3 Things | Cold weather scents


Welcome to the very wet Pacific West coast version of autumn. Whether you’re the type to go thunderstorm watching or prefer to hygge on your couch, one thing we can all get excited about is rotating our fragrances for the season. I generally sort my collection into summer, winter and neutrals then pick and choose which ones fancy my mood. Currently on rotation are these three beauties.

MYRRH & TONKA : JO MALONE | Nobel, sensuous, captivating – this is how Jo Malone describes this rich dark bottle that is part of their cologne intense collection. This is my first experience with the brand but I didn’t want to go for the usual options, instead I was drawn to the heavier and lavish scents of this range. A tinge of spice wrapped up in the warm of tonka bean, this is one to use sparingly during the day and is perfectly paired with your cold weather woolens. The top note of lavender adds a hint of floral but this certainly reads as an oriental – sophisticated, mysterious and dreamy.

SUEDED OUD: CLEAN RESERVE | Another oriental option but this time with a bright and floral note is this charming bottle from CLEAN. This is a great day time scent that doesn’t weigh you down yet still has that tinge of autumnal freshness; like walking down a city street after the rain with the damp leaves under your feet. Honeysuckle and birch wood great you in the top notes followed by the familiar scent of jasmine and magnolia all cradled by the softness of suede – light, beautiful and classic.

L’ABSOLU: NARCISO RODRIGUEZ | The headier version of my fragrance of the year, this L’Absolu is a seductive take on white florals – tuberose, jasmine wrapped up in musk with a base of sandalwood and patchouli. Less pretty and more sexy, this fragrance really needed the cold weather to tone it down but is powerful when used sparingly. Its the liquid version of a power suit – unabashed, self assured, feminine.

Now it’s your turn, let me know what you’re wearing this fall and winter season.

Chat soon,

ARMANI | Because Its You & Stronger with You Perfume


They say good things always come in twos. Armani’s latest launch plays with the idyllic notion of romance by releasing a fragrance duo that mirrors the masculine and feminine side of love. The softly rounded glass bottles with corresponding ring caps compliment each other yet subtle differences in design and tone set them apart.

Because it’s You* is described by Armani as passionate, feminine and magnetic with notes of raspberry, rose absolute and vanilla bean. By contrast, Stronger with You* has warm spicy notes of pink pepper, sage, chestnut and musk which designed to reflect a confident elegance that’s at once charming yet mysterious. Paired together, Armani wanted to rewrite a modern youthful love story.

SHOP ARMANI | Sephora | ULTA (50ml @ $90CAD) 
Having worn the woman’s version and sampled the men’s, I think my main conclusion is that this was a brilliantly swoon worthy marketing campaign that fell short of delivering an equally magnificent product. 
Because it’s You is launched as a fruity floral and the scent on my skin is incredibly sweet…almost too sweet. It rides on the popularity of sugary scents from the last few years but lacks in wow factor. The opening is strong with a loud raspberry pop that quickly mellows out to reveal layers of rose with a vanilla base. There’s certainly a youthful identity tied to this scent that feels like its lingering at the cusp of womanhood but haven’t quite found its place. I find the dry down to be quite floral and likable but lacking in complexity. Staying power is average to good, lasting a solid 4-5 hours with a morning application. If you love My Burberry, you’d likely gravitate towards this.
Swinging a complete 180 degrees, Stronger with You has very traditional masculine traits that starts out with the sharp note of cardamon spice and quickly deepens to a familiar musk base. It’s more leather jacket than a cashmere turtleneck and more James Dean than Bruce Brosnan. The ode to youthfulness remains consistent and in that sense pairs well with its counterpart. 
While both perfectly nice scents in their own respective category, I was just underwhelmed by the lack of complexity and depth in both of these bottles. Armani played it safe and delivered an expected duo with a snazzy social media worthy story line. Alternatively with a message like this I would have loved to see an older couple portraying strength and determination throughout the decades rather than young New York lovebirds. While this launch will certainly garner some fans, I question if it has the magic to become a classic.
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MISS DIOR | Blooming Bouquet Fragrance

Sometimes, those teeny tiny samples thrown into your bag at the Sephora beauty counter actually work. Case and point, a few months ago I purchased my very first Dior fragrance and have been quite smitten with it the entire summer. As I was attempting to photograph this tricky all clear bottle complete with its sweet silver tone bow, pink was undoubtedly the right answer to this styling.
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is an extension of the popular namesake range and is done up in Sicilian orange, pink peony, Damascus rose and white musk. It’s categorized as an eau de toilette and comes accompanied by shower gel, hair mist and body milk options. Lighthearted and youthful, Dior describes this as chic, romantic and charming.
SHOP DIOR | Sephora | The Bay | ULTA (30ml @ $64CAD) 

On my skin, this scent is very fresh and girly but doesn’t feel like I’m trying too hard. I love that it’s a departure from the overly sweet tones dominating perfumes lately and a welcomed breath of fresh air. It’s flowers from your foyer in the Hamptons, twirling in your favourite sundress and taking a nap among the wildflowers. Thanks to its soft nature, I also find this to be a great office / day time fragrance as it wears close to the body and isn’t cloying or sharp. On another note, this is a short wearing scent so expect to top up if you expect to be floating on a cloud of flowers all day. Personally, I’m happy with a light morning spritz and being on my way.
If you’re a fan of scents like Philosophy’s Amazing Grace which is currently my signature for 2017, you’ll love mixing it up with Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. And while I am storing this away for the cooler season ahead, I look forward to finishing up the bottle.
Take care,

GUERLAIN | Mon Guerlain Fragrance


Earlier this spring, the house of Guerlain introduced a new fragrance to its core lineup – Mon Guerlain* was created to represent new modern femininity. To be honest, I had been waiting for years for Guerlain to launch a true power scent as its recent releases seemed lackluster and felt more like fillers with its attempt at playful chic. With grandiose, there was no detail left unpolished. From the selection of the bottle to the gold accents and the cushion cut cap, this looks like a beautiful heirloom sitting on my vanity. 

The notes read on the page like a familiar love story… carla lavender, sambac jasmine, album sandalwood, vanilla tahitensis which translates into a floral oriental that the house has a legacy of creating in decades past. Warm, sensual and confident, this fragrance is unapologetically feminine and while it takes on sweet notes that currently quite trendy, it does so in a sophisticated and grown up way. It reminds me of My Burberry Black but done up in Guerlain tradition; a little softer, grounded and honest. 
SHOP GUERLAIN | Sephora | The Bay (50ml @ $119)

On my skin, Mon Guerlain pulls a little powdery and musky with a definite flower overtone. A morning application will last me the entire day out and while the first spray can come on strong, the scent settles very quickly and I find this perfectly lovely even in the warming weather. 
Yet while all the elements seem to align for this fragrance, I can’t call it a favourite. Despite not being a frequent wearer of orientals, my signature scent is actually a Guerlain classic with a very similar profile and while I desperately wanted to love this as a modern take – it just doesn’t feel that special in comparison. It lacks a sparkle that is perhaps merely sentimental attachment or a figment of my imagination but either way, it won’t be a replacement anytime soon. For those who are encountering Guerlain for the firs time, this could very well be your new stand by.
Take care,

4 Perfumes to start 2017

After the excitement and sparkle of December, January can feel like a bit of a schlump… it’s back to 6am alarms, slaving over homework and even the poinsettia on your desk has seen better days. In the last two years I’ve been starting my month with an inspiring fragrance, something that reflects the theme or mood I want to project in the next 365 days. If scents are a way to remind us of and celebrate milestones, what better way to kick off 2017 than with a fresh new bottle.

  • PHILOSOPHY | Amazing Grace* – Soft, pretty, inviting
  • BURBERRY | My Burberry Black* – Mysterious, sweet, confident (reviewed)
  • COACH | Eau de Parfume* – Preppy, young, carefree
  • MICHAEL BUBLE | By Invitation* – Bold, confident, glamorous

My pick for 2016 was Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfume which was memorable, warm and grounded but I’m lightening things up this time with Amazing Grace which thankfully doesn’t me a headache despite my current spritz happy mood. Not only does it lift my mood like liquid sunshine but it also reminds me to be a little graceful when I get a whiff. So if your fragrance could talk, what would it say about your 2017 plans?
You’ve got this,

Would you wear a men’s fragrance? Ft. Clean Perfume

Wearing unisex fragrances seem like such a cool girl thing to do but as a girly girl, it was a struggle to imagine ever making it work for myself. My recent surprise however has been White Vetiver* by Clean, who’s known for their minimalist aesthetic and cult classics like Warm Cotton and Skin. Created as part of their mens range, this scent has a smokiness that I adore – like something that you’d want lingering on a chunky knit sweater – but doesn’t feel heavy or dated. The notes contains hints of Sicilian bergamot, forest moss and tonka bean to create a cocktail that’s warm, inviting yet undoubtedly masculine.

So what am I doing with it? Well, I’ve been really enjoying layering this under this years popular sweet scents as a way to give it more depth and interest. Since White Vetiver is so smooth and uncomplicated, it layers easily without creating confusion and lately it has been a welcomed pairing with My Burberry Black* over top for an interesting twist. Who knows, this might be the start of a new thing…

 Stay cozy,

Do you carry perfume: Nirvana White & Carven

Nirvana Perfume Oil - Ferragamo Bag
I’ve always wanted to be one of those women who carried perfume. A little vial stashed in a handbag and carefully reapplied while freshening up in the powder room; there’s something charming and most romantic about it.

But while the perfect fragrance is up for debate, the universal problem that looms over this situation is how to discretely yet stylishly travel with your fragrance? Even with my growing collection of roller ball options, they’re still not my ideal product as the more you roll, the more dirt and other floaters somehow always end up inside the tube.

Nirvana Perfume Oil - Ferragamo Bag
Lately, I’ve been toting around this delicate miniature bottle of Nirvana White* from Elizabeth and James. Holding around 14ml in a drop dispenser bottle, this is actually a perfume oil that you can apply to your skin or even hair all without making a fuss. Distinctively peony, White has a sweet presence that’s balanced by a slight musky under note and a touch of green from lily of the valley that makes a beautiful young daytime scent or even better when layered over something slightly stronger. The oil format is easy to reapply (as in, not dousing everyone else around you) but I also find it wears closer to the skin compared to the spray version which is great if you work in close quarters with others.

Alternatively, I’ve also been rationing my sample via of Le Parfume by Carven… a floral mix of mandarin blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang which settles with a hint of patchouli lingering on the skin. Completely out of my comfort zone, the subtly bitter tinge of patchouli brings a grown up quality to an otherwise heady cocktail. In fact, I can mostly definitely see a full bottle of this in my future (just you wait until September) and it makes for a great signature fragrance for someone who’s young at heart but still want a classic aura. But for hiding inside even the smallest clutch, this sample vial does its job perfectly. In fact, I can get in a discrete spritz even on the bus… you know, just in case you catch someone’s eye as your make your exit. Let me know what you’ve been wearing this time of the year and how you like to carry our perfume?

Stay lovely.