Giveaway!:: Benefit’s 15hr Stay Flawless Event Vancouver

Benefit 15hr Flawless

Summer can be the least exciting time to wear base makeup, I admit even I am trying to sneak in a few foundation-less days during the past weeks as the weather suddenly rocketed in Vancouver. It seems like with the passing years we are teetering away from the mild transitional temperatures and plunging into a duality of rain versus sun. But sometimes you’ve just gotta show up and bring your best face with you so Benefit Cosmetics has devised an easy 1-2-3 plan to get you flawless in a snap.
Word on the street has it that the Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation has been winning some loyal fans with its lightweight texture and brightening coverage. The new launch of the Stay Flawless 15 hr Primer is also causing quite a stir here in Canada with it’s unique stick format and cheeky packaging and together with their Hello Flawless Powder Compact, this trio is ready to help you conquer the day.
The generous people at Benefit Cosmetics has kindly sent some products my way and I shall be trying out their flawless claims in the upcoming weeks. Maybe I’ll even wear this to IMATS Vancouver, I’m sure that’s going to be a very long day indeed.
Benefit Hello Flawless
But since it’s much more fun to do to this together, Benefit is offering a Flawless Base Giveaway package to my readers so you can try it out with me! One lucky reader will get a chance to grab all three products in your choice of shades.

This Giveaway is….
  • Open to all residents of Canada.
  • Absolutely customizable, you can choose your own product shades for your perfect match.
  • Provided by Benefit Canada, they’ll be the ones sending out your prize.
  • Closed on Monday, July 15th @ 12:00am PST
  • Winners will be contact by me using your Rafflecopter entry email so make sure it’s current. I will also announce the winner via my Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve made entering easier by putting all the details in this Rafflecopter widget below, just follow the steps for your way to flawlessness.

For all you readers who live in the Vancouver area, here’s an extra surprise tidbit. Benefit will be hosting a Where’s Wendy event this Thursday July 11th in which Wendy (dressed in her lederhosen finest, see image below) will be running about town and stopping by special locations to share her flawless secrets. You say beauty fun never comes here to the Westcoast? Well here’s your chance! 
You can follow Wendy’s whereabouts via @BenefitCanada on Twitter #WheresWendy on Thursday, join the convo and be entered to win some special samples of their products. And hey, if you happen to see Wendy around town, she’ll have some goodies for you as well so mark your calendars this week and chase the pretty girl in the green lederhosen!


Rewind: Ups & Downs of 2012 + A Giveaway!

Whooosh and there it goes, another year out the window. It’s this time of the year that makes one look back at all the adventures and (misadventures) of their life. It makes me so proud and happy to say that my little corner of the interweb has reached so many people with whom I can share my love for colourful smelly girly things.

I always think it’s good karma to start off the New Year with a bit of giving back so here’s an opportunity to win something beautiful, a little kit from MUA that I’ve snucked away just for the occasion. Enter in the widget below by following the instructions, there is one mandatory entry and opportunities for more add on entries if you’d like. Please read the giveaway “Terms & Conditions” at the bottom of the widget clicking the link and be sure to provide an email that you’d check often as this will be the way I will contact the winner.

Giveaway ends: Saturday, January 19th 2012

Good luck everyone and may your New Year start off bright!

Sending you all warm wishes from a bunnie in fuzzy fleece pants.

Review/Giveaway: Travalo Perfume Atomizer!

Special Feature
It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a beauty accessory but when a new innovation emerges on a much needed gadget, people take notice and Travalo has taken off in a big way. Leave those bulky bottles of perfume on your vanity and even say good bye to those roller balls because when it comes to traveling with your perfume…the smaller the better.

Even my handful of roller balls aren’t a match for this sleek and chic atomizer and these little bullet shaped sprays are the new most loved item in my purse (only next to my Carmex of course).

Want to know why the Travalo is so easy to love? 
Click on the video below to find out!

Cool isn’t it? I’ve been wondering why nobody has come up with something like this before, traditional funnel atomizers now look archaic next to this new version. There are no removable/open parts to the Travalo which means no chances of spillage and even better there are no glass components which means it is shatter-proof as well.


Remember that the Travalo comes in a rainbow array of colours to suit your mood (and your purse) and it also conveniently comes in two sizes. The orange and silver versions were sent by PR and are the “Travalo Excel”, the pink version was purchased by me and is the original size. I am hoping that they will release a “bling” version or perhaps this calls for a little DIY….


Want to win your very own Travalo?


  • “Like” the Travalo Facebook page (below)
  • Comment on the Travalo FB page saying “PBunnieP sent me here”.
  • 10 entries will be randomly chosen by me!

Doesn’t get any easier than that!

You can also find out more from Travalo’s official Website.

I have now started carrying two different scents in my purse, in case I can’t make up my mind which one I want. You can also carry one for day/office wear and one for night time if you don’t have time to run home. I do think Travalos will make great mini-gifts for your girl friends and guy friends as well (the black, blue or silver options would look great). I’ve seen them being sold in Shoppers Drug Mart (for ya’ll Canadians), in the USA you should be able to find them in CVS or Walgreens.


Do you already own a Travalo? Which colour is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


*The products shown in this review (silver and orange Travalo) were provided by PR for testing and review consideration. I will be compensated for my time and work. This does not distort my review in any way. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are based on honest personal experience.*

Giveback Giveaway #2: We’ve got a winner!

Hello Lovelies
First thing’s first, I’m terribly sorry about the lack of love here at The Bunnie Hole. Quite a few things have been changing in my life and I am feeling a little overwhelmed…as I try to figure out how to re-adjust my life back into balance I do my best not to leave ya’ll hanging!
Now off to the fun stuff, I drew the winner for my Skin79 BB Cream giveaway a few days ago and have already gotten in contact with them about their prize, unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my game together yet to do a proper announcement. But here it is officially announced publicly…..
Giveback Giveaway 2_Winner Ciarah
Big congratulations to Ciarah!

I was completely shocked by the amount of entries for this giveaway, quite a step up from my first one. From these two past experiences, I think I will continue to host giveaways using Rafflecopter, it just makes the process so much easier and fun. 
As a side note, since I went through all of the entries for the giveaway, I found a few things that you (my lovely readers) may want to note for futures entries. 
  1. DO NOT press enter until you are completely finished your answer. I think this technical detail likely confused many people. Once you press enter, your answer is sent and you can not change it back.
  2. Please be fair, if the rules say 2 entries maximum per person, please don’t enter again using another email address/name. Let everyone have a fair chance to win 🙂
  3. Instructions are a sometimes a pain but they are important! Although I was very loose on the past two giveaways, it is really important to read the qualifications. Many people did not answer the mandatory entry question and others tweeted their entry incorrectly so it could not be logged in Rafflecopter. For the most part, I did not disqualify entries because of this although I may start to do so in the future.

I’m working on buying items for Giveaway #3!


Giveback Giveaway #2 : Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream

Hello Everybody,
It’s time today for another exciting GiveBack Giveaway. (*Jump for joy!)
This time, it’s one of my all time favourite Korean BB Creams.
Giveback giveaway_Skin79 BB Cream

Amongst all the Korean BB Creams I’ve tried, this one stands out as being the best over-all, not only does it give light coverage for redness and spots but it actually improved the quality of my skin with continued use. It functions just like a BB Cream is meant to, as a base with skincare functions that helps to sooth and condition your skin as it minimizes what you don’t want others to see.
Giveback giveaway_Skin79 BB Cream
This one easy to use bottle
  1. Provides daily SPF25/ PA++ for your skin.
  2. Keeps your skin hydrated all day long.
  3. Allows you to skip moisturizer if you have normal/oily skin.
  4. Works as a base/primer for your foundation to make it go on smoother.
  5. Works to combat wrinkles.
  6. Works to fight hyper-pigmentation and skin unevenness.
  7. Feed your skin an abundance of natural ingredients and vitamins. 
  8. I’ve also done a review on this product before, HERE.

CLICK the video to get the dish on this item!

Please read all the giveaway details below carefully.
I believe you must have Javascript enabled to see the widget!

  • Be a public follower of my Youtube channel and/or my blog.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or have parental consent.
  • Open to everyone : INTERNATIONAL!

How to enter: Rafflecopter
  • Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget you see below, enter via Facebook login or with your name and email address.
  • In the widget, answer the question posted for +1 entry, Tweet this contest for an extra +1 entry for a maximum of two entries per person. The Tweet must be done through Rafflecopter so it can be logged, just follow the instructions on the widget. All entries will be recorded in Rafflecopter ^_^
  • Make sure to use a current email address as that is the method I will be contacting the winner.
  • **Remember if you are a subbie of mine on Youtube, include your Youtube name as well 🙂


This is from a previous giveaway post but I just wanted to show you all how to enter in case you are confused!

Giveaway guide p1

Choose to enter via Facebook or with your name and email.
“Log in” and Rafflecopter will keep track of your entries as well as log it in my account so I can review them easily later.
Giveaway guide p2

It will ask you to answer a question!
This is the mandatory 1st entry.

Put your answer in the entry box along with your Youtube name if you are also a subbie of mine. After you have answered the mandatory question (which counts as one entry), a second option will appear that says “Tweet about the Giveaway“…click DO IT and it will show you how to log your Tweet.

Your very own bottle!
Ooooo la la…how shiny

Giveback giveaway_Skin79 BB Cream

Ready to go?
Enter in the widget below!

/*{literal}{/literal}*/ a Rafflecopter giveaway<a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a&am

See, that was easy right?

  • Giveaway ends: March 10th 2012
  • Winners will be drawn randomly within 1 week after the giveaway ends and will be announced on both my blog and on Twitter.
  • Winners will be contacted via email (which is why it’s important to have a current one when you enter the info below) if there is no response within the week, a new winner will be redrawn.

Giveback Giveaway_Skin79 BB Cream

Giveback Giveaway #1 : We have a winner!

A great big thank you to everyone who have particapated in my very first Give Back Giveaway. There were so many insightful resolutions from scoring high on the SAT’s to developing a healthier eating style.
GiveBack Giveaway #1: TBS Palette
The winner randomly drawn for the 
Limited Edition : The Body Shop eyeshadow palette was…..
She answered: “i want to be healthier this year and eat more healthy foods”
I think that’s easier said than done but we’re all rooting for your success!
 Stay tuned for the next Give Back Giveaway…very very soon.