PIXI Collaborations | Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy, ILikeWeylie


Today’s post brings you the newest Pixi influencer collaboration and in usual Pixi fashion, it’s a really wearable array of everyday neutrals. If there’s one word to describe the brand as a whole it would certainly be – pretty. Pretty cute, pretty neutral, pretty easy to wear and overall the type of products that fit well into your daily makeup wardrobe.

This release release contains 3 palettes as the main feature and is a collaboration between Chloe Morello,  Dulce Candy and ILikeWeylie.

This set contains a 9 pan intensely metallic eyeshadow palette in bronzy sugary shades as well as a large 9 pan lip colour palette (not shown). Straight away I can tell that these are absolutely Dulce’s colours and the set will be very flattering on those with medium to deeper skin tones. The shades are warm toned with a metallic finish which may not be as practical as the other palettes. For those of you with a paler complexion, I would suggest sticking to only 1-2 colours from the palette on your eyes in one look. It’s also worth noting that some of the lighter shades can be used as blush or highlight if it suits your skin tone.
Sweet Glow Palette $34 CAD

This set is a cheek, eye and brow palette along with an additional corresponding lip gloss (not shown). The colours in this palette run lighter and leans towards peach and rose tones which would be more suitable on fair to medium skin tones. For me this is a really nice all-in-one set especially if you are travelling or just don’t want to fuss about trying to coordinate colours during the morning rush. I believe the intention is also for this to be a bridal kit based on the names like Honeymoon, Bouquet and Tux of the colours. This layout is similar to previous Pixi palettes and works well so I’m glad they’ve stuck to it. Most of the powders in this kit have a satin finish and the brow powders are matte.
Romantic Radiance Palette* $34CAD

This set includes a small sized 6 pan eyeshadow and a duo sided eyeliner. The shades here are again quite warm with two that are more terracotta/red toned. This is also the only one of out of the three that contain matte finishes along side a few shimmers which makes this an easy versatile option. Again, just like the previous two offerings, I like how the colours really do reflect the collaborators because these are certainly the shades that Weylie sports quite often and might I add, are very monolid friendly. At first glance, the colours would easily work for an office setting but the addition of the brighter rust shades give you the option of making it trendier occasion look as well. The eyeliner duo come off surprisingly dark and easy to apply (though I have not tested longevity) with one liquid side and the other is kohl. I think this set would be lovely on most complexions given the intensity of the colours.
Let’s Talk Eyes Palette + Liner $28 CAD

Overall I think this whole release is very fitting spring collaboration not to mention great value for your money. The formula and colour payoff of the powders are consistently good, I’d say at least a medium opacity on most of them and there aren’t any obvious duds. The lighter shadows, especially in the Chloe Morello set do run a little more sheer. The matte shades are solidly better than what’s generally available in the drugstore so I’d call this a win. From experience, I don’t find Pixi shadows to be exceptionally long lasting so pairing it with a primer would be a good move. If you already own a lot of Pixi releases or have a healthy collection of neutral palettes then I think the Dulce Candy eye kit would be the most unique out of the three!

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PIXI | Rosette Rosey Radiance Palette + Look

What do you look for in an everyday makeup palette? Portability? Flexibility? Or maybe an all over, always fresh glow? I’ve recently found all three in a single makeup set and it’s been my everyday go to quick fix for the last few weeks and it comes from an unexpected place… PIXI.
Brand: PIXI by Petra
Product: Rosette Rosy Radiance Palette*
Size: n/a
Price: $28 USD (by Target)
Availability: Look Fantastique, Target
Would I (re)purchase: Probably yes.
Having dabbled in quite a number of PIXI products in the last year, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that if it’s wearable, non fussy make that you’re looking for then this is the brand for you. While I’m not the biggest fan of their skincare despite the blogosphere hype, I have thoroughly been enjoying their intuitive products, easy to use formulas and highlights..oh my gosh the highlighters. 
FACE: Rosette Palette | LIPS: Multi-balm “Wild Rose”

Rosette is a limited edition release for the winter season and as you can see from my makeup face (above), the colours in this palette really compliment each other to create a warm and inviting look that focuses on spots of saturated but not over done colour. I look like that woman in the supermarket who has her life together and knows exactly which aisle to find the canned peaches she needs on her list. 
As with other powder products by the brand, the formula has a consistent smooth texture although not super finely milled. It includes 3 powder brow shades, 3 eye highlights, 2 lid base shades, 3 eye contour shades and three face colours in the options of contour, blush and glow. The configuration of the palette is well laid out so you won’t accidentally get one product while trying to pick up another, not to mention I’m relieved that they left out the lip product and kept it straight to powders. 

As far as colour selection, almost every one of them has a shimmer or metallic finish but I do find that the shadows wear more subtly on my lids than how they appear in the pan. Colour pigmentation is also good but I do recommend using a primer and a smaller brush if you want to put more than two shadows together as they tend to blend into each other very easily into a single shade. 
Now if you’ve been noticing the glow in my recent videos and photographs, I completely attribute that to the blush and highlight in this palette. In fact, on my skin tone the blush itself has a visible glow (go light, use a duo fibre brush) but the actual pinky highlight really brings it to the next level. The contour, or what looks to me more like a bronzer, is the only thing I don’t use because its much too dark for me as either but might work just lovely if you are more of a medium complexion. 

SWATCHED: Face shades – Brow shades – Eye Shades


The PIXI Rosette Rosy Radiance Palette is an excellent everyday face and eye palette for most skin intensities that focuses on a pulled together but radiant look. While many of the colours seem rather shimmery and dark (especially the blush), they actually wear softer on the face and is very youthful without screaming glitter. Even the brow trio is neutr
al to slightly cool toned which applies easily with just the right amount of pigment. Overall, I’ve been pleasantly delighted by this palette and slightly regret no trying it on my face sooner for fear of the face shade. Pick this up if you can still find it!

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PIXI does skincare – the glow getters

Pixi Skincare
Some really exciting news has come around the past month and it’s all about that glow. British beauty brand Pixi (yes of the Glow Tonic fame) has recently expanded their skincare range. Nicknamed as Skintreats, the selection includes products like the Nourishing Sleeping Mask, Hydrating Milky Mist and H2O Skindrink all made to keep you glowing even during the winter months. 
I have in my hot little hands…
  • Nourishing Cleansing Balm* | £18.00
  • Pixi Glow Tonic* (travel size shown) | £18.00 (full size)
  • Glowtion Day Dew* | £24.00
  • Rose Oil Blend* | £26.00


The majority of the full offering appears to be curated for normal to dry skin types but a few items like the Glow Tonic, Cleansing Mud and the Glow Peel Pads sound more universal. Better yet, PIXI’s UK website ships internationally so those of us in Canada can finally get some closure after Target took PIXI away with them when they left. Have you tried any PIXI products?

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