4 Perfumes to start 2017

After the excitement and sparkle of December, January can feel like a bit of a schlump… it’s back to 6am alarms, slaving over homework and even the poinsettia on your desk has seen better days. In the last two years I’ve been starting my month with an inspiring fragrance, something that reflects the theme or mood I want to project in the next 365 days. If scents are a way to remind us of and celebrate milestones, what better way to kick off 2017 than with a fresh new bottle.

  • PHILOSOPHY | Amazing Grace* – Soft, pretty, inviting
  • BURBERRY | My Burberry Black* – Mysterious, sweet, confident (reviewed)
  • COACH | Eau de Parfume* – Preppy, young, carefree
  • MICHAEL BUBLE | By Invitation* – Bold, confident, glamorous

My pick for 2016 was Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfume which was memorable, warm and grounded but I’m lightening things up this time with Amazing Grace which thankfully doesn’t me a headache despite my current spritz happy mood. Not only does it lift my mood like liquid sunshine but it also reminds me to be a little graceful when I get a whiff. So if your fragrance could talk, what would it say about your 2017 plans?
You’ve got this,

Daily Beauty: Lipstick Rules with Estee Lauder (Video)

I’m so thrilled to finally reveal a new video series that’s been in the works for months. If you’ve been watching me over on Youtube, I mentioned that I was eager to be able to share some of the wonderful learning experiences that came my way as a beauty blogger. Sure I could transcribe it in a post or video but what better way than to hear it straight from the source. Essentially I wanted this to be a useful and approachable way to everyday beauty and not just the flashy things you see on Instagram.

Daily Beauty is a series where your beauty questions are answered by practicing industry professionals. In our first episode, we talk Lipstick Rules with Estee Lauder‘s Educational Executive Jason Hadikin.

  • ESTEE LAUDER | Double Wear Lip Liner “Pink”
  • ESTEE LAUDER | Colour Envy Matte Lipstick “Unattainable”

If you have a beauty question you want added to my list, leave me a comment or join the conversation at #bunniemua on social media. See you there!

Stay beautiful,

Beauty Guide: How to choose a cleansing oil

Cleansing oils are one of my favourite skincare discoveries in my adult life, since then I’ve always had one (or 4) on my shelf. Granted, I still love a good foaming cleanser but for removing multiple layers of face makeup and unclogging my pores, there’s nothing quite like a good oil to get the job done. But choosing a good oil is just about as confusing as trying to pick up some apples at the supermarket; doesn’t it ever astound you how many varieties they stock? The good thing is, I’ve got a few quick tips on what to look for when choosing a cleansing oil to make sure you get it just right.

  • Shu Uemura | Blanc Chroma Cleansing Oil*
  • Shu Uemura | Pore-finist Cleansing Oil*
  • Biotherm | Biosource Cleansing Oil*
  • DHC | Olive Cleansing Oil*
  • Clinique | Take the day off cleansing balm
  • Shiseido | Creamy oil cleanser

Now after much experimentation, I’ve decided that using oils to remove facial makeup and using a separate remover on the eyes makes the most sense to my routine since I wear a heavier amount of eye makeup. Does cleansing oils work to take off waterproof mascara? Yes it does but again it’s a bit fickle and I too often rub the oil into eye while trying to take off the eyeliner between my lashes. For any other type of face makeup however, cleansing oils are an absolute game changer and I find regular massages with the oil actually helps to purge unsightly blackheads over time. (You’re welcome.)

On a last note, I must reiterate that cleansing oils (if chosen and used correctly) isn’t supposed to make your skin more oily which I know is one concern for those approaching this category for the first time. So explore, there must be one out there just for you!

Stay beautiful,

My Favourite Makeup Artists…on Youtube!

Being a Youtuber myself I probably spend way too much time on the platform but between filming and managing my own content, I do actually watch a lot of videos! In the last few years, Youtube has grown to include some thoroughly excellent makeup artists who (on top of a busy working schedule) produces wonderfully educational content for us makeup learners and makeup lovers. I’ve been secretly indulging in their videos for months, even years now and I think it’s time to share the treats!

Of course we all have different tastes in beauty and these four are my personal favourites but I love how there is still variety to the looks they present and perhaps you’ll find a video or two that suits your aesthetic as well. Truth be told, if you ever see me try out something new, it probably came from one of them. I hope they’ll inspire your everyday makeup routine as well.

Keep on ‘tubing.

My Everyday Makeup Brushes | Video

everyday makeup brushes

Brushes seem to really divide the everyday beauty lovers. While I know women who wouldn’t blink an eye at dropping a hundred (or two) on a single brush, others couldn’t care less. My personal philosophy on the subject?

80% function, 20% fun.

For my everyday makeup routine however, it’s really about a set of muti-tasking, fool proof tools that can take a beating and still give me great results in a flash. Whatever I decide to do, they are ready to deliver results. I’ve been told that I have somewhat unconventional taste in brushes, so let’s compare!

  • REAL TECHNIQUES | Expert Face Brush
  • MAC | #130 Brush
  • POSH | Travel Blush Brush (discontinued)
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Complexion C185 Brush
  • POSH | Powder Brush (discontinued)
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Domed Powder Brush
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Sponge Tip Applicator
  • LISE WATIER | Eyeshadow Brush
  • LISE WATIER | Definition Brush
  • LISE WATIER | Structure Eye Contour Brush
  • CROWN | Small Round Contour (C149)

At the end of the day though, how well your makeup looks isn’t solely dependent on your brushes. I’ve seen plenty of great makeup done with minimal tools and equally as many you-really-shouldn’t-leave-the-house-like-this looks done with an entire brush belt. And all this can vary depending on the which parts of the face we’re considering; face brushes are easily crowd pleasers but eye brushes for example are especially personal. Which brush shapes do you find easiest to work with? Fill me in!

Blend. Blend. Blend.

How to treat large pores (Post Acne) | Video

I could still remember a time when my skin was poreless, I was about 9 years old and I still look back at those photos with great fondness. The realities of puberty and a case of mild (but persistent) acne may have come and gone but pores are now one of my major skincare fusses. And from the great uproar of responses on some of my Instagram postings, it seems I’m not alone!

Throughout the years, I’ve been the test subject of many pore tightening, diminishing and treatment products in an attempt to balance this part of my beauty routine and in this video I’ve distilled all that experience into some helpful tips so you can make better peace with your skin.

Now years of exposure to advertising may have you thinking a few of my tips sound counter intuitive. But if there’s one single marketing bubble I wish I’d popped sooner, it’s the trend of extensively drying out your skin in an attempt to shrink pore size. All this is very temporary and in the long run will have a high chance of dehydrating your skin or worse yet causing your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the surface dryness you’ve caused. Just don’t go there.

All in all, everyone has pores. It’s nothing to be ashamed about even if yours are larger but you do deserve to take proper care of care of them! Don’t forget to share with me your nuggets of wisdom and if you share any of my pore philosophies.


Beauty Guide | 6 Shades of Pink for Valentines

I’ve always felt there to be something irrevocably tempting about the colour pink. Not just for princesses and ballerinas, there’s a rainbow of options from rich rose to bright fuchsia. Here’s a quick guide to 6 pink products in my current beauty wardrobe.

ANDALOU NATURALS | 1000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil
A soft and soothing treat for delicate skin, this blend of argan, rose, white tea and sea buckthorn multi-purpose oil can be used all over the body to help heal chapped skin. It’s surprisingly lightweight and sinks in quickly which makes it a great bedside or work table staple. I’ve especially been loving it for my nails and cuticles before bed. 

VICTORIA SECRET | Eau So Sexy Fragrance*
For those flirty dates, Eau So Sexy is vibrant, cheeky and fun. With notes of Chantilly cream, fresh apples and a hint of bergamot this fragrance leaves veil of sweetness without weighing you down. It leaves a creamy lingering scent on clothes and is perfect for those who want something light yet girly, it’s something I’d wear on a sunny weekend morning out for brunch.

PHYSICIANS FORMULA | Happy Booster Blush | “Rose”
For a quick everyday blushing cheek, this adorably packaged blend of shimmering pastels and rich rose makes this blush so effortless and easy to wear. This has been my go to blush on busy mornings or when I’m just looking for a little something to pick up my mood. The formula applies smoothly and without any heavy powdery residue and “rose” is especially pretty on light to medium complexions.

BOURJOIS | Rouge Edition Velvet* | “Pink Pong”
This one’s for the drama queens, the heroines and the non-conformists who love a big bold lip. The Rouge Edition Velvet applies like a cream and dries to a smooth and comfortable semi-matte finish on the lips that’s beautifully modern. The opaque formula paired with the precise wand even lets me cheat my lip line a little and create a really dramatic pout. You’ve seen my pair this with just some brows and satin skin over on Instagram and I’d do it again any day.

NYX | Mega Shine Gloss | “Beige”
Cute, shiny, girly, preppy, pretty much covers all aspects of this NYX lip gloss. I’ve mentioned it in last month’s favourites video and it seems to be a favourite of many of you out there as well! This medium toned pink pairs well with almost any makeup look and I find it polishes my makeup look whether I’m wearing a little makeup or a lot.

ESSIE | Nail Polish | “Van D’Go”
Easily one of my favourite pinks, Van D’Go is both is classic but with a twist. This pale opaque pastel pink with a blend of peach has a mod 60s feel yet is perfectly appropriate for that mid week work meeting. It’s also very smooth for a pastel colour and never fails to put me in a good mood when I have it on!

Now that I’ve shared mine, let me know your favourite pink item!

Holiday Edition | 3 Gifts for the Picky Beauty Lover

We’re vain, judgmental and rather picky. I get it.

Beauty lovers can hard to shop for, especially the ones that seem to have everything. But fear not for I have devised the perfect plan to check these nice (or naughty) people off your holiday shopping list with a few product recommendations and some shopping tips as well to get you along.

  • JILL STUART | Blush Mix N* | Get it here 
  • CLINIQUE | Even Better Foundation* | Get it here 
  • LANEIGE | White Plus Renew Essence* | Get it here
STRAWBERRYNET | If none of these perk up your interests, browse their other 32K products with great sales and free shipping to make things a little easier.
My top tip for picking the perfect gift for a beauty lover is very simply, think outside of the box. A gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be amazing. With everything just a mouse click away, try looking for something unique from another country or even a limited release to really impress them. What makes a gift extra special is always the attention and detail you put into knowing something about your recipients and searching for something that speaks to their everyday style. You have so many options out there and I’ll be sharing a few more holiday gift ideas in the upcoming weeks. Remember, you have no excuses for generic gifts this year!

BunnieLoves: Ep. #13 | August & September Favourites

I was completely on a streak with my favourites videos until August’s video got lost among the sea of life and work commitments. Nonetheless, the show must go on! In this video, I’ve combined two months of favourite products for a double dose of awesomeness.


  • JONATHAN |Dirt Texturizing Paste | reviewed
  • THE BODY SHOP | Wild Argan Body Range* | reviewed
  • EBAY | Natural Effect False Lashes | look for this style
  • MINERAL FUSION | Sheer Moisture Tint | “Glisten”*
  • STAEDLER | Triplus Fineliner | Pastels!

With my everyday life picking up pace, my focus on beauty products have shifted to efficient, ready-to-wear products that will get the job done in a jiffy or those that I can take on the go. While weekends offer the extra luxury of time, the rest of the week is usually a mad dash to eat, dress and head out the door. Products like the Jonathan DIRT and the perfect lipcolour in “Glisten” from Mineral Fusion have truly become everyday staples for their reliability. If you have some great products to recommend, please share the wealth!


Beauty Guide | Office & School Beauty Stash | video

  • X3 CLEAN | Alcohol Free Sanitizer* | Website
  • DAISO | Hair Pin Set 40ct
  • HARD CANDY | All Glossed Up Lip Stain | Website
  • CRABTREE & EVELYN | Hand Therapy | Website 
  • PACIFICA | Rollerball Perfume | Website
– – – – – – – – – – 

We all have enough things to worry about during our day and all the more reason to prepare for those unexpected situations. Beyond the basic arsenal of lip products and band aids that you carry in your purse, here are 5 of my favourite office and school/locker essentials to help you build an emergency beauty stash bag. I love the idea of having a backup plan right at work, for those “what do I do!” moments when you’ve switched up your purse and completely forgot your makeup tote. Yes, it’s one of those days.

Let me know what are your beauty stash essentials!