With the weather finally hitting up to solid twenties, I’m excited to be in the mood to chat about warm season releases. This season, Shu Uemura, known for their artistic collaborations, have teamed up with Japanese jewelry design duo AMBUSH to release a gold dipped, limited edition set of products. The vibe is independent, urban and edgy. 
My first take on the collection is a more toned down work appropriate version with golden shadow and a majorly glossy lip but as with most Shu products I’ve used, they key to their textures is layering so don’t be afraid to build up the colour to something that’s a little more style. 
  • SHU | Pore Erase UV Base*
  • MAC | Face & Body Foundation C1
  • SEPHORA | Baked Blush Duo* – “Medium”
  • SHU | Eye Foil Shadow* – dark bronze, yellow gold
  • SHU | Ambush Blush* – “Ambushed” (as shadow)
  • SHU | Soft Gel Pencil* – “Navy Black”
  • SHU | Eyelash curler*
  • SHU | Calligraphy Liquid Liner Pen*
  • COVERGIRL | Total Tease Mascara* WP
  • SHU | Rouge Unlimited Shine Lipstick* – “Ambush Freedom”

I’m most looking forward to seeing how the new Eye Foils stand the wear test and especially matched against my beloved Armani Eye Tints as they seem similar at first glance. Who knows, I might even come back with a blue accented gunmetal smokey eye sometime…
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Beauty Look | Photo ready skin with Make Up For Ever

Photo friendly makeup is the tag line of a lot of products out on the market now a days but if you rewind back to the original high definition brand, then we have to give it to Make Up For Ever for bringing the concept to the mass market. Following my last post about the newly relaunched Ultra HD range of products, I thought it’d make most sense to show you everything in action…appropriately, in a video. After all, that’s what this is made for.
One of the things which continues to impress me about the brand is their focus on product education which they take extremely seriously. I was lucky to be invited to their recent education workshop here in Vancouver where I learned a wealth of knowledge not only on the Ultra HD products but also how they can be personalized for my skin type and preferences. At the end of the day, you’re only most likely to use makeup that fits your lifestyle and that you feel comfortable putting on.
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD

SHOP Make Up For Ever | Online, Sephora
While this routine is not something I would invest in every single day, I was surprised by how wonderfully light it felt despite how many products I used. I can see the textures were created to work synergistically with one another because they blend with each other easily and not to mention, as I’m looking through the photos again, they do photograph nicely as well! Since the workshop, I’ve worn variations of this foundation routine on different occasions and I definitely prefer the Ultra HD foundation in conjunction with the priming products versus using it alone. A few of these items will definitely make a reappearance in future videos so make your bets now on the favourites.
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Beauty Tutorial | Glam Holiday x My most expensive face

Holiday makeup tends to have split effect on people; you’re either over the moon about all the glitz and glam or you are terribly afraid of having put on that red lipstick you never wear in an attempt to look festive. I’d like to think that the colder season makes it not only acceptable to wear more makeup but also, if I’m going to be rocking that orange eye shadow I never wear – then it might as well be at a place where I see people only once a year. 
This look came together in an attempt to break out of my neutral safety zone and since it is the beginning of that most expensive time of the year, I thought it would be fitting to pull out some of my most luxurious products for this look. Limited by colour options and struggling a little with my eye shadow choices this finished makeup some how took an 80s turn. Now, who’s going to lend me an emerald green sequined shoulder padded dress for the party?


  • BURBERRY | Fresh Glow* – 54
  • GUERLAIN | Lingerie de Peau* – 69
  • YSL | Touche Eclat* – 50
  • GUERLAIN | LE Meteorites powder compact* – 210
  • CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Swirl and Pop – 50
  • HOURGLASS | Ambient Strobing powder – 48
  • KEVYN AUCOIN | Sculpting Powder – 53
  • SHU UEMURA | LE Haute Street Palette* (Warm)- 90
  • AERIN | Cool Gel Liner * – 28 USD
  • HOURGLASS | Eyebrow Pencil – 40
  • MUFE | Lip liner* (25C) – 22
  • MARC JACOBS | Lip Cream Lipstick* (Core Cora) -38

Oh yeah and in case you missed the memo – the first day of snow has landed in Vancouver! Let the rain-boots, panic and bad traffic begin.

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Video Tutorial: Chic Metallic Liner for Autumn

When it comes to makeup, I’m certainly a creature of habit and while winged liner is my signature look nowadays, switching things up for a little subtle update is certainly welcomed. Enter this metallic liquid liner from Elizabeth Arden (available in London Drugs or your local EA counter); which I realized as I was filming this look was the very first time I’ve ever used one! The effect here is chic with that touch of sparkle but still completely appropriate for daily wear and might I say even a bit softer than pure black. For a more seasonal pairing, I’ve also pulled out a gorgeous rosy matte lipstick from Burberry.


  • RIMMEL | Lasting Finish Foundation “#103 True Ivory”
  • SKINFOOD | Salmon Dark Circle Concealer “#01”
  • MAYBELLINE | Superstay Concealer* “#20”
  • PHYSICIANS FORMULA | Mineral Glow Pearls “Translucent Pearl”
  • H&M | Pure Radiance Blush “Apricot”
  • TOO FACED | Shadow Insurance*
  • ANASTASIA | Brow Wiz Pencil “Dark Brown”
  • ESSENCE | Make Me Brow “02 Browny Brows”
  • EVERYDAY MINERALS | Mineral Eyeshadow “She’s Inspirational”
  • ELIZABETH ARDEN | Bold Defining Liquid Liner* “02 Gilded Brown
  • PRESTIGE | Total Intensity Liner “Bold Brown”
  • MAYBELLINE | The Falsies Push Up Mascara WP*
  • BURBERRY | Lip Definer Pencil* “03 Garnet”
  • BURBERRY | Lip Velvet Lipstick* “#421 Rosewood”

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Monolid Makeup | Basic Tips Tutorial + Video

Monolid Eye Makeup Tutorial - pbunniep
This post has been a long time coming. In fact, I may even say years. One of the biggest hurdles in my makeup learning curve has been how to work with my monolid…yes, one. Just one. If you’ve been keeping a sharp eye on my makeup tutorials you may have noticed that I have one single eyelid and one double eyelid. 
Makeup looks for monolids have traditionally be sparse and really restricted to just a few standard looks, often involving heavy eyeliner or tons of lashes but in starting out my Monolid Makeup Series, I wanted to bring you the most paired down, no frills version of an anytime look that requires no blingy extras. Here are my top 5 makeup tips to get you started.
  • ANASTASIA | Brown Wiz Pencil (reviewed)
  • SMASHBOX | Full Exposure Travel Palette “M6” (reviewed)
  • DOLLYWINK | Liquid Eyeliner
  • SHU UEMURA | Eyelash Curler* (reviewed)
  • NYX | Prismatic Eyeshadow* “Girl Talk”
  • ILIA | Lipstick* “In My Room”
Monolid Eye Makeup Tutorial - pbunniep
Monolid Eye Makeup Tutorial - pbunniep
The biggest thing to keep in mind when working with monolids is that it’s not so helpless. Granted, in the western world its easy to feel left out of makeup looks and magazines but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy makeup just as much as any other person. It just take a bit more experimentation to find the specific tweaks that makes a look work for you whether that means colour placement or changing up your eyeliner. Of course, monolids actually also come in different subtle variants from full monolids (like mine) to down turned lids, hidden crease lids and even partial crease lids. I’d love to hear any of your revelations and favourite makeup looks for monolids. 
Want to see a specific monolid topic or makeup look covered? You know where to find me!

HOW TO: Wash your BB / CC cushion sponge — FAST!

Ever since the bb and cc cushion compact exploded on the beauty scene, the nagging question has been how to keep the sponge clean. Advertised as the key component to making cushion makeup so flawless, the sponge here is usually different than your average latex or foam applicator. Thin and delicate, the material should not be rubbed or squeezed lest you tear a hole right through it. Been there, done that.

In fact, most brands will tell you simply not to wash it but replace it with a new one. But fear not frugal beauties, there is a time to save and a time to spend but washing your bb cushion sponge is absolutely okay in my books.

SPOTLIGHT: Shu Uemura (Porefinist Cleansing Oil) | Iope (Air Cushion XP)

Wasn’t that painless? Like it does to your full face of makeup, the cleansing oil effortless melts away the what’s accumulated in your puff and rinses away easily with a little water massage. The key here is to add small amounts of water for proper emulsification of the oil before fully submerging the puff. Be gentle when cleaning and use pressing motions rather than rubbing the puff together. I even have a feeling this may work well with other hand to wash sponge items in your beauty arsenal so give it a try and let me know your best method!

 Stay Clean.
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Tutorial: Easy Messy Glam Hairstyle + Video

It’s a familiar scene.

I’ve just spent too much time doing my makeup (usually because I get fidgety with my eyeshadow) but my hair is still clipped up in a bun and absolutely not on par with my glam lashes and glowing cheeks. I glance over at my phone and there’s just about 10 minutes before I have to leave.

Usually this would make me out in a cold sweat in panic and likely just throw my hair up in a ponytail and hope no one notices. But these days, I have my going out hair routine down to 10 minutes and I’m telling you I can probably do this in my sleep. If you’ve been wondering about the hairstyle I wear most often in my videos and photographs in the past year, here is how it’s done!


  • L’OREAL | Elnett Satin Hairspray
  • JONATHAN | Dirt Texturizing Paste | reviewed
  • JONATHAN | Silky Dirt Shine & Define Cream
My aversion to having styling products in my hair should be no secret to you by now. While I keep trying to work them into my routine (and buying loads of them through out the years), most of them don’t pass the test to truly stay in my everyday routine. These three items however, have been favourites for quite some time!

Elnett Satin Hairspray is probably my most used setting product in the last few years because the fine mist is just incomparable for a drugstore item and it brushes out quick and easy for those casual hair days. It never clumps my hair together and you can use it for building texture or keeping your curls in place without weighing them down. But to really give my hair that slightly messy effect I love, the JONATHAN Dirt products are just as good as they say. Not only do they smell like a delicious vanilla dessert but they are both non-sticky while still providing a bit of worn in effect instead of princess curls.
Thanks to discovering this routine (and mostly my beloved InStyler), I never have an excuse for a bad hair day on my way out to an event or out for brunch with my friends. For me this is truly quick multi-purpose hair that I wear for almost anything. It looks a little done up but never too perfect and all under 10 minutes. Even if you don’t have long hair, I’ve worn this style when my hair was just below shoulder length and it still looks great!

Do you have a quick fix hair routine? I’d love hear your hair secrets!