Ultimate Guide to False Lashes + Monolids | Video

If there’s one thing that’s completely changed my makeup look since my (experimental) teenage years, it’s false lashes. Yet as popular as they’ve become in the past few years, the overwhelming selection just makes finding the right pair more confusing. And monolids? I hear your cries of despair. Because I think lashes are oh so fabulous and by very popular request, here’s my ultimate guide to choosing the right pair of lashes!

  • EBAY | Natural Lashes | See it here and here
  • DOLLYWINK | Otona Natural Dolly Style | See it

As an add on, many of you have also asked about lash glue and this really depends on the type of lashes you are working with (hard band vs. soft band). I tend to wear more of the later nowadays and my focus is on quick touch ups so the Dollywink Lash Glue with a brush wand applicator has been a favourite. For tougher lash bands, I would recommend the regular DUO or Ardell versions which have a thicker latex consistency. Now, off you go to get some fabulous lashes!

Stay fluttery,

Review: KISS Tapered End Lashes | Best Affordable Style!

As a self confessed false lash snob, I am hard to please when it comes to finding the perfect pair of falsies. Many of what’s on the market today are just too big, too heavy and too fake especially if you have smaller eyes to begin with so I have always resorted to buying expensive Japanese brand lashes online. Well, I am delighted to finally find a pair that is not only comparable to some of my favourite Asian styles but at a price that you can really love.

Brand: KISS
Product: Looks So Natural Series* (Tapered End Lashes)
Variation: 5 Styles but may vary between countries
Price: $4.97 CAD / $3.99 USD
Availability: Drugstores Nationwide (spotted at Walmart & London Drugs)
Would I (re)purchase: Already have!
Website: www.kissusa.com

When it comes to navigating the rows of false eyelash options on the shelf, there’s really only 2 things that matters regardless of the style and design; lash hair and lash band. The hair should feel soft and have a satin look (versus a plastic glossy finish) but the best lashes in my collection also have a tapered lash end.

Finally, KISS brings this technology to the drugstores and created these Look So Natural series which employ exactly this technique to create fluttery and more realistic falsies. When lash hairs are cut blunt across in production, the uniform length gives a fake plastic doll-like effect where as our real natural lashes have fine tapered lash ends. These lashes mimic the same tapered hair combined with a soft C-shaped curl that gives a soft and fluttery result.
Having done a little digging myself, it seems that although KISS only listed 5 styles on it’s North American website, there are actually more styles available in other parts of the world. Oddly enough I picked up a pair in stores recently that had Japanese writing on it labeled as Featherlight Lashes and looked slightly different than the others. Shops in the UK also seem to carry these same lashes but the style names are not consistent with the Canada/US release. Either way, your options are plenty and you should be able to find a style that feels comfortable whether you prefer natural or dramatic.
For those who often find falsies uncomfortable this series have the lashes knotted onto a clear flexible backbone which is not only easier to blend in with your own natural lash line but are also a bit more forgiving when it comes to long hours of wear.

In this photo (above) I am wearing my favourite style from the North American release called “Shy” which is a medium to full density lash with shorter inner corners. The look is very comparable to the Dollywink Otona lashes that I often wear for filming but these are slightly shorter and perkier. On smaller eye shapes this would be the perfect style to enhance your makeup and because of their lightweight feel, I have worn them for 10 hour days without incident.

I also popped on the “Flirty” version (below) but found them to be much too dramatic for my everyday taste and they would be better suited to those with larger eyes. Despite this, you can still see that the shape and style look very natural.

With the release of these KISS Looks So Natural Lashes, I can finally stop panicking every time I run out of my usual false lashes. In fact, these have currently replaced my Japanese style lashes for everyday wear and I have actually gone out to the store to pick up a few of the other styles. The lash band is a little delicate so do handle them with care but I have already re-worn them 5-6 times and can probably still get a couple more uses out of them. A few of the styles are especially excellent for small eyes and at $5 a pop, I am totally in love.


Review: Magic Magic "Circus" False Lashes & Lash Glue

Flase lashes are a girls best friend. Let’s face it, if I can’t be swathed in diamonds then my next choice would undoubtedly be my beloved collection of false lashes. Whether I’m glammed out or just going for a quick coffee date, I’ve found that adding a little extra something polishes off my entire look. Today’s product is something I’ve been drooling over for many months since seeing them on a few Asian beauty blogs but never thought I would ever get hold of them…until now.
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
Brand: Magic Magic
Style: “Circus” Series | AC-03
Details: 2 pairs/box
Variation: 4 types available
Price: $20/box | On SALE now $16
Availability: www.pinkicon.com 
(Free international shipping for lashes)

Adorably boxed in it’s circus themed pastel box, this series of false lashes is the premium line created by Magic Magic. Each package comes with two pairs of lashes carefully presented in their own display box. Not only is this line adored by bloggers but models from some of my favourite Japanese magazines have been known to use them as well for that impeccable lush lash look.

Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
A closer look at the lashes shows that these are, what I like to call, “hard backbone” designs meaning that the lash hairs are attached to a thin strip of firm plastic given them more manageability and sturdiness. The lash hairs themselves are quite long and have a soft curve to them. Criss crossed at the base to give a more voluminous look, this design has a full but fluttery look that gives the eyes a more feminine appearance.
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
The blend of natural mink and horse hair look soft and believable when worn but does feel firmer to the touch and keeps it’s shape very well though multiple uses.
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
Below I am wearing the entire strip without trimming the length and you can see how the Circus series is very long, spanning from the inner tip of my eye and just slightly beyond the outer edge. Unless you naturally have a large or elongated eye shape, I definitely recommend trimming theses down (trim from the longer side) for a more comfortable fit otherwise the hard backbone can tend to poke into your inner eyelid.
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
When paired with makeup, I found the effect of these lashes very comparable to my most worn Dollywink “Sweet Cat” lashes, with these being slightly more voluminous at the base. While I did not wear liquid eyeliner over the lash line to cover the base of these lashes, they still looked quite natural altogether. Extremely photogenic, this style is what I prefer for a defined and polished makeup look for dates or filming videos as well.
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
Along with the false lashes, I also had the chance to try the corresponding Magic Magic lash glue which comes in both black and transparent variations (mine is the transparent). The slim tube features a pointed brush tip for easy and precise application.
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
MAGIC MAGIC | Lash Glue* | $12 / on SALE $8.90 at Pinkicon
Marketed as being extremely strong and long lasting, I was surprised to find this formulation very thin and liquid compared to my usual latex based DUO lash adhesive. Thankfully, unlike the DUO I didn’t detect any strong odors from the glue.
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
While I did find this glue to be very strong indeed, the thin consistency and extra long drying time did not pair well with hard back bone lashes like the Magic Magic Circus series. I felt there wasn’t enough thickness or “tackiness” to the product to hold these types of lashes in place but on the other hand would work much better with “invisible bands” lashes. Once it finally sets however, it does hold firm and I even had quite a time trying to wash off the swatch from the back of my
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03


For the design, durability and the pretty effect this gives, I think these Magic Magic Lashes are well worth your money. If you are used to wearing “invisible band” lashes then these will not be as comfortable but if you have monolids especially then these plastic backbone lashes will be a much better option as the firmer base will prevent the lashes from being pushed down and drooping. While I have yet to compare them side by side, the touch and feel of the Circus series is almost identical to the much more expensive mink Velour Lashes.

My personal preference?
The Dollywink “Sweet Cat” is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time and does not require any trimming for my eye shape and the type of makeup I wear on a daily basis. However these come in at a very close second place, the effect is quite similar and these are something I would recommend (over the Dollywink) if you’re weary of handling very delicate lashes or if needing more lift either with hooded eyes or monolids.

Japanese Magic Magic Circus Lashes AC-03
If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your everyday makeup look, I have already reviewed the Fairy 1 Day Princess lense which gives just a tint of colour to your eyes and will pair beautifully with these lashes for a polished feminine makeup look. More to come, I’ll also be reviewing the more dramatic and fun Holi Cat lenses so stay tuned!
FAIRY 1Day Circle Lenses PINK

Review: Dollywink | Otona Lash #10 Sweet Cat

I never expected to feel this way over a pair of lashes but quite honestly I am besotted with this amazing pair of falsies from Dollywink. Adding this to my shopping cart from my last Sasa order, I thought I’d try it to see what the fuss was all about and I’m so glad I did. Created and endorsed by Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka (you may remember her blush I reviewed previously), false lashes were the building foundation of her successful cosmetics line. Today I want to show you her second series “Otona” lashes, which simply means a more “adult” or grown up style as opposed to the more dolly and gyaru feel of her previous series.

Dollywink Sweet Cat_01

Brand: Dollywink
Product: Otona Lashes #10 Sweet Cat
Variation: 13 styles for both top and bottom lashes
What’s inside: 2 pairs of lashes and lash glue
Price: $14-20 CAD
Availability: eBay, Ichibankao online, SaSa online, possibly your local Asian supermaket
Would I repurchase: Absolutely yes!

No stranger to false lashes, I know they can range from super cheap $3 packs to extremely luxurious mink and diamante variations. Whenever I’m filming a video, I always pop on a pair of falsies as my own lashes just aren’t beefy enough to show up in front of the lens. What makes these Dollywink lashes so lovely is the attention to detail that you can see and feel once you have them in your hands.

Dollywink Sweet Cat_02
Each kit comes with two pairs of lashes and a strangely large tube of Dollywink glue (talked about the glue in this review), certainly much more than you’ll need for the package. The lash hair bundles are knotted tightly to the clear backbone and arranged in a gradation style from short to long (at the outer edges). I’m going to take a guess and say these are real hair from the way they feel but alas I can not real Japanese to tell you for sure.
Dollywink Sweet Cat_04
The hairs themselves are not blunt cut all the way across (an issue I find with many) but rather are splayed in a very realistic long and short variation throughout the entire length of the strip. Upon even closer inspection I found that the tips of each lash hair is also slightly tapered and a tad lighter in colour than the base of the lashes, a trait of our own natural eyelashes.

Dollywink Sweet Cat_03
I’ve measured the lashes themselves to give you a better idea of their exact dimensions. Prior to owning a pair myself, I’ve heard many people say the Dollywink lashes were too long for the natural length of their eye shape. However since I like to wear my eyeliner quite a bit extended (as do most Japanese models it seems) these lashes match perfectly to give the illusion of longer and larger eyes. I assume that’s why they were created to be longer but as with any pair of falsies, feel free to trim them down to a comfortable length.

Dollywink-Sweet Cat fotd
Above is a photo of the Sweet Cat styles in action (full set, no trimming). The results on me were very natural and flirty plus since they were so light, the extra length at the ends did not drag down too much either. I wore them for more than 8 hours straight and they were absolutely comfortable as far as false lashes go. Just carefully peel off the glue, wipe them clean and they can be reused multiple times. Quite honestly I can’t be more enamored with a pair of lashes than I am with these and I am now hunting down more variations to try. Here’s a look at the entire Otona eyelash line, including a few new(er) releases. You can see more of the entire Dollywink product series by visiting the Koji-Dollywink website.

Dollywink Sweet Cat_06
Prices vary for the Dollywink lashes, I’ve seen them at some Asian supermarkets in the USA but I tend to buy mine online for better selection. The best prices I’ve seen have been on Sasa (online) where I bought mine on sale for just around $13 and did not have to pay for shipping so keep an eye out for these on the site next time you are browsing. These are amazing quality for the money and I can’t recommend them enough so go out and grab yourself a pair!

Have you tried any of the Dollywink lashes?
What did you think?

Dollywink Sweet Cat_05

Review: Dollywink Otona lash glue

Today’s post kicks off a whole bucket of reviews I have lined up for Tsubasa Masuwaka endorsed beauty products (both Candydoll and Dollywink items) because I have just been obsessed with trying out products from her lines recently. It started off with one little blush and has now grown to a pretty solid stash (as seen on my Facebook). I thought I’d start off this round with this Dollywink Lash Fix which is one of her best selling products right along those famous false lashes.

Dollywink Otona lash glue_06
Brand: Dollywink
Product: Eyelash Fix (clear)

Variation: Clear and Black
Price: $12- 14 CAD (via eBay)
Availability: eBay, Amazon, Ichibankao or local Asian market/beauty shop.
Would I repurchase: Undecided.

Having been a false lash lover for years, I’ve come to accept that there aren’t very many options for lash glue here. You’re either an Ardelle Lash Grip girl or your a DUO lash glue faithful (see my comparison review here) but there were certain things about both these items that drove me nuts. One was the smell and two was the fact that they tended to separate after a while, leaving you with part liquid and part latex glue.

Dollywink Otona lash glue_01

Dollywink’s lash fix comes in a bright pink polka dotted tube and stands just a little over 9cm tall. This is actually their second lash glue release, part of their Otona collection (the original was a light pink tube) which came out together with the new series of Otona lashes. As you can see, the tube comes with a slim brush tip applicator great for easy and precise application. Not that I should be sniffing glue but I’m excited to say that this has a faint sweet fragrance instead of the usual latex odor so problem #1 is resolved. And since the glue comes in a plastic bottle, you can shake it up to prevent any separation which takes care of problem #2 as well. The variation I own comes out white but dries clear and there is an alternative black version similar to the DUO dark glue.

Dollywink Otona lash glue_02

Now while all that sounds fine and dandy, I can’t get myself around the texture of the product. The liquid is very thin in consistency and the margin between “I’m too wet and won’t stick” and “I’m too dry now, try again” is slim. I find there is really only 10 seconds when the glue is just tacky enough to stick with one touch and even though I feel very comfortable with applying false lashes, I’m constantly re-doing or making adjustments when using this product. 
Due to the formulation, this would be better suited for very lightweight invisible/soft backbone lashes (like her own lash range) rather than the stiffer hard backbone falsies because its just too difficult to work with the runny consistency and lack of tacky power. Once on, the glue appears to be water/oil resistant and holding power is average but not waterproof so it’s best to save it for casual wear. It also seems to have a lower latex content and is harder to peel/remove from your false lashes afterwards so use a little makeup remover to help it out when cleaning your lashes for storage.

Dollywink Otona lash glue_04

Overall this is something I’d keep in my makeup bag for touch ups when parts of my lash strip come undone because I can apply the glue very precisely onto the lifted parts without having to remove the whole strip and starting over. It’s a good beginner product for everyday and is very gentle on the eyes but won’t hold you through a big event or a photo shoot so you might want to keep your DUO close at hand.

Tried this? Share your thoughts!

Dollywink Otona lash glue_07

Your makeup kit: Add-on items

Hi there Everyone,

For everyone who are looking to start beefing up their basic/simple makeup kit, here’s a little video about makeup “add on” items. These are products that will make your kit so much more fun! And if you haven’t watched my “Starter Kit recommendation”, you can find that HERE.


A quick review of the products mentioned

Build your makeup kit---Add ons

  • Add alitte something extra to your base, these items will take you from a light base to a full on glamour shot! Plus, a little shimmer is always good for that coveted glow.

Build your makeup kit---Add ons

  • Shade your eyes with a matte cream shadow that can double up as an easy daily shading colour. And don’t forget to take care of your lashes at night with a protective serum.
Build your makeup kit---Add ons
  • Whatever colour you choose, lipstick is so much fun and super easy to change up your look…oh yeah and totally more kissable than lipgloss.
Build your makeup kit---Add ons

  • Palettes are your best friend when it comes to customizing just what you like in a handy little palette. Make a quad for different moods or take a 15pan palette if you are really indecisive.

Share your favourite “add on” item with me 
by leaving a comment!

How to apply false lashes: Monolids & Double eyelids

Today’s post is a follow-up to my previous video on “How to choose false lashes”. This time, I want to share how to actually apply them since it does tend to be one of those things that can be quite intimating…

The secret to a successful application?
Much practice and finding methods that make YOU comfortable. You’ll find that I bend alot of the “standardized rules” on makeup application because I find that other methods either work faster or just suit my needs better.
False lash tutorial

I wear false lashes all the time because they give me maximum impact in the least amount of time. It actually takes me longer to curl my lashes and apply mascara (to my desired liking) than it takes for me to put on some falsies.

Your tools
  1. False lashes of your choice
  2. False eyelash glue (waterproof ones are best)
  3. Tweezers are optional
  4. Small scissors to cut/trim your lashes
  5. Eyelash curler & mascara (this is optional, but great to do if you want that perfectly stylized and impeccable lash look.)
For this demonstration, I didn’t do the curler and mascara step as I find that my thin lashes aren’t that noticeable at all in day to day situations. Of course, you’ll be able to see them in these up-close photographs but in real life most people don’t notice at all. If you do have thicker/darker lashes however, I do suggest that you take the time to do the extra step.

Here’s a look at the monolid eye

False lashes---Monolids

I used a lengthening, hard-backbone lash to create lift in the eye (and sneakily create a “false” double-eyelid that looks natural when you blink!)

Here’s the double-eyelid eye

False eyelashes--Double eyelid

For this eye, I used a fuller type of clear wire/invisible backbone lash for a more seamless look.

And here’s the video to show you how I did it
(including how to fix a falling eyelash)

Now go out there and try it out. I think once you start wearing them, you’ll be a little addicted to how they make your eyes stand out.


Remember, have plenty of patience (oh and try not to get glue on your real lashes… lol). I think the main obstacle is getting comfortable with putting something so close to your eye and making sure you don’t blink too much during the gluing process.

Winkwink– Choosing False Lashes!

Hello Out-There!!!

I want to share with you some tips on choosing false eyelashes. Personally I wear them quite often but I can see how they can be really intimidating, especially with so many choices to choose from.

Hopefully this video and post will help you with some of those decisions!
False lash mix

Let’s review…..
  • #2 & #4 have different lash bands/backbone. #2 is easier to blend into your own lashes because the back is invisible and its also much more comfortable to wear. #4 had a hard plastic strip for backbone, very sturdy but not that comfy.
  • #3, #4, #6 all have hard backbone as are probably the better choice if you have single eyelids and want to create the illusion of “doubles”.
  • #3 and #6 have different methods of attaching the hairs, #3 is crisscross shape (for more volume) and #6 is straight (for more length only).
  • #2 & #4 both have special accents to enhance the lash shape. #2 has clusters in the center to draw attention to the rounder part of the eye. #4 has spiky sections all over to give length without being too dramatic.

I do own a couple of more “expensive” lashes but for the most part, I turn to ebay because they offer great prices and I don’t have to worry if I accidentally ruin a pair by yanking out a hair or something.

Please do share your favourite
set or brand if you have one!


Magazine: GALS know how to rock ’em lashes

Hello Everybody,

Hope you are all having a good start to your Mondays, I want to share with you this segment from (a Japanese magazine) called RANZUKI that I was reading.



These girls sure know how to wear their lashes, though they are not “natural” by N. American standards…they are NOT supposed to be! I love how these girls fully embrace the transformation into whomever they want to be and wear what style they want. It’s quite inspiring really!

Check it out and enjoy!


These Gals are experts at making a killer lash combo!



You see the big blue/pink/purple boxes of lashes that keep reappearing?
They are a popular brand call DIAMOND LASH.


Lashes from DOLLYWINK and EYEMAZING are also very very popular!



And now for a sneak peek…..

Japanese Diamond Lash--Celeb eyes

I FINALLY got my hands on box of DIAMOND LASHES!
While I was still thinking whether or not to get them…THEY SOLD OUT!
Of course the psychology of buyers say that as soon as its gone, then you MUST have them right? So I got them as soon as the store re-stocked.
Have a good night!