January Bits & Bobs

Not quite a favourite post, I thought I’d round up some goings and happenings from the month of January…

COZY | This is absolutely the the theme word for January and it’s completely validated by my recent accumulation of UNIQLO clothes. With a few shops around town and easy skytrain access, I found myself popping in regularly to look for an item here and there. While their fit can still fussy, I’m really loving a few of their casual items such as their cotton turtleneck shirts and furry zip up mid-layers. I talked about their rayon button up shirts in my 2018 favourites as well and I can’t wait until they bring back a few more colours for spring.

ALL THE GREEN THINGS |… literally! Over the holiday season I discovered my love for pesto and proceeded to make an unusual amount of pseudo-Italian meals in order to try putting pesto on everything. Come January, I had finally (judge as you may) bought my very first avocado. Now as you pick yourself up from the floor in shock, let me explain – while I’ve certainly had this in sushi over the years, I’ve never actually eaten it any other way nor have I bought one from the shop. Annoyingly, before I could make up my mind whether or not I liked it, the rest of my bag had gone brown… so the verdict is still out on this mystery fruit.

TIDYING UP | Netflix blessed the start of 2019 by releasing an exclusive show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a TLC style series of episodes where Marie teaches everyday Americans (or ought I say Californians in particular) how to find organization, inner peace and joy. While I have dabbled in her best selling book, it was great to see her in action and must say I found her charming. After binge watching the first few episodes as soon as it, I will say that the format of the show didn’t hold my attention though I liked having it in the background and would happily continue to keep it on if they decide to release a next season.

TWO GUYS IN BASEBALL CAPS | The internet is truly a strange and wonderful place because a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the traveling singing duo Endless Summer and was instantly smitten by their covers of popular songs. Brothers Clint and Bob setup their guitars in the middle of nowhere, play you a song and its simply perfect – I’m fairly certain I had a smile the entire 3 minutes 19 seconds of Stand by Me. Their acoustics and harmonies feel authentic, inviting and it helps that they have a sprinkle of country which I love. Now for the cherry, I just found out that the brothers were actually part of the wildly popular, teenage-girl-scream-inducing band The Moffatts… so now you really do have to check them out.

Chat soon,



Favourites #22 | August – September Edition


  • Eco Tools | Double Ended Brush Set
  • Aritaum | Modi Glam Nail Polish
    • 250 Ginger Brown, 231 Hologram Gold
  • Sally Hansen | Colour Therapy Nail Polish*
    • Blushed Petal,  Cool Cucumber
  • 3CE | Creamy Blush* “LoveCraft”
  • PIXI | Multi-balms Sticks*
    • Watermelon Veil, Wild Rose
  • Contigo | Waterbottle
September means changing out your closet, finding that quick 10 minutes makeup regime, upping your nail polish game and cozying up your nesting space (more on this part in a later post). My latest favourites and everyday products are more on the practical side though no less exciting in my eyes. Hey, sometimes a good water-bottle can bring you unexpected daily happiness!
 Chat soon,

November Favourite Things + Video

‘Tis the most wonderful month of the year!

And I’m kicking things off with a favourites videos? Why yes. It’s been much too long since my last one and in this episode I’ve decided to take it easy on the beauty goodies and show you a little variety of the current loves of my life because before you know it… holiday gift guides will be coming up.

  • TATCHA | Discovery Kit for Sensitive Skin* | review 
  • ACURE | Brightening Facial Scrub | review 
  • PILOT | Frixion (Assorted) Pens
  • ASUS | Transformer Laptop / Tablet
  • G.H. BASS | Shoes
And as a side note, how many of your have started holiday decorating? I can’t wait to put my things up as it’s the one time in the year where it’s perfectly normal to go sparkle crazy. Just saying.

Stay lovely,

Highend Beauty: Products worth your money | #01

  • SHU UEMURA | The Lightbulb Foundation*
  • GIORGIO ARMANI | Eye Tints*
  • SHU UEMURA | Drawing Pencil*
  • MAC COSMETICS | Assorted Lipstick (Way to Love, Ravishing, Heroine)

Is it worth it?

It’s probably the most common question that’s passed around in the beauty world and frankly I often find myself asking the same thing to my beauty friends. When it comes to high-end products, the stakes are even higher and you probably end up pacing nervously with the product in your hand wondering if it’s worth the gamble. Been there, done that. Well, that’s how I found myself making this new series (still need suggestions for a shorter name) and I think these items are hard to be disappointed with. Let me know how you like it!

Stay beautiful,

My Favourite Makeup Artists…on Youtube!

Being a Youtuber myself I probably spend way too much time on the platform but between filming and managing my own content, I do actually watch a lot of videos! In the last few years, Youtube has grown to include some thoroughly excellent makeup artists who (on top of a busy working schedule) produces wonderfully educational content for us makeup learners and makeup lovers. I’ve been secretly indulging in their videos for months, even years now and I think it’s time to share the treats!

Of course we all have different tastes in beauty and these four are my personal favourites but I love how there is still variety to the looks they present and perhaps you’ll find a video or two that suits your aesthetic as well. Truth be told, if you ever see me try out something new, it probably came from one of them. I hope they’ll inspire your everyday makeup routine as well.

Keep on ‘tubing.

5 Suprisingly Good Beauty Products (Video)

Having been around excessive amounts of beauty products for the past 5 years, I’d like to think I can made a fair judgement on an item from a quick glance. (Insert posh girl hand wave.) There are so many options on the shelves now days that it takes a sharp eye, experience (and perhaps a weed wacker) to separate the good from the gimmicky. But whatever reservations I had about these products were quickly melted away after they’ve turned my mind around with their performance. Here’s 5 that you need to know.
  • ESSENCE | I Love Stage Shadow Base
  • ESSIE | Drying Drops*
  • THE BODY SHOP | Drops of Youth Eye Cream*
  • MAYBELLINE | Dream Wonder Powder
  • FRESH | Creme Ancienne Treatment Cream* | reviewed
The moral of the story? You can judge a product by it’s cover but leave the door ajar to potential revelations. I mean, the most exciting times are often those that take us by surprise. Now since we love a good comeback story, let me know what products have changed your mind lately.
 Stay Adventurous.

Favourite Things #16 | March & April Edition


  • ANASTASIA | Brow Wiz Pencil | Reviewed
  • BOURJOIS | So Glossy Nail Polish in “Adora-Bleu”
  • REAL TECHNIQUES | Expert Face Brush
  • SAJE AROMATHERAPY | Nebulizer Diffuser*
  • SAJE AROMATHERAPY | Cloud Nine Diffuser Blend* (oil)
  • SALI HUGHES BEAUTYYoutube Channel
March and April came and went in such a blur that I’m still trying catch up with it. With all the makeup spring cleaning I’ve been doing lately, there hasn’t been much new makeup discoveries to say the least so I relied on a few trusty staples to get me through the weeks. The Anastasia Brow Wiz for one, has been a daily savior. One a side note, life has also picked up pace which inversely means less sleep (who made up these rules anyways?) so I’ve been looking for little way to de-stress and remain sane in the thick of things. Coincidentally, I attended a local beauty event by Saje Wellness just in March and was introduced to their aromatherapy system which has made such a difference! A little ambiance and a cup of tea with Sali Hughes is literally what’s been keeping me together the last few weeks.  
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to start on this new Blogilates business….more on this later this week. Enjoy the video, stay sane!


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Fav Things #14 | January Favourites

  • BIOTHERM | Oil Therapy Body Treatment Lotion*
  • LANEIGE | Water CC Cream
  • SEPHORA x PANTONE | Marsal Collection Blush Palette | reviewed
  • JOSIE MARAN | 100% Pure Argan Oil | reviewed
  • NYX | Xtreme Lip Cream “Nude Peach Fuzz”
  • NYX | Mega Shine Lip Gloss “Beige”
  • COAST TO COAST | Winnipeg Style Rye Bread
  • DAISO | Large Document Box

I’ve always found the months of December and January to be a good pair. The fitting duality of the end of things and immediately the beginning of others. With new gifts from the holidays (and possibly some personal shopping), it’s usually a great time for product discovery. As to be expected this time of the year, dry skin is always a persistent issue and I’m glad to say I found some relief in the Biotherm Oil Therapy Nutri-Replenishing Body Treatment* which is a beautiful soft milky lotion that feels great, hydrates and doesn’t leave me feeling sticky. But the best beauty find of the past while has to be the Sephora x Pantone Marsala Collection Shimmering Blush Trio (reviewed) which sets the tone for this year’s new nude makeup trend. As I’m sitting here wrapped up in my faux fur blanket (thank you dear bff for this much needed room accessory), I am so ready for February. 


Fashion | My Favourite Stylish People

The thing about fashion is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. The world of fashion blogging has grew into a type of sinkhole that, quite frankly, you can fall in and never find your way out. I’m the type of girl who love a few key pieces and wears them to death but between making videos and attending events, variety is definitely a necessity. (Oh the horror of being caught in the exact same outfit twice!) So here are some of my favourite stylish people to inspire your (and my) wardrobe choices.


I don’t exactly recall how I discovered Tricia but I do know that I completely fell in love with her the first time I stumbled upon her blog. Based in Manila (Philippines), her life, work and personal interests take her around the world from London to New York but it’s really her sense of style that drew me in. Tricia has chameleon sense of style that goes from cool Japanese EMODA girl to grown up floral chic. She’s the girl who will wear and can pull off sweat pants and high heels. Some of my favourite looks from her simple pieces with interesting colour choices that are classic but not too boring. 

Maybe I’m a bit biased here because I know Claire in real life but although her slightly androgynous city girl style isn’t quite my thing, there’s always one item she wears in every outfit that I would most definitely borrow. So I guess in a way, we do share some affinity to certain pieces of clothing but both of us would end up styling it in completely different ways. For those who likes a more simplistic modern style, you’ll want to follow her around and maybe even hunt her down on Instagram. The extra sprinkle on top? She has a well curated but enviable shoe collection.

According to Wikipedia, Oliva Palermo is a socialite. Now exactly what that entails I haven’t got a clue but whathever she’s up to on a daily basis, she sure looks good doing it. I first discovered Olivia whilst browsing the pages of my favourite fashion magazines and while I know little about her personal life, her stylish outfits have appeared time and time again on the best dressed list. Olivia appears to be fundamentally an uptown New York girly girl but her way of mixing super classic silhouettes with modern colours and details impresses me every single time. And while not all of us have a socialite budget to splurge, the fact that her choices are often very basic, it’s not hard to find more affordable alternatives. If there’s one closet I’d like to invade? It’d probably be Olivia’s. And this monochromatic fall outfit she was spotted wearing? I’m completely sold from head to toe.

So tell me, who are your favourite fashionable people? Do you take inspiration from style icons or fashion bloggers in your everyday wardrobe choices? Even better, drop me some links on who you think I should be reading! Until next time…

BunnieLoves: Ep. #13 | August & September Favourites

I was completely on a streak with my favourites videos until August’s video got lost among the sea of life and work commitments. Nonetheless, the show must go on! In this video, I’ve combined two months of favourite products for a double dose of awesomeness.


  • JONATHAN |Dirt Texturizing Paste | reviewed
  • THE BODY SHOP | Wild Argan Body Range* | reviewed
  • EBAY | Natural Effect False Lashes | look for this style
  • MINERAL FUSION | Sheer Moisture Tint | “Glisten”*
  • STAEDLER | Triplus Fineliner | Pastels!

With my everyday life picking up pace, my focus on beauty products have shifted to efficient, ready-to-wear products that will get the job done in a jiffy or those that I can take on the go. While weekends offer the extra luxury of time, the rest of the week is usually a mad dash to eat, dress and head out the door. Products like the Jonathan DIRT and the perfect lipcolour in “Glisten” from Mineral Fusion have truly become everyday staples for their reliability. If you have some great products to recommend, please share the wealth!