Tutorial | Close up with MUFE Ultra HD

High definition. I can still recall the first time I heard the word being explained on a shopping channel. Award winning make up artist Kevin Bennett was waving around a bottle of the first HD approved foundation and freaking out over how all the tv cameras were officially switching over to this brand new medium. That was Make Up For Ever.

Fast forward to our selfie, Youtube, DSLR and 4K infused world today and there’s no better brand I can think of to reintroduce a base product line than MUFE with their Ultra HD skin range. The foundation itself launched a year or two ago but its now joined by a reformulation of the powder and a few additional camera ready prep products that’s created to deliver quick, visible and perfecting results. While the original HD products were focused on coverage, the Ultra HD aim is for adjustable opacity, customization and fine textured formulas that sit smoothly on the skin. I had the pleasure of attending a recent MUFE workshop to try out the products and learn how to apply them to my own face along with some pretty snazzy tips.


A pro secret used to boost and revive tired skin on sets: this hydra-plumping serum works to boost skin radiance and luminosity. Skin looks healthy, plumper and complexion is more luminous. Use Skin Booster alone or mix a few drops with your foundation or primer to boost comfort and hydration.

Quick thoughts: This is your ultimate mixing medium booster product that can go in a primer or foundation or as a quick fix spot treat for dry patches and those darned blemishes that’s dry and impossible to conceal. Filled with hylauronic acid, it helps to make the best of a bad skin day.


A pro secret used to boost and prepare tired lips on sets : this hydra-plumping serum hydrates and smoothes, adding fullness and comfort to lips. Wear alone for naturally healthy-looking lips, or use as hydra-plumping mask before lipstick application, wiping off any excess before applying color. (2 Shades)

Quick thoughts: Quick absorbing and seems to plump up my pesky lip wrinkles without sting or tingling that most plumpers make you endure. I have the clear which means it’s invisible under lipstick. Not sure how long the effects last but will report back.


Created for the very latest high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry, ULTRA HD advanced formulas look invisible on 4K camera and to the naked eye. Perfect for the makeup pros and for you. Last step to ULTRA HD perfection: ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING PRESSED POWDER is a finishing powder that gives a light matte effect and a smooth luminous finish. A real technical and sensory feat, this invisible veil of powder combines synthetic mica, silicone powders and silica to instantly blur fine lines, pores and imperfections for a beautifully smooth complexion. Also enriched with hyaluronic acid. For a perfect ULTRA HD compatible finish, use a very small quantity and blend evenly. Apply over make up or wear alone using a kabuki brush. (3 shades)

Quick thoughts: Yes, you read that right. This finishing powder now comes in three colours from invisible (white) to banana (yellow) and peach. The powder is not really “pigmented” at all but I do believe the coloured options impart a super sheer tint for colour correction. The packaging is now square, metal and contains a mirror on the flip top lid which goes along with the rest of the brand’s formal repackaging. I also learned you’re supposed to use this after setting your foundation as this is a finishing product – watch this Sephora video to get it straight.

Created for the very latest high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry, ULTRA HD advanced formulas look invisible on 4K camera and to the naked eye. Perfect for the makeup pros and for you. Last step to ULTRA HD perfection: ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING LOOSE POWDER is a finishing powder that gives a light matte effect and a smooth luminous finish. Spherical micro particles of silica instantly give skin a naturally glowing complexion with an incredible velvety effect and an unrevealed touch. For a perfect ULTRA HD compatible finish, use a very small quantity and blend evenly. Apply over make up or wear alone using a kabuki brush.

Quick thoughts: Made to be lighter, finer than its predecessor, this loose finishing powder now comes with a well thought out sieved container and really just feels like air. I’ve been told that the loose remains in one universal shade as MUFE was not able to match the same texture in the loose while adding the tints so they decided it was best to have one awesome product instead of a couple of mediocre ones. I’ll need to test this more but I do love the new thoughtful repackaging.
With all this in hand plus the informative Make Up For Ever Ultra HD workshop, I’m hoping to film a tutorial with everything in action including the foundation, foundation stick and primer. I’ll be sharing all the pro-approved makeup tips and even talk about how I finally confirmed my skin undertone..oh yeah, it’ll be a fun one.
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Paul & Joe | Looney Tunes Collection

Paul & Joe - Tom Jerry Makeup//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Limited edition collections from beauty brands are always fun and what taps into our inner joy more than those beloved childhood cartoons? This fall, Paul and Joe released a Looney Tunes collaboration* featuring a few of my favourite mischief makers. Though I don’t indulge in cat and mouse chases much anymore, the pairing brought a lot of smiles and really, it’s hard to be in a bad mood when opening up to a compact like this everyday. The full collection features three blusher cases ($8CAD), two powder cases ($10CAD) and three lipstick tubes ($7CAD). As usual, all makeup inserts are sold separately so you can swap in any of your favourite Paul and Joe colours with these outer cases. For such a good price, there’s no excuse not to add a little fun to your touch up routine. 
In Canada, the collection is available at select Shoppers Drug Marts (including beautyBOUTIQUE.ca) and for international beauty lovers, check your local P&J counter before they sell out!
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#RimmelKate15 | When good things collide

Spokesmodels come and go frequently these days in the beauty industry but if there’s one ultimate collaboration that lasts the years it would be Rimmel and Kate Moss. That’s right, we’re talking 15 years and that’s longer than all the years I’ve been wearing makeup. In fact, Rimmel was the one to ignite my love affair with lipsticks and to this day they are still some of my drugstore favourites.
Top – Bottom | Lasting Finish #30 | Lasting Matte #107 & #111 | Lasting Nude #45 & #41

As one of their best selling products, the Lasting Finish lipsticks* currently come in three collections with various finishes and full range of gorgeous colours.
  • Lasting Finish (Original): In their sleek black tubes, these were the original creamy lipsticks that were probably in the beauty bags of experimental teenagers everywhere but there’s no shame in adding these to your grown up bag because they are full colour and easy on the lips.
  • Lasting Finish Matte: A soft matte formula, these were released a few years ago as an expansion to the lipstick family and feature mostly reddish tones for those classic colour lovers who want an updated twist.
  • Lasting Finish Nude: If you’re still looking for your perfect my lips but better nude at a drugstore price point, this could be it. I squealed when I first saw them on the shelves and prompted decided I needed three all at once. I believe they are the same formula as the originals but the whole theme is focused on nude shades. Number #45 is actually a perfect MLBB colour that I already wear often and #41 is a new pinky nude addition.

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TATCHA Skincare: Sleeping Beauties

TATCHA Skincare
TATCHA Skincare
TATCHA Skincare
Beauty sleep is no longer just about simply getting some shut eye. I was formally introduced to TATCHA skincare, a line based on geisha beauty traditions, last year and have been truly smitten with a few of their products. For 2016 the luxury brand has introduced a Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate* ($110) with concentrated Okinawa red algae, wild thyme and ginseng in a squalene base to provide skin luminizing benefits while you sleep. For the eyes, the Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum* ($95) uses a combination of Okinawa red algae and green tea caffeine to firm the eye contour. I’m usually not a fancy eye cream person but I seem to have developed some next level puffiness in the year or two and I’m also quite curious about the cool touch ceramic tip applicator but for now…to bed.

Good night.

PIXI does skincare – the glow getters

Pixi Skincare
Some really exciting news has come around the past month and it’s all about that glow. British beauty brand Pixi (yes of the Glow Tonic fame) has recently expanded their skincare range. Nicknamed as Skintreats, the selection includes products like the Nourishing Sleeping Mask, Hydrating Milky Mist and H2O Skindrink all made to keep you glowing even during the winter months. 
I have in my hot little hands…
  • Nourishing Cleansing Balm* | £18.00
  • Pixi Glow Tonic* (travel size shown) | £18.00 (full size)
  • Glowtion Day Dew* | £24.00
  • Rose Oil Blend* | £26.00


The majority of the full offering appears to be curated for normal to dry skin types but a few items like the Glow Tonic, Cleansing Mud and the Glow Peel Pads sound more universal. Better yet, PIXI’s UK website ships internationally so those of us in Canada can finally get some closure after Target took PIXI away with them when they left. Have you tried any PIXI products?

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Preview: Guerlain Spring2015 Les Tendre Makeup Collection

There’s something innocent and romantic about hazy mornings in the early months of the year. The weather, temperamental still, has begun to occasionally give away a slight hint of the welcoming spring. This January, Guerlain’s new Spring 2015 makeup collection translates this censorial experience into a glowing radiance awash in pink.

  • Meteorites Baby Glow | Sheer Makeup* | 2 shades | $60CAD
  • Meteorites Compact | Light Revealing Pressed Powder* | 3 shades | $71CAD
  • La Lacque Couleur |  Nail Polish* | 368 Baby Rose | $29CAD
  • Cils D’enfer | Volume Creating Curl Sculpting Mascara* | Shade: Marine | $34CAD
  • 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette | Shade: 504 Les Precieux | $69CAD
    • Deep khaki, light pink, white gold, bronze
  • Meteorites Perles de Blush* | $58CAD
Available: January 15th  via Guerlain boutiques & counters nationwide.
VISIT GUERLAIN | http://www.guerlain.ca
Note: Select items are limited edition while others are part of the permanent line or are new colours to a per-existing range. There could be additional products available internationally.
I’m super excited to see some Guerlain classics in this spring collection. All the shades are very wearable, including the blue mascara which appears to a subtle marine sheen. Having previously owned some Guerlain powder products, they are some of the softest and finest milled talc on the market that I’ve encountered. The only item I’ve actually used thus far is the nail colour which applies smoothly and really seems to enhance my pale skin (not too cool, not too warm). I’ll be reviewing select items from this collection next few weeks so look forward to that!


Preview: Blanc de Pearl Skincare | Guerlain

“Rare and precious, the pearl is a fascinating jewel: pure and immaculately white, it glows with a deep, rich radiance. A genuine miracle of nature, pearls create themselves, layer after layer, to become perfect. The BLANC DE PERLE range, a complete skincare routine with the P.E.A.R.L complex, accomplishes this miracle of perfection on the skin by revealing its extraordinary whitening power.”

 – Guerlain                                                    
This January the house of Guerlain celebrates the new year with beautiful luminous skin. The Blanc de Perle skincare range, previously only available in select Asian markets is now available right here in Canada. As an avid reader of Asian magazines, I’ve oogled over this range by Guerlain for years from their glossy advertisements but to have it in my hands courtesy of the brand is something else altogether.

They say you always have at least one stylish woman in the family and in mine that was my aunt. When I was a younging, she’d let me sneak a smudge of lipstick on my birthday and gave me mini samples of perfumes from her department store purchases which I held preciously like little gems. On top of that, she was most definitely a Guerlain woman and the scent of Guerlain skincare still reminds me of her.

  • White P.E.A.R.L. Cleanser* | $65CAD
  • White P.E.A.R.L. Essence in Lotion* | $78CAD
  • Advanced White P.E.A.R.L. Drop Essence* | $150CAD
  • White P.E.A.R.L. Infusion Day/Night Treatment* | $260
  • White P.E.A.R.L. Sleeping Mask* | $100CAD
  • White P.E.A.R.L. Refreshing Hydrating Cream* | $110CAD
  • White P.E.A.R.L. Sleeping Concentrate Night Cream* | $120CAD


VISIT GUERLAIN | www.guerlain.com
Additional international products include: Double Action Spot Eraser, Matifying Hydrating Emulsion, UV Shield SPF50/PA+++, UV Protect Spray SPF40/PA+++, Lightening UV Base SPF30/PA+++, Correcting UV Base SPF30/PA+++, Smoothing UV Base SPF30/PA+++
As I’m currently on a bit of a skincare backlog right now it won’t be a month or so before I can start testing out the Blanc de Pearl range for myself. You all know I prefer to take a good amount of time testing skincare, especially those with treatment claims and I want to give this the proper trial period. However the range is now available in Canada via Guerlain counters so do pop in to have a peak if you can!

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