Magazine: VIVI October | Tattoos, Cats and Smokey Pastels

If you’re like me, already filling up your fall items wishlist with this and that, then hopefully today’s post will help you round off your perfect seasonal wardrobe. VIVI magazine October shows off quite a few new trends in full swing, ranging from 90’s grunge to animal motifs.There’s a lot going on this winter that I need to catch up on.

My favourite cover girl Lena is growing out of the retro sweet girl style as you will see in this issue. Can’t help but feel she still looks best in vintage inspired styles though, she just has such a perfect face for that!


Amongst the fashionable things this fall, tattoo socks/tights and cat motifs are two things that caught my eye. I love the idea of tattoo stockings but quite frankly it’s just too darn cold here to wear them out. As for the cat eared beret, I absolutely dig that. But then again, I smell DIY!

Glad to see that bunnies are on trend….but then again so are bears, a lot of animal loving this season!
No winter wardrobe is complete without a super stylish pair of shoes (or two) and amongst the most talked about style this season is the cap toed high heel. A little bit feminine, a little bit masculine but hey, if that doesn’t do it for you there is always the spike toed option.


Combat boots brings back memories of ’90s grunge…a la Marc Jacobs, although I must say these will be much more suited to the weather, trudging along in the rain will be fashionable and practical.


For those who aren’t ready to let go of girly pastels, here’s an option, ViVi has labeled it “smokey pastels” and I think that’s a fitting way to describe it. I absolutely adore greys because they can be worn as a neutral but it’s a little softer than black. Grey also happens to match beautifully with pastel shades.



The “it” look of the season however would have to be grunge revival. But this time around it’s a little softer with feminine elements, with a play on textures and details.



Here, they show you two ways to wear the new black. Whether you are the “cool” type or the “sweet” type. If you’ve been a reader of ViVi for a long time, you’ll notice that even during the winter, the models all sport skirts and dresses, often with bare legs. So seeing pants having their own section is a little strange in contrast.






And lastly in one of my favourite ViVi segments, they show you how to mix a few wardrobe essentials into a full 20 outfits so you’ll be styling every single day. I think all the cordinates in here are super wearable, my favourite here is the chunky grey knit sweater and glitter
oxfords are super sweet.




Which trend from this month’s edition caught your eye? I hope you found something awesome to add to your wishlist. I’ll be sharing my fall wardrobe list in an up coming post, so stay tuned!

California Hauling: What I brought back from LA

As some of you may know, I recently came back from a mini vacation to Los Angeles. I enjoy going there once in a while because it’s a little west coast yet completely different from Vancouver. Of course I had to take advantage of the shopping situation so I want to share with you what I toted back home from my trip.

  • LEVIS | Demi-curve straight leg jeans
  • L’OREAL | True Match Lumi foundation
  • ORGANIX | Hydrating macadamia oil dry styling oil
  • CYNTHIA ROWLEY | Floral tights
  • FOREVER21 | Knee length floral dress
  • ELF | Eyeshadow in “Moondust”
  • RIMMEL | Stay glossy lipgloss in “Non-stop glamour”
  • CONAIR | Teasing comb
  • VIVI MAGAZINE | October 2012!

I can’t wait to try out these new products. I’m quietly amassing my fall-winter wardrobe, in fact I have a whole list going on of things I want to hunt down so it’s good that I’m getting on it early. If you are interested in following my LA adventures, I will be spreading my travel diary through a few separate entries coming up soon.

Magazine: People Style Watch ~ Dips into September

I suppose I shall start by start this by stating the obvious, as you are seeing this post it’s already the first day of September (say what?!) and so I have quite a handful of magazines to share. The change of season is the best time to pick up the big issues of your favourite fashion magazines as they will be put out special editions. Although not my favourite season, fall does offer more opportunities to accessorize and dress up with layers of sweaters, blouses and cute booties. So perhaps it’s worth looking forward to after all.

Here’s a quick look at the September issue of People’s Style Watch magazine, one of my absolute favourite things to read because everything it’s always wearable and it’s full of DIY inspirations too. Time to take notes for your winter wardrobe shopping.


First up, Nicole Richie has got a clothing contract with Macy’s the American department giant. In recent years I’ve grown to really admire her style aesthetic, especially since she’s petite (like me) and I love the way that she wears prints.

A few classic pieces with a new twist. Tweed with leather trim and a berry leather peplum top mixes textures and colours for a new take on luxury.


Ever the stylish one, Olivia Palermo knows how to dress herself….very well. I’ve seen her in snaps from fashion week and she’s always dressed to impress. Her style is usually very classic with a twist in the small details or she’ll wear one statement piece to dazzle up her outfit.


Here’s one trend that I’m thrilled about, the booties are back! But this time in a much more relaxed silhouette with a flatter heel and no laces (too Victorian for me). I’ve actually been wearing my cowboy boots a lot this summer with my floral dresses and they look fabulous, I think I might need to hunt down a suede one for winter.


New brand that I’ve been following recently? Charlotte Ronson. I’ve seen (or read) many celebrities raving about her pieces but it was actually her makeup line in Sephora that got me all started on learning more. Her aesthetic is quite relaxed with posh elements but nothing too serious, very young Hollywood might I say.


Donna Karen is grandmother of all things classic and sophisticated (at least in my world). I’ve long loved her attention to cut and fabric detail. Really, who wouldn’t feel chic in a Donna Karen piece? Here she teaches you how to add instant sophistication to your wardrobe.


We mustn’t forget to top off that great fall outfit with a new do. Style Watch offers up seven new hair trends to incorporate into your routine. I love that thick bangs are back in trend, I just might go and get mine re-cut again. And for those who rainbowed their hair for the summer, dip dye ends are still hot.




Last but not least, some wise words from fashion gurus on how to budget yourself for your winter shopping. I thought this page was so smart because we all tend to get a little carried away when it comes to the change of season thinking that we need new versions of everything. Remember that updating your wardrobe with a few key “on trend” pieces and remixing everything else is often a more budget friendly way to be fashionable.


Loved these pages? You can pick it up in your local bookstore or grocery store.
You’ll find this issue of People’s Style Watch displayed until September 14th.
 Happy Reading!

Magazine: Lou Lou Summer edt!

What should you be anticipating this summer? Well, according to Lou Lou it’s good skin, girly pleats and a lot of Brit love. Here’s some scans from my latest issue of LouLou that just came in my mail.


I haven’t followed Kate Beckinsale much in her acting career but I must admit she always look so sophisticated and posh. Now that I’m looking at this page again, I definitely need to make a note to check out that Clarins palette since I’ve been happily using their blush compact.


Continuing on the Brit list are fashion pages featuring stylish ladies such as Carey Mulligan and Alexa Chung. 


Did you guess this would be my favourite page? I don’t have nearly as many pastel pieces in my wardrobe as I want to but I just adore the look. I have been wearing pastels nonstop on my nails though!


It seems like pleated skirts are back in fashion, they will always remind me a little of the early 90s but you can bring them up to day with modern accessories like a killer pair of heels.
What really caught my attention in this months issue was this special feature on LUSH! I’ve dabbled in Lush here and there (mainly because I think they are quite pricey) but I love their brand concept and it’s great fun to see what really goes into your slice of Lush soap!



After reading this article I actually went to pick up a copy of the Lush Times (the catalogue) so I can start on a Lush wishlist!



Your essentials for great summer skin are also featured in this issue. Two big concerns are hydration and controlling shine. Remember that keeping your skin matte doesn’t mean you have to dry it out, hydration is just as important when the weather heats up.


This summer I’m on the hunt for a little colour and have been perking up my ears to bronzing products. They all look stunning in the photographs but wow these are expensive options.



My dream is to someday own a Guerlain bronzer, they look expensively luxe and amazing!



I love the idea of a pastel bag, be it a large tote, a tiny mini or a sporty sling. You can wear a completely neutral outfit and add that one hint of colour in a feminine slightly discrete way.
You should be able to find this issue of LouLou in your local Canadian drugstore.
You can also visit their website.
I’ve been greatly impressed by Lou Lou’s content recently and even though I can’t afford most of the things in these pages, they are great to keep as inspirations in my hunt for low end alternatives.

What trends are you excited about for summer?

Magazine: People’s Style Watch JUNE!

I just picked up the new issue of People’s Style Watch a few days ago and as always, I want to share with you some of my favourite pages. This months issue is packed with girly dresses, bright summer sandals and fresh fun accessories. Sparkle sparkle everyone!
 Peop StyleWatch_June no1

Peop StyleWatch_June no2

I have almost the identical denim mini that Miranda Kerr has in the photograph (same wash, same distressed look) but was never quite sure how to wear it, especially since I am petite. She’s paired it here with some major heels which I was afraid would be a little too much for such an itsy bitsy skirt. Would need to revisit this one again in my own wardrobe.

People StyleWatch_June no3

How absolutely cute are these jeans? Super chic with a retro vibe, I especially love how it looks with that bright yellow chiffon top though I’d trade in the pump for a wedge.

People StyleWatch_June no4

You know I love myself some Calvin Klein, the simple yet structured style with beautiful tailoring that always feels womanly without being too over the top.

People StyleWatch_June no5

Stunned by that NARS for Thakoon blue shade to the right, I’ve gotta look for a dupe somewhere!

People StyleWatch_June no6

One thing I’ve learned about dressing when your petite is try to follow celebrities who are also petite. I’ve always known that Nicole Richie was on the smaller side of the scale but had no idea she is only 5’3″! She always looks so much taller than that, gotta go hunt down her style secrets.

People StyleWatch_June no8

People StyleWatch_June no8-1

A few floral sundresses are the perfect way to summerize your wardrobe plus once you find the right style/shape they are super easy to wear. Pull one over your head and you are 70% dressed, just pop on some accessories, grab a fun pair of shoes and out the door you flutter. Personally, I am beyond excited to pull out my floral numbers but alas it’s still raining here.
People StyleWatch_June no9

People StyleWatch_June no11

People StyleWatch_June no10

In case you needed an extra boost, I’ve also included a little something on getting that bronzed glow and super soft skin. Bonus points if you’ve got long legs to begin with!

People StyleWatch_June no7

People StyleWatch_June no7-1

On that note, my order of the St. Moriz tanning mousse just came in. It’ll be my first time trying out some self tanner, I’m both excited and absolutely terrified because my legs are extremely pale but the blue veins on my legs are growing really obvious so I’m taking the plunge. More on that in a future post…


What’s hot: LouLou ~ June

Can you believe it? The June issue of LouLou is already here and while they usually skip over some of the more boring months (sorry May), the June issue means business. Full blown summer that is!

I’ve scanned a few pages to share with you…this issue features an addictive array of summer fashions along with a sneak peak at the new beauty items to hit the shelves. The whole mood and theme of June’s edition just makes me want to dance. Let’s dive in then shall we?


click image to enlarge

Hmmmhmmm yummy, while I’m usually an extremest when it comes to makeup (either I’m wearing a full face or nothing at all) there are the few times where a little something simple will look so sweet with a carefree floral dress. Big lashes and juicy strawberry lips are super fresh together!

click image to enlarge

This single page in June’s issue really blue my mind and I knew that it had to be part of this post (and that’s not just an excuse to use my pun either). Blues and turquoise shades return every summer because they remind us of tropical islands and the Greek shores of Athens. Pick something with a little shimmer to make your eyes sparkle or try a nail polish if you are shy.

click image to enlarge

The flowers are in full bloom, not just in the garden but also…on your legs? I hope this trend is here to for a while because I have yet to find the perfect pair of floral jeans…wait for me! I always loved the look of a breezy floral tank paired with simple jeans but why not reverse the colours and try a solid top with flowers on the bottom.

click image to enlarge

I absolutely need to find something like these beautiful necklaces…they are so amazingly delicate yet no one will pass these by without noticing. My personal taste in jewelery is rather simplistic and this coral necklace strikes the perfect combination between being too simple and being too much.

click image to enlarge

How can one think about summer with out thinking about Pucci? The iconic fashion house’s colours always bring images of sailing on a luxury yacht…(that I may hopefully do some day). Pairing up with Guerlain, they made some beautiful items together. NARS addicts, don’t forget this summer’s NARS and Thakoon collection full of bright cheery shades for your fingers and toes.

click image to enlarge

Here’s something new that I was excited to see…nude sunglasses are making a hit this summer. There is something effortless glamorous about them and if you find the right pair you can even bring them into fall for the next season.

click image to enlarge

I believe this is a newer segment to LouLou and one that I’m very excited about, Claude (LouLou’s style editor) shares wearable but oh so fabulous coordinates for all your summer dates. It’s a heafty spread and I loved something about every single outfit. This is truly where LouLou stands out as being approachable yet stylish.

click image to enlarge

But of course no summer issue post would be complete without a little swim suit talk. I usually skip over them because (quite unfortunately) I don’t have anywhere to wear my swimsuit to. Vancouver is too far up north for any fabulously sexy beaches so thus I shall keep on dreaming…

You should be able to find this issue of LouLou up until the end of June.
You can also visit their website.

Which page inspired you today?


Fashion: LouLou Magazine ~April!

In an attempt to keep up with the ever changing beauty/fashion trends and for a little something different to read, I had gotten myself a subscription to LouLou, Canada’s “shopping magazine”. What in the world is a “shopping magazine” you ask? Well it’s not a mail order catalog but it is a great visual compilation of who wore what and where you can find it for yourself.

Aprils’ issue features the must have items for spring along with a beaming Gwyneth Paltrow. The magazine never uses “cover girls” or anything like that, it’s mainly just a compilation of street photographs and event shots.


Never to disappoint, editor in chief Julia Cyboran has her own page to share her latest obsessions. Can you see me oogling that pretty yellow Jacob nail polish?


But of course LouLou doesn’t miss out on the beauty side of things either. I always look forward to the beauty segments to find out what’s new and what’s in trend. That gorgeous looking nail polish you see up there it the top corner? It’s artist Johanne Corno and Lancome’s collaboration. Must hunt it down for a closer look.



My lost loved accessory wedges! What’s even better? Wedges with floral print!


Colour blocking isn’t just for clothing anymore, I’ve seen several magazines hyping up these duo-toned totes. Might be a good way to try out the trend if you are on the less adventurous side.


These few photos come from the editorial section of Aprils’ issue, I was in awe of the model…oh and yes, that chocolate edged pastel book bag as well.


LouLou will be on the stands until April 30th.

Reading these always inspires me to get some sewing done.
Which page inspired you today?