Review: Shu Uemura | Drawing Pencil & Pret-a-Palette | #eyeloveshu

Shu Uemura fans are a loyal brood and while you don’t always hear word on the street about Shu, those who love their products are fiercely protective.

While famous for it’s iconic eyelash curlers, Shu is also a master colourist. The brand produces a beautiful array of artisan colours stemming from Mr. Uemura’s ideology of making makeup more creative and enjoyable for all women.

The Summer 2014 Collection highlights the newly reformulated Drawing Pencils, the ready to wear Pret-a-Palette and the Petal Lash Mascara. Today’s post and look will focus on the shadows and pencils both of which are all about bringing more colour into your everyday makeup wardrobe.
SHU UEMURA | Pret-a-Palette* $85cad | Pink Hues
Available in 4 ready to wear, pre-selected colour combinations, my pink palette is filled with 6 pink and purple toned shadows each weighing 1 gram for a total of 6 grams altogether. The case itself can be taken apart, allowing you to refill individual shade ($19cad each) or create your own perfect rainbow combination. The full array of Shu eyeshadow pans comes in 5 finishes including matte, pearl, iridescent, metallic and glitter.
The 6 shades in this palette include

  • PK01 | Off white matte
  • PK02 | Iridescent light pink
  • PK03 | Pearl pale rose pink
  • PK04 | Medium pink glitter
  • PK05 | Cool blue pink matte
  • PK06 | Medium-deep aubergine matte

All colour descriptions above are based on what I see in the pan but a few colours like the PK3 and PK4 swatch differently on the skin. The pearl shades have a particularly reflective sheen that can appear to be two slightly different colours depending on the light. For a makeup artist’s discerning eye there is a visible difference between the few lighter shades but for the average user, they are probably too similar to be a necessity in a single palette. Personally, I’d like to see either PK02 or PK03 switched out for a different pink.

All the colours had a pleasant smooth texture that was incredibly smooth to blend with the exception of PK4, which came off only as a fine glitter with just a slight hint of colour rather than the bright pink as seen in the pan. The general depth of the colours would have much more versatility on someone with a light medium tone since the lighter shades are too close to my natural colouring for high impact.
What I find really beautiful about these shadows is how well they layer over one another. I must admit pink is not one of my most reached for colours for the fear of looking like a red eyed rabbit but the addition of the slightly smokier mauve and purple shades made this a much more wearable palette than expected. When worn over a pink base, the deepest aubergine transforms into a near magenta shade that’s colourful and unexpectedly pretty. A touch of of the glitter shade right on the center of the eyelid is one of my favourite ways to finish up an eye look.

Now if you’re eyeing that pop of colour on my lower lash line, that is thanks to the reformulated Shu Drawing Pencils which come in 4 textures and 24 shades for infinite mix and match options. And when Shu says colour, we’re talking reds, baby blues, yellow and even a hot pink in addition to your wearable everyday neutrals. If you’re having a hard time choosing your colours, 10 shades are specially picked out to fit Asian skin tones: M01, P01, M02, M03, M04, M05, M81, M82, M83 and M84.

SHU UEMURA | Drawing Pencil* $28cad | 24 shades total
These pencils boast a soft texture, blendable consistency, intense colour payoff in a waterproof formulation and I say they pass all the above. They have a firm feel that allows for control but still smooth enough for an easy glide, a little less creamy than the Rimmel Scanadaleyes but perfectly workable.

The intricate combination of ingredients contains an evaporating agent which allows the colour to be blended almost like an eyeshadow when applied but once the solvent evaporates, it sets and your fine work is here to stay. I even ran my hand under water and proceeded with some vigorous rubbing which made absolute no difference to the eyeliner. Can we say, thoroughly impressed?

L-R | M11, ME7, M81, M01

To compliment the Pret-a-palette, I wore the matte black to fill in my upper lash line, M11 (red purple) along the outer lower lash line/slightly as a base in the outer crease and ME71 (sparkly purple) along the lower lash line topped off with PK06 eyeshadow for a really vibrant look.
On the cheeks and lips I am wearing the Shu Uemura Lip and Cheek Tint* in “gelato”.

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For a limited time, free shipping is available online for all orders with the code: “PETAL”.


For a girl who prefers colour on her lips rather than eyes, I must say I am happily impressed by Shu Uemura’s approach to colour. The Pret-a-Palette is easy to work with, travel friendly, design smart and layers beautifully for all kinds of experimentation. It was very important that they don’t get muddy when blended but build smoothly with each layer and these certainly fit the bill. The matte shades are especially worth checking out if Shu is within your budget. For those seeking for maximum versatility then the Drawing Pencil liners will be your new favourite play thing. Reminiscent of artists colouring pencils, I’ve seen Shu makeup artists create some incredibly quick and polished looks with just a few of these blended together. Altogether, I am beginning to understand why Shu has such a faithful following and I can’t wait to work these colours more into my every wardrobe.


Review: Rimmel | Scandaleyes WP Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

If you haven’t heard the story yet, I am not a big pencil eyeliner type of girl. While most people love the ease and convenience of these, I usually find them too wet and transfer easily or too hard and can’t get any good colour at all. Hence my move to liquid eyeliner was eminent and I hardly looked twice at a liner in years. Yet one fateful trip to the drugstore and a curious swatch lead me to this little gem and I can tell you now that I’ve been wearing this almost every single time I put on my eye makeup.

Brand: Rimmel London
Product: ScandalEyes Waterproof “Kohl Kajal” Eyeliner
Colours: 10 variations
Size: 1.2 grams
Price: $7 CAD (goes on sale for $3.99)
Would I repurchase: Absolutely yes!

I’m not sure if there’s anything really scandalous about these waterproof eyeliners from Rimmel except perhaps the colour options. You’ll find your conservative black, brown, navy and white but also a few rebels like pale sky blue, nude and a punchy purple. The formulation has a gel like smoothness but great intensity and opacity to each colour. Each pencil wrapping clearly matches the colour inside so looking for them inside your overstuffed liner container (which I know you have one) is much easier.

I picked up two colours in Black (above) and Taupe (below). As probably the most used item in my makeup arsenal right now, Black is a rich deep no fuss colour that I love for filling in my upper lash line. Just look how deliciously dark that is! I still use liquid eyeliner on a regular basis because I’m addicted to that clean graphic look but filling in the sparse areas after curling my lashes really gives my eye makeup a polished and complete look. The creamy formulation deposited colour easily and did not irritate my eyes at all. A little bit of transfer will happen the first few blinks but I simply clean that up with a q-tip and I am set for a good 4-5 hours.

Taupe on the other hand, is something I that works as a bottom lash line colour which gives eyes just a bit more smokiness and definition on light makeup days. I’ve found this to be a nice alternative to dark brown especially on pale complexions. This colour would also work on the waterline and again the creamy formulation makes it easy and painless to apply. Lasting power in this tricky area is around 2 hours or so. And while I haven’t worn these out in the pouring rain to test the waterproof aspect, I’ve seen a few reviews that have done so and these aren’t going anywhere fast.

Note: Waterproof isn’t quite the same as smudgeproof. If you have very oily eyelids, do note that the oils will break down most eyeliner in a matter of time anyways.

If you haven’t tried these eyeliner yet, go and so it now. If you have, pick up a few more colours. (Personally, I’m dying to test the baby blue one.) As smooth as a gel yet in a easy to carry pencil form, I really think these Rimmel Scandaleyes liners rival if not beat the department store offerings. The darker shades are excellent everyday companions so go grab a back up or three.

Winter Therapy: Gift ideas and new items

Hello all you Snow Bunnies!
I’m excited to bring you today’s post featuring some fun winter products I’ve found that would also make wonderful gifts. In fact, I happened upon most of them while I was out completing my holiday gift list. You’ll also get a peak at some new drugstore releases… well then, what are you waiting for?

Click the video to enjoy!

A quick photo round up…

Winter Therapy haul (12.2011)

These Bath and Body works products are just darling! I’ve never splurged too much on bodycare, what you’ll find most often in my drawers are $2.99 bottles of Vaseline. However I think these products just create a lovely experience overall, these days I can’t wait to shower so I can put on the body creams. They aren’t too expensive at their regular price (much less than I thought they would be) but it’s certainly a great treat when they are on BOGO! You’ll definitely be seeing more Bath and Body works products featured in the future.

 Winter Therapy haul (12.2011)

Ooooh, this love/hate relationship with my hair. I know it’s time for a trim and eventually take off all my coloured ends but I can’t bare to part with my hair just yet. Thus I’ve been looking up and down for great hair treatments. The Garnier Fructis was a delightful surprise, I even went back to pick up an extra bottle and also a frizz serum from the Sleek and Shine line (reviews to come when I’m ready!) As for the JOICO K-Pak Reconstructor? There are no words for how thrilled I am to see this sitting in my bathroom. I have yet to find a hair care line that performed in the same way as this ph-balance, protein rich JOICO system. Try looking for them in “sets” which are often at discounted prices, these guys are sure to please all!

 Winter Therapy haul (12.2011)

I’m sure these Revlon Lip Butters have been hyped to the moon and back. The new trend in lipcare products seem to be this new balm/lipstick hybrid which seems to me like a lip version of “BB Creams”. Meant to treat and paint your pout in lovely shades of cranberry, ruby, raspberry and caramel, I love the way they make lips look but really wished they were less expensive. The pink tube is twisted all the way up and even though it’s new, the total product seems quite minimal. There should at least be 20-30% more in the tube in my opinion.

And lastly, I shall leave you with this photo of some new releases and my ASOS order. I really wished that ASOS would carry more UK lines, it’s always incredibly exciting to be able to test out products from other parts of the world. The Union Jack Rimmel palette is said to be released in Spring 2011 in North America (probably later for us in Canada) and is likely to have a slight variation in colour theme than the UK version. Unfortunately, I can’t be sure when and if the Kate collection of lipsticks will ever cross the pond.

Winter Therapy haul (12.2011)

Look out for reviews and tutorial featuring these new drugstore products very soon, I have a couple looks planned which I think will go very well with these items. I hope you guys are looking forward to the holidays and getting wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the season, it only happens once a year!

Beginners guide to a fresh flawless face (drugstore)

Hello Everyone,
With school just around the corner (or perhaps some of you have already just headed back to school), I thought I’d contribute to the excitement with a post of back to school makeup items.


This one in particular is fitted for those just getting into highschool or are just starting out with makeup. If you’re unsure of what to get for you’re first makeup bag, here’s a few suggestions to get you going!


Okay, roll the video!

Did you get all that?
Time for a summary, just to be sure.

Beginners makeup kit

  • CANMAKE Cover & Stretch concealer
  • HARDCANDY Fox in a Box
  • HADALABO Moist in Cream (BB Cream)
  • N.Y.C. Blushable creme stick
*Runaway item! Sneaky powder missed the photoshoot!*
Maybelline FIT-ME powder
  • MAYBELLINE FIT-ME pressed powder
Beginners makeup kit
  • SHISEIDO Eyelash curler
  • MAYBELLINE Eyestudio Drama liner
  • WET ‘n WILD ColourIcon palette (variations)
  • MAYBELLINE The Colossal Volum’ Express mascara
Beginners makeup kit

  • BONNE BELLE lip sparkler/gloss
  • NIVEA Pearly Shine lip gloss stick

Of course these are just the items that I had on hand and which I pulled out from my own makeup drawer. You can substitute with a product that you already love or something that you’d like to try out. The key is to achieve a simple fresh face that has a bit of life and definition to it using a few hard working products.

 Feel free to leave a comment about your favourite beginners item or your first item of makeup!
Hope this was helpful for all of you, see you tomorrow ^-^

HAUL: Birthdays, Bunnies & Bubble Baths

Helloooo out there!

My my, it feels like a long time since I saw you all face to face in a video. The weather has been horribly unstable (seriously, its like JULY? and I wore a sweater cardigan outside) lately and I really dislike using artificial lighting. Today seemed like a decent day and I squeezed out some time for a little haul video, with some items that I’ve been meaning to share with you all.

Birthday Month Haul2011
A variety of goodies from all kinds of places….want to hear more about where they came from? 
Check out the video for all the juicy details!

Out of all the things I think the product that I didn’t expect to be excited about (but am now eager to use) is the Philosophy bodywash. I likely won’t but using it as a 3in1 like its designed but for a shower gel it smells delicious. Usually dessert scents are too strong for me yet Philosophy was able to make this just yummy with out being sickening. I have stopped by the Philosophy counter in Sephora and they do have an intriguing range of products, I’m just not sure if I’d spend so much on a bubble bath or if I’d have that much use for it.


As for IMATS….I heard that NYX is finally opening a booth this year? According to the registered exhibitors list Vancouver gained a couple more companies this year than last but still uncertain if its worthwhile to go. I was reading Eki’s blog and found out that Los Angeles got Danny Sanz as speaker for their pro-only show! My goodness!

Lastly I’ll leave you with another Bunnie photo…yes, the Bunnie has a friend!
I’m on a bit of a restraining policy because I need to use up a lot of my products but I’m always excited to read what other people have acquired, I suppose it makes me feel like I am part of the experience as well.
 What are YOUR recently purchases?

HAUL: Etude Etude ^-^

Hello Everyone!

I’m so happy to be able to share today’s ETUDE HOUSE haul with you. I was lucky enough to have my friend bring me back some Etude items all the way from Korea which is very exciting.

Etude Haul
  • MISSING U hand cream
  • Golden Ration Face glam
  • TOUCH TOUCH Shadow-Liner
  • Face Color Corset Highlighter
  • Top10Tan Eyeliner
  • Sweet Eyes Cupcake

Etude have always got me hooked with their cute packaging and innovative thinking in terms of products and there shouldn’t be a reason why makeup/skincare can’t be effective, affordable and beautifully packaged right?

Watch my video for more juicy details on these products!
I can certainly see a couple of these guys being “favourites” potentials. 
For the most part, I am thrilled with the items I choose.

Got a favourite ETUDE HOUSE product?
Please recommend!

Haul: E.L.F. Studio Line Haul

Aloha Everyone

Nice sunny day today, thought i’d post up pictures of my recently arrive haulage from E.L.F. (eyes, lips, face).
They are an American brand started up by a husband who thought his wife pays way too much for cosmetics. Thus the brand’s motto has been to provide affordable makeup to the everyday woman. If you think money = quality..well, there are exceptions. And ELF is definitely one of them.
There Studio Line is packaged very suspiciously like NARS products but instead of the hard to clean rubber (that picks up EVERY little speck of dust), these are black plastic!
Colour wise, they are quite pigmented but perhaps not as smooth or long lasting (comparatively with other high end brands). The line is regularly $3 or so per/product but they do have sales like 50%- which is when I got mine.
*you can purchase ELF from their website (the most convenient way) but they also do sell in some drugstores*

Now..on to the LOOT!

*as always go to flickr by clicking the photo and choosing *all sizes* to see larger pictures, especially for ingredients etc.*

Elf Studio Powder Brush

Heard this “powder brush” was really good for foundation because of the flat top and the fluffy bristles. Compared it to my EverdayMinerals Flat top kabuki brush. I see a couple of hairs that missed the trim!

Elf Studio Contoring Blush

Anyone else see the NARS reference here? Suspiciously look-alike to the orgasm and laguna duo. But this one does have mineral oil. Just beware.
Elf Studio Eyeshadow

A sucker for neutral eyeshadow, pickup up this guy.

Elf Studio Warm Bronzer

Not a huge bronzer gal but for 1.50usd and a quartet of colours? Why not?

Elf Studio Creme Eyeliner

Lastly, I’ve been wanting a white shimmery eyeliner or something but haven’t found a good one. Hopefully this one will end my searches.
Enjoyed the loot? Next week is IMATS so stay tuned for more haul goodies!

MissGD answers the call

MissGD has been invited to share and learn all the beauty tips!!
Now, presenting the basic stable diets for the eye!
These has been tested to withstand my picky eyelids, and they really work well for me.

Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express water proof in Glam Black
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in 730 Skinlights08