3 Things | Expensive Lipsticks


There is something utterly divine about a lush, elegant and expensive lipstick. As little girls, it’s often the first piece of real makeup that we’re allowed to try on and to this day, lipstick is still my kryptonite and my collection is larger than I have the opportunity to wear. Particularly precious to my stash however are my high end options, not because there aren’t equally fabulous choices in the drugstore but because it just feels luxurious even when you’re wearing sweatpants.

Expensive Lipsticks

T-B | MJ Moody Margot | DIOR Hasard | YSL Nude Lavalliere

Starting off with one that I think is a true classic, DIOR’s Rouge Dior lipstick is the more traditional out of the three but one that I feel has a real timeless quality about it. The rosey pink shade #263 Hasard has a natural satin finish with medium to full coverage topped off with a rose scent. It’s smooth to apply but doesn’t have as much slip as many of the more modern options. This one sits best over my lip lines. 
Now if you want your lipstick to double up as jewelry then I think YSL’s Rouge Volupte Shine range is the clear winner as far as aesthetics go – the intricate detailing is unmistakable and very luxurious. This is a sheerer formula with a balm like consistency, a fruity scent and gives off a fresh, casual colour on the lips. Lightweight and easy to wear, this is a great one for those who want to put on something but doesn’t usually like the feel of lipstick. 
Newer to the luxe beauty game but definitely quickly establishing it’s own place is Marc Jacob’s Sheer Lip Gel* which has a light vanilla scent, is buildable from sheer to almost full coverage which makes it a versatile carry in your purse. It has a effortless glide when swatched but sadly doesn’t sit so well over my textured lips and can look slightly patchy. The colour selection however is lovely from the nude collection so it’s still worth a browse if you don’t share my lip woes. Next up, my first Chanel!
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PIXI Collaborations | Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy, ILikeWeylie


Today’s post brings you the newest Pixi influencer collaboration and in usual Pixi fashion, it’s a really wearable array of everyday neutrals. If there’s one word to describe the brand as a whole it would certainly be – pretty. Pretty cute, pretty neutral, pretty easy to wear and overall the type of products that fit well into your daily makeup wardrobe.

This release release contains 3 palettes as the main feature and is a collaboration between Chloe Morello,  Dulce Candy and ILikeWeylie.

This set contains a 9 pan intensely metallic eyeshadow palette in bronzy sugary shades as well as a large 9 pan lip colour palette (not shown). Straight away I can tell that these are absolutely Dulce’s colours and the set will be very flattering on those with medium to deeper skin tones. The shades are warm toned with a metallic finish which may not be as practical as the other palettes. For those of you with a paler complexion, I would suggest sticking to only 1-2 colours from the palette on your eyes in one look. It’s also worth noting that some of the lighter shades can be used as blush or highlight if it suits your skin tone.
Sweet Glow Palette $34 CAD

This set is a cheek, eye and brow palette along with an additional corresponding lip gloss (not shown). The colours in this palette run lighter and leans towards peach and rose tones which would be more suitable on fair to medium skin tones. For me this is a really nice all-in-one set especially if you are travelling or just don’t want to fuss about trying to coordinate colours during the morning rush. I believe the intention is also for this to be a bridal kit based on the names like Honeymoon, Bouquet and Tux of the colours. This layout is similar to previous Pixi palettes and works well so I’m glad they’ve stuck to it. Most of the powders in this kit have a satin finish and the brow powders are matte.
Romantic Radiance Palette* $34CAD

This set includes a small sized 6 pan eyeshadow and a duo sided eyeliner. The shades here are again quite warm with two that are more terracotta/red toned. This is also the only one of out of the three that contain matte finishes along side a few shimmers which makes this an easy versatile option. Again, just like the previous two offerings, I like how the colours really do reflect the collaborators because these are certainly the shades that Weylie sports quite often and might I add, are very monolid friendly. At first glance, the colours would easily work for an office setting but the addition of the brighter rust shades give you the option of making it trendier occasion look as well. The eyeliner duo come off surprisingly dark and easy to apply (though I have not tested longevity) with one liquid side and the other is kohl. I think this set would be lovely on most complexions given the intensity of the colours.
Let’s Talk Eyes Palette + Liner $28 CAD

Overall I think this whole release is very fitting spring collaboration not to mention great value for your money. The formula and colour payoff of the powders are consistently good, I’d say at least a medium opacity on most of them and there aren’t any obvious duds. The lighter shadows, especially in the Chloe Morello set do run a little more sheer. The matte shades are solidly better than what’s generally available in the drugstore so I’d call this a win. From experience, I don’t find Pixi shadows to be exceptionally long lasting so pairing it with a primer would be a good move. If you already own a lot of Pixi releases or have a healthy collection of neutral palettes then I think the Dulce Candy eye kit would be the most unique out of the three!

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COVERGIRL | Vitalist Elixir Foundation + Swatches


It’s not often that the drugstore comes out with a foundation that reads like my dream straight on the bottle… lightweight, full coverage, hydrating, SPF20 and contain a cocktail of vitamins for my skin, this is the Covergirl Vitalist Elixir* foundation. With so many glowing reviews online, I was eager to give this a whirl and see if its really a drugstore gem but there’s a lot more to a base product than a first glance. 
Brand: Covergirl
Product: Vitalist Elixir Foundation* SPF20
Size: 30ml
Colour: 14 shades (shown: Classic Ivory)
My other colour matches: See here
Price:  $14-18 CAD
Availability: Drugstores nationwide (Walmart, London Drugs etc)
Would I (re)purchase: No.
Water / Eau, Cyclopentasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Talc, Dimethicone, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Sodium Chloride, PEG / PPG-18 / 18 Dimethicone, PVP, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylene / Methacrylate Copolymer, Trihydroxystearin, Arachidyl Behenate, Methicone, Silica, Sodium Benzoate, Synthetic Wax, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Hexyl Laurate, Cetyl PEG / PPG-10 / 1 Dimethicone, Ethylene Brassylate, Behenic Acid, Polyethylene. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.
Housed in a luxurious and well designed glass bottle, I love that this comes with a great pump and locking mechanism to prevent accidental makeup bag spillage. The added SPF will be a welcomed addition for most makeup lovers but I do personally prefer my own sunblock. There are currently 14 shades listed on the Covergirl website and on the shelves, ranging from a light to a medium dark spectrum.
Application is really easy with this formula and looks great with fingers, a sponge or a brush as the product is creamy and blends easily over moisturized skin. I didn’t feel the need for a primer over my usual trouble zones as this had great glide and didn’t accentuate skin texture too much. It left my face soft to the touch and has imparts a satin finish, which given its currently winter time, I didn’t bother with a setting powder. In fact, I must say the overall look on the skin is beautiful!
Covergirl | Classic Ivory (3rd from top vs my other foundations)

So if you’ve been wondering up until now why I’v listed this as a flash review and not a full review like I usual do, perhaps this picture will explain the situation. This was one of the very rare occasions which I applied a foundation, gawked in horror in the mirror, decided it was not salvageable and then promptly washed everything off to start over. While Covergirl is certainly not know for having the best shades, the fact that they decided this shade of dark apricot fit the idea of Classic Ivory is completely perplexing to me. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to fully test the foundation due to the lack of colours for my skin tone. Word on the street is that this also further oxidizes to an even deeper shades once it’s set in but I didn’t stick around long enough to find out. 
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Beauty Look | All lash – Nude Makeup (ft. Esqido)


If you’ve been a regular here in this part of the internet, it’ll be no surprise to you that false lashes are one of my all time favourite things. While our appetite for extravagance has only increased in recent years, false lashes can absolutely be worn with a very bare faced makeup look for a clean and understated vibe. My look here is something you could wear daily to the office or for casual weekend brunch.
  • MAKE UP FOREVER | Waterblend Foundation*
  • MAKE UP FOREVER | Ultra HD Foundation*
  • MAC | Mineralized Skinfinish | Soft & Gentle
  • MINISOO | Liquid Eyeliner
  • HOURGLASS | Eyebrow Pencil
  • ESQIDO | Mink Flase Lashes* | Silhouette
  • COVERGIRL | Total Tease Mascara WP*
  • NUDESTIX | Lip & Cheek Pencil | Whisper
  • RIMMEL | Lip Liner* | Tiramisu
Speaking of lashes, here I am trying out the ever popular ESQIDO mink hair lashes for the very first time. Having tried everything from synthetic to human to mink, I can say that while the lash fibres do look great on these, I personally don’t find a huge aesthetic advantage to mink in particular. 
The website advertises a cotton lash band and the hairs are pressed / glued onto the band versus knotted. I do still find the band quite thick and can be uncomfortable wearing for long periods of time but on the other hand it does provide sturdiness. I love that the colour of the lashes are dark without looking fake and there is a tinge of satin shine yet no glossy flashback in photos.
Esqido Lashes

There are currently 28 styles to choose from the ESQIDO range and I’m wearing Silhouette which is a medium volume style that’s slightly longer in the middle and shorter at the sides. The styling of all the lashes are well thought out and provide a good selection in volume and density. 
My main challenge with these however was the curvature of the lashes which went too far out before they curved up at the ends. This means that the lashes were unnecessarily long yet didn’t provide a whole lot of visual lift. If you wear glasses, then this will also likely bump into your lens. A stronger curve would have been ideal personally.

Lastly, you’ll notice that this look is heavily focused on skin, brows and the tiniest swipe of liner. i decided to go with a bare lid just to show you can actually wear a great look with very little fuss. Creating a polished look relies on clean definition and skin flattering pops of colour but a little extra lash never hurts either…
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3 Things: Trying out stylist fave hair products

Current haircolour for winter 2017
Ever since I had my hair coloured professionally for the first time last spring, I’ve been attempting to make a more dedicated effort towards keeping my tresses in shape. Yet from learning how to smooth the frizzies to battling my round brush, it’s a whole lot harder than I thought. In celebration of this weekend’s Canadian #Contessa2018 Awards held on November 12th in Toronto, which honours those who keep our colour shinning and our hair coiffed, I was challenged to step up my own hair routine using some stylists approved products! Here’s my thoughts on 3 products from the week.
For anyone who’s ever gone lighter, you’ll know that the biggest looming fear is brassiness so my attention immediately gravitated towards the Oligo Blacklight Blue Shampoo* which contains argan oil, amino acids and is also sulfate free. From the first use, I was impressed with the intensity of the purple lather as most of my previous products foamed up white despite appearing coloured in the bottle. I prefer starting off with a clarifying shampoo for the scalp then using this as a second step cleanser and colour refresher but was easy to work with and definitely a step up from your average drugstore option. For conditioning, I reached for one of my favourite brands and their newest blonde enhancing range, the Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque* which applies as a lightweight cream and gives a great smoothing effect for fine to medium textured hair. I’ve always been pleased with the texture of Joico’s products and this one is no exception and while many people prefer a complete purple set, I do think simply using one colour depositing product in your routine is enough for regular maintenance. To perk up second day hair, I’ve also started incorporating the Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo* in my morning prep and have been loving the aerosol free pump system! With a quick squeeze of the bottle, a light puff of herbal scented powder dispenses through a nozzle hole in the cap. This smart thinking solves the dichotomy of choosing between messy sprays or messy pour out powders and is both travel friendly and eco friendly. While I wouldn’t categorize this as a texturing or heavily oil absorbing product, it does make a great post wash refresher for normal to dry hair and would be an excellent office drawer staple which is exactly where I plan to keep mine. 
Happy hair day,

Mineral sunscreens this summer


As someone with reactive skin, sunscreen shopping is not fun every summer. While my body can handle a wide variety of options, my face is very selective about what its willing to settle with but in recent years I’m excited to see more choices for mineral products as brands diversify their sun lineup. With the exception of Alumiere MD, all the other products here are new for this summer which seems like a bright outlook! 


– – – – – – – – – – 

While we all love the fluid textures of chemical sun filters, I do think the physical products are the safer and more universal way to do sun protection and it seems like brands are exploring that route especially with the expansion of the green beauty realm. If we did a blind fold test, I’m certain you wouldn’t be able to guess that the Darphin is a 100% mineral product. Now all I’m wishing for is a great well edited skin tone tint SPF and I wouldn’t have to be hiding indoors all the time. I’d love to hear about what you’ve been using this summer so chatter away down below!

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Shu Uemura x Murakami Holiday | Impressions & Beauty Look

Bright, colourful and inspired by the magic of the cosmos, this holiday season Shu Uemura reunites with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for a limited edition beauty collection bursting with creativity and Murakami’s iconic floral motifs. Key pieces in this release includes two all over face palettes and a series of sheer to light finish lipsticks.


  • Cosmic Blossom Palette | Cosmicool (Cool tone)*
  • Cosmic Blossom Palette | Cosmikawaii (Warm tone)*
  • Nova Eye Trio | Cosmicool (Cool tone)*
  • Nova Eye Trio | Cosmikawaii (Warm tone)
  • Block Booster Primer | Fresh Pink*
  • Block Booster Primer | Natural Beige*
  • Rouge Unlimited Lipstick |
  • Rouge Unlimited Lipstick |
  • Cosmic Drawing Pencil | ME Navy*, M Black, M Purple Black, ME Comet Brown
  • Essence Absolute Beautifying Oil*
  • Wonder Worker Leave-in Spray*
  • Eyelash Curler*
  • Makeup Brush Set with Pouch
AVAILABILITY: Shu Uemura online, Sephora online / in-stores and select Shu counters worldwide.
With this collection, you get the familiarity of classic Shu products but updated with Murakami’s whimsical artwork and curated colour selection. As far as I know, none of the product formulations are new so take this as a chance to try our new colours and stock up on limited edition packaging of products you already love.

Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

At first glance, this could easily be a spring or summer collection as the unusual vibrant pairings are a breakaway from the common smokey muted shades this time of the year. Yet this is absolutely the kind of twist that I would expect from a brand with such a deep rooted creative history as Shu Uemura and anything less than a pop art-esque feel would not be Murakami. 

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to colour pairing and at first I was overwhelmed as I lifted the mirrored lid of the face and eye palettes but if there’s anything I’ve learned from Shu over the last few years, its to trust and just put it on. While its not something that can be said for all rainbow coloured makeup, there is something about the subtle tonal nuances curated into a Shu collection that melds together beautifully on the skin.

The Drawing Pencil eyeliner is undoubtedly one of my favourite formulas and the navy is a fun shift away from your everyday neutrals, however the glitter can be a little gritty so avo
id this in the waterline and use it above the lashes instead of tight-lining.

The Block Booster Protective Primer is lightly tinted and provide just the subtlest tinge of sheer colour wash that has no real coverage but does impact the overall complexion when you put foundation over top. It feels very lightweight and similar to the Paul & Joe primer or the Laura Mercier however the SPF50 can leave a slight cast if photographing in artificial lighting so either go down a shade in your foundation or skip this altogether. For those already with pretty decent skin, this will not be your make it or break it product.

Now the palettes are of course the star of every Shu release and both the Cosmikawaii and the Cosmicool option offer a lot of fun. As always, the shades themselves stand out for their translucent, buildable quality and I think you have to use them differently than other products that may have one swipe opacity. These allow you to layer endlessly for a variety of intensities without every looking heavy on the skin so if anything I would say you need a little more patience when working with them but they give a little more creative fluidity.

Looking at the palettes as a whole, it could have done with just one glittery option versus three as the colours look very close when applied and only the most discerning eyes would make a fuss about it being a subtle pink glitter or a subtle gold glitter. I don’t recommend the glitter shades on their own but they do add a visual interest and snazz up the base colours.

Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Shu Uemura Murakami Holiday 2016 Makeup//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

For my own look I decided to focus around the blues in the Cosmicool palette; rimming my eye area in shades of lavender and navy then finishing off with an ombre lip. While blue eye shadow is certainly not an every affair in my routine but even I was swooned by how pretty the colours looked together. In the debate between wearable or dramatic, I challenged myself with a bolder interpretation.

I started off with a halo of light purple all over the eye contour down to the tops of my cheek bones then began layering with navy over the lid and a touch of smokey charcoal at the outer edges for definition. Playing up the cosmic vibes, I swept the bright candy pink blush quite high on the cheeks and in a horizontal zone across the bridge of my nose as well. A coral lipstick acted as a base for an ombre pout and is given more dimension with the deeper sheer wine in the center of the lips. Glitter butterflies? Well, those are completely optional….

Stay sparkling,

FRESH | Skincare Treasures Lotus Gift Set

Cult favorite skincare wrapped up in blue, nested in the snowflakes with sprinkles of gold; this is holiday gifting curated by Fresh. We know them for lipbalms that nourish and face creams that soothe but getting a little bit of everthing is what we really, really want.

The Skincare Treasures* set is one of the limited edition blue parcels put together by Fresh and features four of their best selling products in deluxe mini sizes coupled with major savings. It’s a ready to go full basic routine in a box that’s fit for all ages with gentle, moisturizing products. I had a chance to try everything leading up to December so here’s the quick breakdown.

FRESH | Skincare Treasures $90 CAD (Retail $114)
SOY FACE WASH | A non-irritating and non-drying cleanser that’s lightweight yet soothing, this face wash is great as a morning cleanser to soften and refresh. It has a silk texture similar to Cetaphil and is faintly foaming but don’t let its mild nature fool you, this leaves my skin relaxed and calm. Not recommended as a makeup remover but a great choice for sensitive skin.

SUGAR FACE POLISH | This little scrub is a sweet surprise in a jar; made with brown sugar and strawberry seeds you can use it on damp skin directly or mix it with a few drops of water before applying. The sugar granules melts away as you work and this rinses clean with no residue so no chances of over exfoliating here – those of you who rub your skin raw, you know who you are. I personally like something a little finer but this has been touted as a cult favourite so I had to try it a least once!

LOTUS YOUTH PRESERVE CREAM | Lightweight, super smooth and filled with radiance boosting ingredients like blue green algae, lotus flower and vitamin C, this would be a great fit for sensitive skin, oily skin or those in warmer climates. I enjoyed using it as a morning base under makeup since it spreads well and makes my skin silky to the touch but in this Canadian winter, I needed something heavier to combat the dehydration so I would recommend the Creme Ancienne if you need to step up. However I’m definitely bringing this back out come spring and summer.

LOTUS YOUTH PRESERVE EYE CREAM | Surprisingly my favourite item in this set, this eye cream has a similar texture to the face cream and is a nice pick for those who want something refreshing, lightly moisturizing and a touch of depuffing action. It absorbs quickly too so you can get on with your morning makeup and you can put it all over your eye contour without worrying about smudgey eyeshadow. I see it as an introduction to eye cream and for those who don’t want to be weighed down.

SUGAR LIP BALM | Not a classic for nothing and probably one of Fresh’s most well loved products, this luxury balm in a metal twist off cap really does work. It’s not goopey, thick or laddened with mineral oil yet it feels so comfortable on the lips and it’s been my most used night time balm the last few weeks. Granted the scent still hasn’t grown on me yet but that’s the only downside to this product. Oh yes, this is also my going outside to shovel the snow lipbalm.

FIND IT | Fresh online, Fresh in-store and select Sephora locations.

Final thoughts on this set? It’s that easy, impressive box that’s fit for both the beauty lover and the beauty beginner alike as it’s easy to use, non-fussy, luxurious yet gentle. It’s for those times you want to share a skincare gift but aren’t sure what would suit them best. With a neutral spa-like packaging and inoffensive scent, this would make an excellent unisex box to get the men in your life to start upgrading from that soap on a rope. Hey, get a jump start on that new years resolution right?

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CLINIQUE | Very Honey Holiday Palette

CLINIQUE | Very Honey Holiday Palette | $44CAD
Holiday makeup palettes come and go but this pretty find from Sephora x Clinique has been one of my favourite purchases in the last month or two. Named after their best selling black honey range, this compact is housed in a sturdy padded case with a purse like click closure and includes 13 multi-sized eye shadows along with brush applicators. I want to say that there must be some reason for the different sizing corresponding with the colours themselves but I haven’t cracked that code yet.
I love that this is a mid-tone shade selection so you can choose to wear it lighter or darker depending on the occasion so it gives me plenty of options even when I wear this all week. The overall look lean towards the cooler, mauvey taupe end of things and the shadow finishes range from satin and soft metallics to mattes. One to two of the mattes feel a little dry to the touch but it doesn’t seem to affect the colour payoff. If you’re looking for your shadow to slay the world then this is not for you. But if you like Clinique for their approachability and office friendly options, Very Honey Holiday would make a lovely everyday grab ‘n go kit when you don’t want to be fumbling through your drawers or even a gift for someone starting out with eye makeup. 
I will see if I can muster up a makeup look to show you this in action before the holidays end but as this is a limited edition item, I say grab this while you can!
Chat soon,

Would you wear a men’s fragrance? Ft. Clean Perfume

Wearing unisex fragrances seem like such a cool girl thing to do but as a girly girl, it was a struggle to imagine ever making it work for myself. My recent surprise however has been White Vetiver* by Clean, who’s known for their minimalist aesthetic and cult classics like Warm Cotton and Skin. Created as part of their mens range, this scent has a smokiness that I adore – like something that you’d want lingering on a chunky knit sweater – but doesn’t feel heavy or dated. The notes contains hints of Sicilian bergamot, forest moss and tonka bean to create a cocktail that’s warm, inviting yet undoubtedly masculine.

So what am I doing with it? Well, I’ve been really enjoying layering this under this years popular sweet scents as a way to give it more depth and interest. Since White Vetiver is so smooth and uncomplicated, it layers easily without creating confusion and lately it has been a welcomed pairing with My Burberry Black* over top for an interesting twist. Who knows, this might be the start of a new thing…

 Stay cozy,