Monolid Makeup | Basic Tips Tutorial + Video

Monolid Eye Makeup Tutorial - pbunniep
This post has been a long time coming. In fact, I may even say years. One of the biggest hurdles in my makeup learning curve has been how to work with my monolid…yes, one. Just one. If you’ve been keeping a sharp eye on my makeup tutorials you may have noticed that I have one single eyelid and one double eyelid. 
Makeup looks for monolids have traditionally be sparse and really restricted to just a few standard looks, often involving heavy eyeliner or tons of lashes but in starting out my Monolid Makeup Series, I wanted to bring you the most paired down, no frills version of an anytime look that requires no blingy extras. Here are my top 5 makeup tips to get you started.
  • ANASTASIA | Brown Wiz Pencil (reviewed)
  • SMASHBOX | Full Exposure Travel Palette “M6” (reviewed)
  • DOLLYWINK | Liquid Eyeliner
  • SHU UEMURA | Eyelash Curler* (reviewed)
  • NYX | Prismatic Eyeshadow* “Girl Talk”
  • ILIA | Lipstick* “In My Room”
Monolid Eye Makeup Tutorial - pbunniep
Monolid Eye Makeup Tutorial - pbunniep
The biggest thing to keep in mind when working with monolids is that it’s not so helpless. Granted, in the western world its easy to feel left out of makeup looks and magazines but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy makeup just as much as any other person. It just take a bit more experimentation to find the specific tweaks that makes a look work for you whether that means colour placement or changing up your eyeliner. Of course, monolids actually also come in different subtle variants from full monolids (like mine) to down turned lids, hidden crease lids and even partial crease lids. I’d love to hear any of your revelations and favourite makeup looks for monolids. 
Want to see a specific monolid topic or makeup look covered? You know where to find me!