WISHLIST:: Summer Lustables from F21

Sure Vancouver is known for great summer weather, clear skies and those northern mountains but there’s a few things that I’ve haven’t (and possibly will never) adapt to fully and that is these strange sudden heat waves that come a few times during the summer. Today we sudden hit the 30s which although not enough to be frying an egg sunny side up is a big leap from the comfortable 20s we’ve been having for weeks. So as I was sitting there slowly steaming up inside out, I decided to distract myself with a little browse over at Forever21.

Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I have been having a big love affair with blue lately and in a way that’s never quite happened before. I used to feel that blue was very serious and grown up but since falling in love with nauticals a few years ago I’ve been slowing working my way around all its subtle tonal variations. I’ve also found myself veering away from uber feminine frills and details, instead adopting a more sophisticated silhouette.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I must admit that I have yet to master the skill of subtly, my daily wardrobe is either extremely relaxed (aka. non existent) or I like to go full out (just like I do with makeup). But subtly is a skill I’d like to acquire and I think these 3 tops really feel relaxed, easygoing yet quite chic…little details like the applique, studs and beading add just a touch of interest.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013

Despite going through “growing up” phases with my Mom in regards to my wardrobe, there’s one thing that we always agreed on and that was florals. Of course her’s were always a little more country and rustic but at least we could agree on a general theme. I love floral prints for the very reason that they can be styled in so many different directions from the baroque feel (left) to the more California cool pairings (right).
Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I’d like to think of accessories as meaningful statements that you add to conclude your outfits… as if to say, “I am at once everything you see yet more than what you see”. A simple black quilted bag is roomy for all your daily baggage (yes, I’m one of those girls who can pull a kitchen sink outta her bag) yet still stylish in a classic way and your cute “makeup” bag wouldn’t get lost inside that hot pink lining. A wide dangling necklace can dress up a sophisticated sheath dress or let the beads cheekily play across a bare collarbone.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013

Shoes are probably one of the most (secretly) influential parts of my outfit, switching up my foot ware can instantaneously change my outlook on what I’m doing for the day. While flats are always a favourite for walking the town (-40% OFF signs are just about around every corner), I’ve been favouring the look of the chunkier 90s heel and really like them paired with a cute sundress for an easy going look that is still feminine. But of course, when I need to really show up with a pow, nothing beats that sharp stiletto heel for maximum impact (even though you may require walking assistance) and the mesh design give this city shoe a very urban appeal.


Now that you know my picks for the summer weather, what have you been eyeing on store shelves lately?

DAILY LINK: StyleNada X LA | Korean street fashion

If you’re not subscribed to STYLENADA on Youtube, here’s my advice. DO IT NOW! I’ve only been following them for a short while but their productions have continued to impress me with its colourful energy. Established in Korea in 2004, they are a hip fashion brand that’s all about sky high heels, bright lipstick and models with legs to kill for. If you’re into browsing sites like Lookbook then I’m sure STYLENADA is right up your street. Their recent location shoot was done in LA and is just vibrant, kitschy and retro funk all rolled into one.

I just found out they have a website (with international shipping) that let’s you browse through their fashion and exclusive makeup items as well. Enjoy!

Haul-a-days : What I got, what I gave & Sale season madness

I’ve been just a little obsessed with watching these Christmas videos lately, it’s a way to extend the feel of the holiday season I suppose (which reminds me I have yet to take down the lights) and it seems like from your Facebook feedback that you all love these as well!

BOOKS THAT I GAVE (as mentioned)

  • Lauren Conrad Style | Lauren Conrad | here
  • Crafting with cat hair | Kaori Tsutaya | here
  • Macarons |Bérengère Abraham & Marie-José Jarry | here

 New Makeup -holiday

Winter Sweaters

Forever21 Camellia necklace

Forever21 Suede heels
A favourite find of this season : Forever21 faux suede bow heels 
Original : $33.80 / Sale : $8.50

I extremely happy to finally find some pretty sweaters at great prices because I’m loving the sweater and skirt look that I spotted in previous issues of ViVi. For many years I’ve received lots of clothing items as hand me downs, many of which wasn’t quite my style but I since it fit I added them to my closet without hesitation. In the past year I’ve been slowly weeding out the pieces that didn’t speak my taste and look forward to building a wardrobe that makes me feel happy.

Fashion Haul | Shearling Hightops & Golden Bows

According to this haul video, I’ve apparently grown a new liking for gold jewelry… but either way I put together a video sharing with you some new fashion pieces I’ve added to my wardrobe. If you haven’t gathered by now, I have quite a classic style sense with an attraction to small details and textures. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I’m selective in what I put on and I’m currently hooked on small delicate baubles that hangs just at the collarbone, so romantic!
Let me know which pieces you loved most!

Style Diary | Plaid menswear blazer

This plaid menswear blazer caught my eye last year from H&M but I’ve never had a good chance to wear it, it seemed a little out of place in my wardrobe although I loved the way it looked by itself. Here’s my take on a vintage inspired West Coast style with purple elements.

I’m trying to pickup doing styling videos again but that’s easier said than done. Vancouver isn’t known for being very adventurous when it comes to their fashion, we’re all sweat pants and jeans over here and I don’t mean the fashionable NYC kind, after all we’re a sporty kind of city at heart that’s pretending to be grown up and fancy. Now that’s not saying we don’t know how to put on a show but overall the feeling is very simplistic, understated and organic in way, never too flashy. There’s a strong focus on materials (leather, bamboo, hemp) but the colour palette is always quite neutral. Once in a while I can spot remnants of 70s hip lingering around but that’s slowly being over taken by the posh crowd.

What does your city dress like?
Would you be interested in more Style Diary videos?

Holidays with Shopcade | My fashion & Beauty picks!

Have you started hanging up the holiday decorations yet? If not, I hope you’ve at least given a thought to your gift list. Last minute shopping can wear you out so get started early with some online browsing,    organize your gift lists, compare prices and click away! (*sshhhhh…don’t tell anyone but I’ve already gotten 80% of my gift shopping done without even leaving my fluffy slippers.)

Today I’ve partnered up with Shopcade to help you get started with your holidays. I’ve chosen two lovely gift items that’s sure to bring a smile to any gals face.
Benefit Upgrade to Gorgeous Kit
Benefit Upgrade to Gorgeous Kit
Benefit Upgrade to Gorgeous Kit
Benefit Upgrade to Gorgeous Kit
BENEFIT COSMETICS | Upgrade to Gorgeous! Kit* | Sephora
Dorothy Perkins handbag
Dorothy Perkins handbag
Dorothy Perkins handbag
DOROTHY PERKINS | Black barrel buckle bag* | Dorothy Perkins

If you’ve never visited them before, what are you waiting for? Shopcade allows you browse tons of your favourite stores and even discover some new ones, all in one convenient location. No more juggling multiple wishlists for each store, just add them to you Shopcade profile and have it all there to see, compare and share.

Visit my personal Shopcade page for more holiday picks! I’ve got a list for everyone on there.

*Quick tip for International shoppers: Shopcade currently only has dedicated sites for UK and US customers but many of the brands they list do ship internationally. When you discover something you love, double check by clicking the “Shop this Item” button to be redirected to the brands own website and verify your shipping options. 

Shopcade snap 02

When it’s time to check out, you still go through each individual brand website. I love how functional the website is and you might just find yourself browsing the lists just to see what silly or wondrous things you may find (you must see the $29 000 tree house). Don’t forget Shopcade also rewards you for shopping or sharing, when someone shops from your recommendations both you and the other person get’s cash back rewards.

I challenge you to find the most awesome thing on the site!
Ready? Set? Happy Shopping!

Magazine: VIVI October | Tattoos, Cats and Smokey Pastels

If you’re like me, already filling up your fall items wishlist with this and that, then hopefully today’s post will help you round off your perfect seasonal wardrobe. VIVI magazine October shows off quite a few new trends in full swing, ranging from 90’s grunge to animal motifs.There’s a lot going on this winter that I need to catch up on.

My favourite cover girl Lena is growing out of the retro sweet girl style as you will see in this issue. Can’t help but feel she still looks best in vintage inspired styles though, she just has such a perfect face for that!


Amongst the fashionable things this fall, tattoo socks/tights and cat motifs are two things that caught my eye. I love the idea of tattoo stockings but quite frankly it’s just too darn cold here to wear them out. As for the cat eared beret, I absolutely dig that. But then again, I smell DIY!

Glad to see that bunnies are on trend….but then again so are bears, a lot of animal loving this season!
No winter wardrobe is complete without a super stylish pair of shoes (or two) and amongst the most talked about style this season is the cap toed high heel. A little bit feminine, a little bit masculine but hey, if that doesn’t do it for you there is always the spike toed option.


Combat boots brings back memories of ’90s grunge…a la Marc Jacobs, although I must say these will be much more suited to the weather, trudging along in the rain will be fashionable and practical.


For those who aren’t ready to let go of girly pastels, here’s an option, ViVi has labeled it “smokey pastels” and I think that’s a fitting way to describe it. I absolutely adore greys because they can be worn as a neutral but it’s a little softer than black. Grey also happens to match beautifully with pastel shades.



The “it” look of the season however would have to be grunge revival. But this time around it’s a little softer with feminine elements, with a play on textures and details.



Here, they show you two ways to wear the new black. Whether you are the “cool” type or the “sweet” type. If you’ve been a reader of ViVi for a long time, you’ll notice that even during the winter, the models all sport skirts and dresses, often with bare legs. So seeing pants having their own section is a little strange in contrast.






And lastly in one of my favourite ViVi segments, they show you how to mix a few wardrobe essentials into a full 20 outfits so you’ll be styling every single day. I think all the cordinates in here are super wearable, my favourite here is the chunky grey knit sweater and glitter
oxfords are super sweet.




Which trend from this month’s edition caught your eye? I hope you found something awesome to add to your wishlist. I’ll be sharing my fall wardrobe list in an up coming post, so stay tuned!