pop up. If possible however, I would suggest checking them out in stores just to insure there aren’t any loose seams or major quality issues but all three pairs I own came out perfectly fine. Definitely worth revisiting for everyday simple footwear. I’ve got them bookmarked.


HAUL | Fall Beauty & Shoes

There must be some logarithm between the change in temperature and the amount of times one goes shopping. I had no plans for a haul video but at some point, I looked around my room and I knew it had to be done so here it is!

    • Butter Lipstick Trio | True Love | Buy it
    • Butt Naked Palette | Turn the other Cheek 
  • ESSENCE | Long Lasting Lipstick
    • Nude Love, Wear Berries, Natural Beauty
  • JONATHAN | Silky Dirt | Buy it
  • HADALBO | Shirojyun 3 Piece Set | Buy it
  • ICHIKAMI | Care & Style Hairstyling Water | Buy it
  • MY BEAUTY DIARY | Intensive Brightening Mask (LE) | Buy it
  • ALDO | Studded Leather Wedge Sneakers “Graziana”
  • FOREVER21 | Faux Suede D’orsay Pumps 
Somehow I just ended up with 6 lipsticks. From another perspective, many of the beauty items (that are oh so irresistible) this time of the year are such great value and would makeup fabulous gifts as well as a little treat for yourself. Speaking of which, I’ve been diligently drafting up holiday related posts from beauty gift guides as well as lifestyle content like how to wrap a present. If you have something seasonally related that you’d like to see be sure to leave me a comment! Happy Saturday.


ZARA | The Shoe Edit

Two Toned Cross Over Heels | Printed Leather Slip Ons | High Heel Strappy Sandal

It’s that time of the year again, right between the rainy early spring and the dusty late summer is what I consider to be the perfect shoe season. The weather has just warmed up enough to start testing out those peep toes but still breezy enough to done some cool kicks. 
Lately I’ve had my eyes on Zara, the it place for urban basics in fashion also has a very inviting shoe selection with classic choices with an unexpected twist either in colour or detail. Known for their sky high heels and strappy silhouette, they’ve widened the range to include a few mid high heels which are much more suited for running around the city without sacrificing style. 
Swiss Dot Court Shoe | High Heel Leather Court Shoe w/Bow | Leather Geo Pattern Sandal

I’ve picked out six options here which are neutral enough to go with your warm weather brights yet interesting enough to stand all on their own. Those mint green Printed Leather Slip Ons are the pretty girl’s answer to the soft grunge trend reappearing this season or if minimalist graphic looks are more your taste then Leather Geo Pattern Sandal could definitely grow into a new wardrobe staple. Now the big question is, which one should I bring home first?

SJP | A shoe collection at Nordstroms

You’d think that as someone who plays a woman with such a shoe addiction as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City knows her way around a pair of high heels.

You’d be right.

I recently stumbled upon Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe collection for Nordstroms and just had to share a few favourites with you. The designs are classic but with a fresh colour twist that makes them fabulous modern basics.

The “Carrie” | $419CAD | Nordstroms

How do you take a classic, conservative shoe shape and make it sexy? Add more heel, slim down the strap and show a little peekaboo toe action. I think we’ve all seen many versions of this shoe but the thin stiletto heel and narrow strap here does for a woman’s feet like a thin silk spaghetti strap cami does for a woman’s shoulders. It’s a shoe with a strong personality but oh so alluring.
The “Bobbie” | $430CAD | Nordstroms

The D’orsay shoe is one of my favourite designs. It’s chic, leg lengthening cut is universally flattering and looks stylish at any heel height. What caught my attention with the “Bobbie” here is it’s spring ready mint suede and the little scalloped detail that makes this sandal a playful addition to a pretty floral dress or even a pair of light wash skinnies.
The “Maud” | $442CAD | Nordstroms
Colourful, youthful and just plain fun, I think these really epitomize the summer shoe for a classic girl. The interwoven straps in splashes of turquoise, coral and lemon meringue on a purple heel would make this a great pairing with everything in your summer wardrobe. I can just imagine the woman in these shoes dancing away on an outdoor patio on a warm July evening.

By the looks of it, I am really pleasantly surprised by this elegant yet colourful collection by SJP. This is definitely one for us classic girls who want a little something different without going into the platform shoe category, which to be frank was never much of my style. Vancouver is set to open it’s first Nordstroms soon and I’ve got my toes crossed that they’ll bring these over with them.


Falling into place + PostBoxing day hauling

This came in the mail yesterday….


I am so excited to start off my new year by renovating my Etsy shop! If you look to the right column, I have moved to a new Etsy address.

G’adore. G’taime
is my new Etsy shop!!!

As of the moment I have only moved already existing items in, but don’t worry, new things are in the works. (As of course, it is one of my 2011 goals to put more consistency into my shop.) I hope for many more exciting things to come as my shop grows.
On another note, I went to look for jeans the other day. Now if you are lacking in vertical length (ahem, like me), pants shopping is a pain (probably the same if you are super tall!). While you *theoretically* can just cut off the bottom length, the problem is that there is proportion to there the thigh narrows into the knee and the general SHAPE of the pants still wouldn’t look right. I really wish there were more petite shops out there.

I did end up with 2 pairs from Aeropostale, which is still reasonably new in my city. But for me, it is too much like Hollister and AE (neither of which I am very fond of), however they do have “short” sized jeans and after trying on 6-7pairs I finally picked two that met my requirements.

Aeropostale jeans

One is a pair of skinnies (which I am not sure if I really like the sihoulette yet) and the other pair is a slightly flared style…..which are a still a little bit too long, hence why I absolutely needed these……..

Fabulous shoes!

Urban Planet laceup boots

I had been seeing them everywhere on VIVI magazine for the past year or so and haven’t been able to locate an affordable pair that had the right look. But I think this pair is perfect! The lace-up style will go great with jeans (tucked in or out) and will even spice up a casual dress/skirt. I can’t wait to wear them out *wheeeeeee*

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!