Review: Guerlain Baby Glow Foundation & Perles de Blush | Spring 2015

LES TENDRES | “Dream of a spring sprinkled with softness. Indulge in a divinely fresh glow….Wrap yourself in discreetly cozy light. Adorn yourself with an angelic complexion. Enhance your skin with an evanescent halo of beauty.” —- Guerlain

Guerlain’s Spring 2015 Makeup Collection is perfectly angelic with it’s soft rosey hue and delicate colour selection. The focus this spring is about creating a youthful radiant complexion enhance by a natural makeup look.

Product: Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup* SPF25/PA++
Shades:  Light, Medium, Dark
Sunblock: Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate
Size: 30ml
Price: $60 CAD
Availability: Guerlain Boutiques and counters nationwide
Would I (re)purchase: Possibly.

Let’s start with what I think is the star of this spring release and that is the new Baby Glow foundation from Guerlain’s adored Meteorites range. Labeled as a light revealing, sheer makeup created to fight the signs of fatigue and everyday stressors that can make skin look dull and lackluster. It promises to restore natural radiance and leave you with an even, plump and radiant complexion. In other words, the magic of Meteorites in a liquid foundation form.

Top : #02 Light / Bottom : #03 Medium

The swatches (above) show the 2 lighter shades of 3 total shades offered. While the shades do range quite a bit between each other, it is of course not enough to cover everyone so do try to compare colour swatches and see if you may be a fit or even better yet, stop by a counter for a personal colour fitting.
On me, shade #02 Light still runs a smidgen dark and is slightly too peachy, something that may or may not translate in photography (my camera doesn’t seem to pick up peach very well) but it is evident to my naked eye in real life. Do other people notice? Probably not. While peach is not my undertone, it could be a strategic choice as it is a colour that generally brightens up the skin.
Packaging is a soft tube with a pump on one end that allows a precise amount of product to be dispensed. Simple and function but very well made.
The product itself is a creamy smooth consistency that looks creamy out of the pump but blends easily and seamlessly with my skin and is very forgiving over fine lines and pores, softening them with a blurring effect.

With a name like “sheer makeup”, I was really expecting a tinted moisturizer type of product and in a way it both is and is not. When swatched on my hand the coverage appears to be sheer to light but on my skin it is more of a light-medium. This almost completely evens out my skin, knocks out redness and gives a soft satin sheen. There’s not a trace of noticeable powdery residue on my skin and it just feels comfortable and is very easy to wear without a fuss. Obvious spots, scarring and under eye circles will need the help of a concealer but I think this type of coverage is probably acceptable by most people for day to day wear.

Makeup look wearing only Baby Glow as base (un-enhanced)

What really impresses me about Baby Glow other than the beautiful finish is the fact it manages to look good without the help of a primer or a powder. It’s a one step product you can put on with your fingers and be done with your skin. Lasting power is a good 5-6 hours on my combination skin in the winter weather. No breakouts or other adverse reactions.
Product: Meteorites Perles de Blush*
Shade: Angelic Radiance (Limited Edition)
Size: $67 CAD
Availability: Guerlain Boutiques and counters nationwide
Would I (re)purchase: No.

To bring a fresh kiss of colour to the face, this spring collection also brings a limited edition Meteorites blush. It contains a trio of pressed pearl spheres with fuchsia to revive the cheeks, petal rose to refresh the skin and iridescent champagne to highlight. Packaged in a vintage themed cardboard box with a thick velor puff.

As with all Meteorite product, the combination of colours in each box may vary slightly but it should more of less impart a similar pinky/coral flush on the cheeks. The product is mean to be used swirled together so the highlight really becomes part of the blush instead of an extra step but it’s neither shimmery or glittery on the skin at all. One curious ingredients I found on the box is actually diamond powder! Talk about glow!

I find this best applied with a looser blush brush that would allow a bit of colour to be picked up from each pearl for a more even application. On my cheeks I get an almost translucent flush that can be built up from a sheer innocent blush to a more lively bright pink.

NOTE: As with most Guerlain makeup products, both the foundation and blush are heavily scented. It lingers and can be a bit overwhelming for those with sensitive noses.

Both the Meteorites Baby Glow Foundation and the Meteorites Perles de Blush from the Guerlain Les Tendre Spring 2015 collection are perfectly fitting to created a youthful complexion. The colours and textures are softly illuminating and would be something that works for both younger skins and more mature skin. With that being said, I think the Baby Glow Foundation has to be the more innovative and satisfying of the two with the way it evens out my skin for a natural looking base. While the latter is beautiful, I just don’t feel the blush is worth the high price tag (even for a luxury brand) as the colour and finish can be easily replicated with other products. Of course, if you are a Meteorites collector (and some people are) then you certainly must have both.


Review: Laneige BB Cushion Foundation SPF50/PA++

You’ve heard about me talk about bb cushions for a while now and you may have even read my reviews for a few of them. Since then I’ve really grown to love them for easy on the go application and convenient touch ups, all without getting a single finger dirty. Today we’re delving into one of my favourite Korean brands, Laneige and their award winning BB Cushion.

Brand: Laneige
Product: 6-in-1 BB Cushion* SPF50/PA++
Colour: #13 True Beige (shown), 5 shades in total
Size: 15g x 2 (per package)
Price: $46-50 CAD via YesStyle
Availability: Yes Style (online), Laneige stores worldwide
Would I (re)purchase: Yes
As you’re reading this right now, Laniege currently has a few different bb cushion types on the market. This exact one you’re seeing here is the latest updated version of the original bb cushion (other variants include the Pore Control and Anti-aging) which has taken Asia by whirlwind especially with their beautiful spokes model Song Hye Kyo.

The full package of the Laneige bb cushion comes with a mirrored compact case, instruction pamphlet as well as two refill cushions (one of which is already installed in the compact) each at 15grams for a total of 30grams of product. The official Laneige website lists 5 shades which coverages light to medium-dark skin tones (around NC/NW45-50) although most stores tend to carry the 3 lightest shades.
Of course, multi-functionality is the bb cushion’s claim to fame and Laneige markets this to be brightening, provide UV protection, increase moisture, provide natural coverage, provide skin soothing properties as well as be water resistant. The product itself is sealed inside a lidded compact which can be closed after use to prevent evaporation.
A closer look at the cushion itself (below) shows a soft sponge which holds the foundation. Now having use a few cushions from various price points, I can say that the Laneige version feels sturdy yet soft to the touch while others feel rough in comparison. A simple pat with the enclosed sponge into the cushion picks up a small amount of product that you then blend over the skin in a patting motion. The foundation has the classic (heavy) Laneige fragrance that will linger around for a couple of hours after application and while I don’t mind it, I would have preferred they make it a little milder.
Here I’m wearing the lightest shade No.13 Light Beige which is described by the brand as a beige shade with yellow tones that creates a bright and clear complexion. Do we agree? I certainly think so!

Having had a little hiccup with the IOPE No.21 which had a pale cast, I was rather worried the Laneige version would be too light as well but it actually blended in very nicely with my (NC15-20) skin and helped to even the colour with my neck. In these photos I am wearing one layer of the foundation but it is certainly buildable. I’d rate the coverage at light to medium which will easily take care of some redness, light discolouration and minor blemishes. Dark circles and prominent spots will require additional concealer but I’ve rarely worn any when using the Laneige cushion as I find the coverage perfect for my daily use.

What really impressed me, above all else, was how natural this looked while still giving me an illuminated lift to my complexion. My skin just looks smoother and clearer without a drastic coverup. The finish is a satiny glow that leaves skin looking soft and supple but not greasy. Minimal cling to dry patches and smoothes over pores decently though it I would still recommend a primer for pores to make things more impeccable.

Doing a little finger swatching with the foundation reveals a creamy consistency which gives is great blendablity yet it feels thin, light and comfortable on my skin. I do notice that it never really sets completely (as most cream/compact products would) and remains somewhat pliable which does mean that if you wear glasses, those pesky bridge marks are inevitable.

As far as all of its skincare functions go, the Laneige bb cushion did an excellent job of keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day and even helped to calm some facial redness. By the end of the day, after removing the makeup I still found my skin to be in pretty good condition instead of looking worn and tired. There were no notable improvements in skin tone or dark spots, so although I adore the Laneige White Renew Serum, this bb cushion alone isn’t going to take care of your skincare altogether. No other breakouts, negative reactions or skin issues to report which is great!

My main (and only) disappointment with this bb cushion its lack of long lasting power. It doesn’t break down or melt off per say but that fact that it never trul
y sets means that it rubs off everywhere with everything I touch. Plus this also means that it does crease a little into smile lines. In the fall to winter season, it lasts a good 5 hours on my combination skin an it is easily retouched if needed. I do tend to like it better when worn with the Laneige Water Base CC Cream which helps with smoother pore coverage and also seems to extend the wear slightly.


You win some, you loose some but the Laneige BB Cushion is mostly a winner in my books! The texture and blendabilty really impresses me and the fact that it provides a natural satin glow yet keeps my skin moisturized all while feeling lightweight is exactly what I need this time of the year. If you are looking for quick everyday coverage (the type you can do while standing on the bus) that looks great in all lighting situations then you certainly need to give this a try. Best suited for dry to combination skin rather than oily skin. For the fact that this has great colour match and does not cling to my dry patches, the Laneige bb cushion edges out the IOPE slightly for me and I will most definitely be picking this up again either in this variation or trying out another from the range.


Review: Maybelline | Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation + swatches

New to the ever popular Maybelline DREAM family, the newest drugstore item to hit the town is the Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation. With a new bottle design and dispensing system, this also boasts a breakthrough texture that created to provide an impeccable finish for a bare skin look and feel. Too good to be true? Being the foundation lover that I am, I was ready to try it on.

Brand: Maybelline
Product: Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation*
Sun factor: SPF20 Octinoxate (3%)
My Colour: Classic Ivory
Colour selection: 12 shades total
Size: 20ml
Price: $14.99 CAD
Availability: Drugstores nationwide
Would I (re)purchase: Probably not.

The Dream Wonder Foundation presents itself in a slim glass bottle with a teardrop design and an ombre sprayed finish that shows a peak of the foundation colour at the bottom where the glass is clear. After properly shaking the bottle (as we’re instructed), you’ll find the dispensing system is actually a single dropper bead. Not quite your regular pipette style dropper, this exclusive design was specially created for the easy dispensing of the ultra fluid foundation. Simply hold the cap vertically in your palm or fingertips and let a few drops of products bead and drop down.

In theory it sounds great (not to mention very hygienic) but on busy days gravity proves too slow and I usually end up dabbing the dropper on my hand instead. While the foundation is indeed thin, it’s not quite liquid enough to roll right off the dropper.

Smooth and fluid to the touch, the Dream Wonder feels like a powder suspended in an silicone/alcohol base. On first contact, it feels almost creamy and soon turns into a light matte finish as the emulsifying ingredients evaporate only to leave a slight powder behind. The transformation process happens quickly and you have around 5 seconds to blend it in before it starts to set so I recommend working in one small area of the face at a time using either your fingers to tap then blend or use a stippling brush .
The Dream Wonder foundation surprised me with the medium coverage that it provides, managing to smooth out slight blotchiness, minor blemishes and easily unifies my skin tone. The thinner consistency allows layering to achieve slightly more coverage where needed though not quite full coverage. As my skin is particularly feisty the past few weeks, you’ll notice that it doesn’t cover scars or prominent spots.
When it comes to colouring, I’ve always been pretty close with their shades and usually fall into Classic Ivory (see all my other foundation matches) which is exactly what you are seeing in the swatches. It’s a reasonably good match for everyday wear though I do find a slightly white cast in certain lighting situations. When worn with other makeup, the difference is negligible but if you are stuck between two choices, I would in this case suggest the darker option.

Note that sometimes foundations can look slightly different in the bottle versus a hand swatch versus how it actually wears on your face so I’d always recommend sampling a tester if you can. In the case of Maybelline, while not all their base products look consistent in the packaging, your usual shade is most often the best one in the range despite how the bottle might look.

The product is not scented by does carry a slightly alcohol note due to its ingredients.

In the close up (above), notice that Dream Wonder catches on dry patches on my nose and also around any blemishes that are in the healing stage. In fact, this will catch on any dry spot on your face due to the powdery suspension of the formula. This means, if you have acne issues or dry skin this wouldn’t be your best option. It does however sit very well over my pores and does not settle into fine lines around the eyes or mouth.

Lastly, I did find this to be quite long wearing foundation despite not marketed as being so and it held up easily to 4-5hrs on a warm day without any major fading on my combination skin. There will be some slightly powdery transfer if you rub your skin but neither breaks down or separate too terribly during the course of the day and it does blot down easily if needed. No skin irritation or any adverse affects to be seen and despite the high silicone content, it did not seem to cause any breakouts which is likely due to its thinner consistency versus the usual heavy texture of silicone products.

In many aspects, Maybelline’s Dream Wonder is a great foundation. I absolutely can not feel it on my skin upon application and that’s a rare statement. Its slight matte finish will be appreciated by those with normal to slightly oily skin and it photographs quite nicely as well. The medium coverage is enough for your special nights as well as everyday wear making it a great basic to keep in your arsenal. Personally, the fact that it enhances dry patches is the main reason I won’t be going back after this bottle is finished. The other is the price point, which seems quite high for a drugstore product offering only 20mls of product. If neither of those are your concern, then go and grab yourself a bottle as it a beautiful product.


Revlon Colourstay Foundation | Liquid or Mousse Debate

Revlon’s Colourstay Foundation is probably the most iconic drugstore foundation still in production today and a hot seller at that. I had discovered this liquid cover in a bottle years ago when I first dabbled in makeup and its residency in my makeup collection has quite a long history. When the whipped mousse version debuted, I hardly gave it a second look because hey, why mess with a good thing?

Yet as a self proclaimed foundation hoarder, this eventually made it’s way into my drawers and after much back and forth debate I feel greatly compelled to do a little one on one. Let’s bring them both into the ring and see who gets a knockout.
Revlon Colorstay Whipped | $18.99CAD Retail

At only 23.7ml and with the same high price tag, the Whipped version did not start off well as you’re paying more per mil than the liquid. The luxurious looking glass container (which can easily double as a paper weight for that matter) is packaged in the same colour theme albeit a little more modern looking. Inside the jar is a soft mousse like foundation with medium coverage that, thanks to a heavy dose of silicone, blends easily over the skin. I’ve used this frequently in makeup photos particularly because it smooths over pores and creates a velvet finish on the skin. Plus takes less than a minute to apply when buffed in with a flat top brush. Unlike most liquid foundations, the Whipped Colorstay never quite sets on my skin so it’s not the most long lasting especially if you’re worried about transfer. Better for those with drier skin rather than oily, this wears easily over fine lines but like most silicone heavy products, picks up on dry flakes and patches when buffed in.
Ingredients: Dimethicone, Isodecyl Neopentanoate, Water, Isododecane, PEG/PPG 19/19 Dimethicone, Trisiloxane, Trimethylsioxysilicate, C 13 16 Isoparaffin, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol Crosspolymer, Boron Nitride, Dimethicone/Bis Isobutyl PPG-20 Crosspolymer, C10-13 Isoparaffin, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, Tocopherol, Lactobacillus/Eriodictyon Californicum Ferment Extract, Cymbidium Grandiflorum Flower Extract, Lilium Candidum Bulb Extract, Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Serica (Silk), Alumina, Polyisobutene, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Dimethicone/Silsesquioxane Copolymer, Cyclodextrin, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Silica, Methicone, Sodium Chloride, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Propylene Carbonate, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Silica Silylate, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, 1, 2 Hexanediol // May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide
Revlon Colorstay Liquid | $18.99CAD Retail
The liquid version of Revlon Colorstay is in actuality much more of a creamy product than a thin fluid consistency. It takes a few good shakes to coax it out from the bottle but I like to use a cotton bud for better control of how much I need. Having been in my collection for many years, I find this to be a very versatile foundation and can be easily manipulated into different finishes and coverage. It can go on sheer-light with a flat brush or buildable to almost full coverage with a sponge / buffing brush. I also find this to be one of the foundations that I can use for patch coverage, meaning I don’t necessarily need to wear it all over my face. On it’s own the dry down is a natural slightly matte finish and can be a little pesky with pores though tapping it on with finger usually minimizes the problem. These days, my favourite way to wear this is mixed in with my MAC Face & Body Foundation (reviewed) when I need a bit more coverage and long lasting ability for photos.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Aqua (Water), Dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, PEG-9 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethicone, Butylene Glycol, Tribehenin, Phenyl Trimethicone, Nylon-12, Cymbidium Grandiflorum (Orchid) Flower Extract, Lactobacillus/Eriodictyon Californicum Ferment Extract, Lilium Candidum Bulb Extract, Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bisabolol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, Alcohol Denat., Alumina, Dimethicone/PEG-10/15 Crosspolymer, Methicone, Laureth-7, Magnesium Sulfate, Silica, Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate, Ethylene Brassylate, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Dimethicone/Silsesquioxane Copolymer, PEG-12 Glyceryl Dimyristate, Salicylic Acid, Silk Powder, Sodium Citrate, Dipropylene Glycol, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Serica (Silk), Tetrasodium EDTA, Hexylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben. May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.

Now one thing worth noting is that while I wear both formulations in buff, these are actually quite different in colour and brightness even though it’s not very noticable in the bottle/jar. As the natural colouring on my chest is quite light, I’ve always found the liquid to be a good product to even out my facial colouring to one consistent look. The whipped looks fine at first but once settled tends to reflect a greyish cast, similar to that of an Asian bb cream which can be obvious to a discerning eye.


While I liked the smoother application and coverage of the Colorstay Whipped, two things kept me from truly loving it. The smell, every time I opened the jar, was a terribly unpleasant chemical scent that would linger around through out the day. The second is that this just wasn’t a skin friendly formulation for me with all that heavy silicone and (sneaky sneaky) mineral oil in the form of isoparaffin. In the end, the long standing favourite still belongs to the Colorstay Liquid which is so much more versatile for different occasions and as a whole, lasts longer on my skin. Nice try Revlon but this foundation lover ain’t loving this.


Review: MAC | Face & Body Foundation + Video


MAC Face and Body Foundation-04
Brand: MAC Cosmetics
Product: Face & Body Foundation
Shades: Large selection but varies from online to stores
Size: 120ml or 50ml
Price: $42 (large), $32(small)
Availability:  MAC Pro Store, MAC online, MAC by phone
Would I repurchase: Already have and always will.
It may seem like an odd thought but one of my favourite foundations in my entire beauty experience is one that I have never reviewed. Looking back, I suppose it always seemed almost too basic to talk about and I often wondered if anyone would take a second glance at its plane and simple looks.
MAC Face and Body Foundation-02
The MAC Face & Body foundation however, really deserves more love than it’s shown because not only has it held up to the test of time (along with countless runway shows and fashion shoots), it still remains one of the most effortless products to use while giving you a glowing complexion. Since welcoming this bottle back into my collection, it has quickly regained prime real estate in my top makeup drawer. And while I used to opt for heavier fully coverage base products for filming, my currently reasonable skin meant that I’ve been wearing this in most of my videos for the past month as well.


As I mentioned in the video, MAC base products tend to be very saturated in their colours. Here in the swatch below you can see how rich both C1 and C2 look in the bottle and on my skin (my neck, which is my natural colouring). Ideally, I would mix a touch of white to lessen the yellow in C1 (what I currently wear) but even worn own its own, it blends reasonably well.

MAC Face and Body Foundation-03
On my face (below), this foundation knocks out a bit of redness and splotchiness around my cheeks, lessens the appearance of some smaller blemishes on my forehead and chin. This is with one layer over my skin applied in a patting motion. Note that undereye darkness and the red mark on my nose are still apparent. The difference is subtle but noticeable and the foundation works to enhance the skin while maintaining it’s natural glow. In addition, the colour does not oxidize throughout the day and remains very consistent.

MAC Face and Body Foundation BeforeAfter
An industry secret weapon that isn’t so secret anymore now that I’ve told you how wonderful it is. And while it may not be as flashy or fancy as many of the high tech formulations on the market, there’s a reason the MAC Face & Body has been in makeup artist’s collections for over a decade. I truly adore how versatile this foundation is, taking me from everyday coffee meets to weddings and even for filming. The finish and texture is flexible enough to be used as a mixing product with thicker base products and imparts a softer more natural look to the blended concoction, moreover it acts as a skin evening base for powder foundation as well.

Recommended for: Very dry to combination oily skin, seeking flexible sheer to medium natural coverage with minimal makeup look/feel on the skin. Photographs/films very well in various lighting. Would look beautiful on both young skin and mature skin as it is both fresh yet forgiving.

MAC Face and Body Foundation-01

MAC Face and Body Foundation Ingredients

De-Stash: Base Product Clearout + Mini Reviews

Having a bit of a beauty addiction definitely means you have to keep your collection in check. I like to do clear outs once in a while to make sure I’m keeping the really good things, this is especially important for foundations and bases which don’t keep that long to begin with. In a way I find cleaning and reorganizing my stash rather therapeutic (in a strange beauty blogger in of way) and I love the look of a clean and primped drawer.


  • A’PIEU | Flawless Cover BB Cream | reviewed
  • MAYBELLINE | Dream Fresh BB Cream | reviewed
  • HADALABO | BB Whitening Cream 
  • RIMMEL | Wake Me Up Foundation
  • ETUDE HOUSE | Precious Mineral BB Cream
  • PERIPERA | I Love Pact Powder | reviewed
BB Base Destash swatches

I think over the years I have acquired quite a distinct taste in base products both in terms of finishes and textures that I really like. Many of these didn’t score high enough in the important categories for me to keep them around. When I first started using foundations, everything was quite nice but with time and experience I’ve certainly grown to be much more selective and with good reason… makeup has become more than just a “product” for me, it’s a little bit of luxury that that makes me feel womanly and happy… and thus if the items don’t do the same then it’s time to say good bye.

Do you share a similar makeup philosophy as me?
How do you keep your collection in check?

Review: Marcelle BB Cream

Well, well what do we have here?
A NEW BB Cream?
With the onset of the BB Cream trend in North America, I was very curious yet cautious to approach them. Having been reasonably familiar with Asian versions, I had high expectations about what I was expecting from these little tubes of wonders. Better colour selection perhaps? Lighter textures? As good as many of my previous BB Creams were, there were still improvements to be made.

Marcelle BB Cream 01

When I happened upon this release from Canadian brand Marcelle, I was pleasantly surprised. A drugstore available product with high claims this BB Cream had much to prove….


The Basics

  • Name: MARCELLE Beauty Balm Skin Enhancer (BB Cream)
  • Size: 45ml or 1.50 oz.
  • Shades: Light to Medium, Medium to Dark
  • Plastic squeeze tube, pump dispenser
  • Hypo Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Perfume Free, Oil Free, Paraben Free
This is what Marcelle has to say…
 ” The 8 in 1 multi-benefits BB Cream that does it all for you, instantly!Your ultimate skin care enhancer for all ages and skin types, this multi-purpose skin care cream is more than a tinted moisturizer or simple make-up base. It perfects the skin to reveal a more even epidermis and well-hydrated, flawless complexion, all in one. Use it alone as a tinted moisturizer; over your moisturizer to unify your complexion and reduce the appearance of blemishes, or apply as a make-up base under foundation for total coverage and improved stay-on power. BB Cream is offered in two shades and is suitable for a wide variety of complexions thanks to its self-adjusting pigments that transform and adapt to skin tone.

Hypo-allergenic and perfume free. Suitable for all ages and skin types.”

Now on to my review!
Let’s see this BB Cream in action… this is one layer of Marcelle BB Cream with no primer, no concealer or powder. As you can see the finish is incredibly natural looking and virtually undetectable on camera.

Marcelle BB Cream After close up

*photo taken in the shade, natural lighting*

Surprisingly as dark as this base looked in the colour swatch, the “adaptive pigments” worked well to blend with my skintone fairly well. My skin is in reasonably good condition at the moment but you can see the diminishing of redness on my cheeks, slight reduction in under eye darkness and the evening out of the darker edges of my mouth.

Marcelle BB _Before-After
*click me to enlarge!*

However for larger/darker spots such as that mysterious red dot on my nose, you will be needing some concealer for a truly flawless finish.
As you see in the ingredients list below, this product reads more like a foundation/makeup product than a skincare item. None the less I would say that this BB Cream does full fill (to some degree) all of the 8 benefits that it clams to achieve.

Marcelle BB Cream_Ingredients
*click me to enlarge!*

Did I mention that this BB Cream photographs like a dream? With no SPF or shimmers to get in the way, the creamy texture blends into the skin impeccably and will give you velvety skin that requires minimal post-editing for those without major issues.

FOTD 03-29-2012

My Final Break Down
  • Solid and realiable everyday base product: medium coverage, satin finish.
  • Very long lasting while still being hydrating through the day.
  • Performs consistently and is a fantastic skin-balancing base.
  • Smooths easily over uneven skin texture, enhances the look of natural skin.
  • Photographs beautifully! No breakouts, allergies or negative reactions.
  • Ideal for: Very dry to Slightly oily skin.
  • Age Range: All ages.
  • *Tip: Pat on the BB Cream and smooth around the edge, do not rub.
    • There is no SPF, so put one on if you will be in the sun.
    • Unlike Asian BB Creams this had minimal skincare benefits or healing results for my skin.
    • More similar to a foundation/makeup rather than skincare.
This Marcelle BB Cream has been my product of choice recently, especially for days that I do not want a fussy face and do not have the time to pull out the sponges and brushes. It is also one of the very few products which I think look best applied with fingers. Throw this on, my MAC paint pot, Maybelline mousse blush, brows, mascara and I’m out the door in under 15 minutes which for me is very quick!
Tried this yourself?
Let me know in the comments below!