3 Things: Weekday luxuries

Calgon Scrub EOS Shave Cream
Weekdays have been busy lately to say the least and if I’m lucky I can find an extra 10 minutes to do something for myself before lugging said tired self into bed only to start all over again at 5:45 am the next day. These three little luxuries have been keeping me company…

EOS | Shave Cream*
Some of the creamiest whip I’ve ever used and it’s housed in a plastic pump dispenser. Who else finds their regular aerosols stop pumping 3/4 through? I really adore the ergonomically designed rubber coated bottle which is easy and fumble free in the shower plus my skin is soft and softly scented. Because the consistency is very thick, I find it better when used over very wet skin (rather than damp) as it spreads easier and won’t clog your razor.

CALGON | 2-in-1 Sugar Scrub Daily Wash*
Tell me I’m not the only one who own little collectibles of mini Calgon body sprays when I was a teenager long before I was allowed real perfume. This double duty body scrub and wash is quick to use on busy days and I’ve been enjoying it for a little chest and leg scrub in particular. The sugar particles hang around long enough to get the job done and I found the scent just right for a relaxing aromatic experience without covering everything in the bathroom for hours. And if you’re worried about the ginger, don’t be… it’s super mild and smells more of a tropical mix.

MERCHANT & MILLS | Sewing Book
For the past few years I’ve grown a great liking to a more rustic aesthetic (not too far out country though because I’ve gotta make sure the mail man can still get there). This Merchant and Mills sewing guide I’ve dug up from the depth of the library shelves has been my bedside read and I’m smitten with their approach to simple luxuries like linen, canvas and wool. The book starts with a few chapters on basic tools and then leads you through your first techniques with easy but beautifully rustic projects for practice. And if you’re a fan of photography, the visuals in here are lovely as well.

Happy Wednesday,