Elegant Holiday Nails | My fave easy combination

AVON: Gel polish – Envy* | REVLON: Transforming topcoat – Cosmic Flakes*

While I’ve always enjoyed celebrating occasions, I’m usually not one to wear it as body decoration but as my social media feed is looking so festive lately I thought I’d take a little inspiration too. This gemstone manicure is earthy, elegant and reminds me of a gorgeously polished aventurine pendant. The simple combination of jewel toned base paired with flecks of shine isn’t anything new but this Revlon topcoat looks just a little more interesting than simple glitter and the irregular shapes creates a authentic organic feel. Try pairing it with deep sienna, dark navy or even a rich cranberry base and let your nails join the party too.

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AVON | Clearskin Black Mineral Mask

Mud and clay based face masks have always been a hit or miss item in my skincare journey. On one hand they are know for detoxifying your skin, drawing out impurities and minimizing pores but they can easily make skin dry, irritated and sometimes down right uncomfortable.
Brand: AVON
Product: Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask*
Size: 75ml
Price: $7.99 CAD
Availability: Avon (online) or your independent Avon Rep
Would I (re)purchase: Maybe
Website: www.avon.ca
For the past few months I’ve been going steady with this clay based mask from Avon and as any skincare relationship begins, we were a little apprehensive about each other at first. I’ve avoided most acne based skincare products for the last few years due to their tendency to be rather harsh on the skin but after quick patch test on my skin, I decided to go in for the full dive.

Meant to help treat spots and pores, the Clearskin mask boasts 0.5% salicyclic acid, a common pore unclogging / exfoliating ingredient and is often an additive to anti-acne products. It also features bentonite, a powdered clay used for oil control. Fresh from the tube, this mask has a gel cream consistency which spread easily over the skin and had a very faint scent. Give it 15 minutes and it begins to dry, the dark grey mask turning a lighter grey, with a slight tightening sensation though nothing uncomfortable compared to the likes of Glamglow or Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty.

This was also surprisingly easy to rinse off (did not pull my eyebrows off) and didn’t burn or cause any visible irritation at all. In fact, this is one of the most comfortable clay masks I’ve used to date and easy on my skin as well. Immediate results included a slightly brighter and smoother complexion plus some notable temporary pore shrinkage while long term use seemed to result in balancing my skin, keeping the oilies away without further drying my easily dehydrated skin type. The instructions suggests 2-3 sessions a week but I usually do this once a week when I feel the need for an instant refreshment on days my face just needs a wake up call.


Affordable clay based mask with a lightweight texture that is gentle on the skin while helping to balance oily spots which is extra great for combination skin. Quick and easy to use in the mornings before makeup to perk up your complexion, leaving skin fresh and comfortable. Wouldn’t rely on this solely for treatment care but is a nice simple addition to your everyday skincare routine.



Review: AVON | Gel finish nail polish + swatches

AVON Gel Polish-01
Brand: AVON
Product: Gel Finish Nail Enamel*
Details:  Formaldehyde, Toulene and DBP free.
Colours: 12 shades
Size: 12ml
Price: $7.99
Website: www.avon.ca
Would I (re)purchase: Yes
Availability: Avon online or through Avon Independent Sales Reps (starting October 2013)

I’ve always been a little envious of gals with pretty primped gel nails, the sleek look and high shine finish wooed me but the prospect of nail damage and constant fill-ins always steered me away. So when AVON’s new Gel Finish nail enamels landed on my desk, my fingers went right for them. The 7-in-1 formulation promises high shine, a gel like finish, vivid colour and takes the place of protection, strengthener, base coat plus top coat all in one stroke. Do it all or nothing at all? I was quick to let my eager little digits find out.

First impressions can be a deal breaker but these started off strong with rich saturated colour on the first coat, I layered on a second coat for absolute opacity but could have easily pulled off a quick mani with a single stroke. All four colours I have swatched below gave beautiful vivid results from the pale lavender to that rich metallic green. The brush was just slightly wider than what you’d find on traditional bottles but was very easy and swift to use.

AVON Gel Polish-05
AVON Gel Polish-04
AVON Gel Polish-03
AVON Gel Polish-06
As a gel finish nail polish, I was slightly weary about the consistency being thick or hard to work with but was delighted to find the exact opposite. All four shades came out smooth and creamy, in fact even more so than some of my regular polishes plus it didn’t require any extra drying time than what I normal use. I also loved the true gel shine look of the finished result and couldn’t stop staring at my nails the first time I wore “Pink Parfait” and just like that, no top coat required. It looked expensive and I would have easily worn it out on a fancy date.

AVON’s Gel Finish nail enamel lasted a pretty pristine 4-5 days before I took it off and altogether I am thoroughly impressed by the formulation and finish. I’ve never quite had a nail colour look so good while being so easy and effortless. Gel nail look without the commitment? It can be done!

AVON Gel Polish-02
With 12 shades to the collection, there are quite a few rich shades for fall including “Mudslide”, “Inked Up” and my favourite from the batch I have on hand “Envy”. If you are looking to mix up your nail collection, these hard working nail enamels are definitely worth a swatch.

OPEN BOX | Fresh offerings from AVON

About two weeks ago I received a large mysterious package at my door. It was big, brown, hefty and came all the way from the east coast. Unfortunately not a mystery gift from my secret admirer but I opened the top to find a generous press package from AVON Canada, filled with their new releases and soon to be released goodies. Since I was blessed to get this in my hands, I thought I ought to share a video and some details with you so we can all enjoy this together. Watch my open box video and then scroll down to see all the photos and some first impressions.

A trio of three products in this range which are meant to give the appearance of a more even skin tone. The wording perplexes me a little as it claims to give the “appearance” of rather than definitively provide a brighter look to the skin. The night cream has a very lightweight consistency that is borderline a gel and is generously sprinkled with peachy-golden shimmer. It appears to be oil-free but does smell quite noticeably of alcohol which is the second ingredient on the list.

AVON Skin Revitalize Skincare
The innovative looking eye roller (which rather confused me at first) actually has a vibrating function via a small twist mechanism at the bottom which is supposed to help revitalize puffy eyes and can be used morning and night. The consistency appears quite thin but again contains a good dose of shimmer inside. However it does contain an impressive sounding ingredients list including sodium hyaluronate, soybean seed extract and silk proteins.

  • Instant Radiance Lotion SPF20 | 50ml @ $15.99 CAD
  • Night Radiance Cream (shown) | 50ml @ $15.99 CAD
  • 2-in-1 Brightening Eye Roller (shown) | 12ml @ $19.99

Avon says: Safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic.

Available: August 2013

AVON Skin Revitalize Skincare

Meant to balance and intensely hydrate your skin, the Moisture Boost collection has two separate ranges within it for various skin types. Those with regular skin can dive right into the normal set of product while those with combination skin have a lighter gel-cream oil-free set of products to play with. What seems to be the common factor among all products in this collection is the camellia tea leaf extract meant to help soothe the skin.
AVON Moisture Boost
What also immediate struck me was the light textures of all the products from this line, the scent was fresh and seemed to be quite fitting for those who live in humid climates or just the warmer months in general. I’m thinking this may also be a fabulous line for men as they tend to be rather picky about textures and scents but they also suffer from dry skin (don’t try to hide it boys, we know it!).
AVON Moisture Boost
  • Daily Moisture Cream SPF15 (shown) | 50ml @ $12.99
  • Night Gel-Cream (shown) | 50ml @ $12.99
  • Eye Cream (shown) | 15ml @ $12.99
  • Daily Moisture Lotion SPF15 | 118ml @ $12.99
  • Night Cream (shown) | @ $12.99

Avon says: Suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic.

Available: August 2013
AVON Moisture Boost

For those looking to start up on their anti-aging may want a closer look at this range, boasting a nutrient rich “Amethyst Mineral Complex” the Youth Restoring Collection is meant to fade fine lines and boosts the appearance of skin for a smoother, younger look. A very basic concoction of ingredients that appears more suited for the first signs of aging rather than an intensive treatment although the night cream contains a heavy dose of exfoliating glycolic acid so remember to patch test your skin first if you’ve never used glycolic acid before. All the items contain quite a distinct floral scent.and while it looks creamy in the jar, the textures are very comfortable to apply and leave no residue.
AVON Youth Restoring Skincare
  • Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream | 50ml @ $19.99
  • Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream | 50ml @ $19.99
  • Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller | 50ml @ $19.99

Avon says: All products are suitable for sensitive skin, except for Youth Restore Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, which is hypoallergenic only.

Available: August 2013
AVON Youth Restoring Skincare
Just in time for the real test of summer, these new makeup products from Avon are looking mighty enticing this time of the year. The Extra Lasting collection packaged in red and black contain a few re-releases and a few new items as well. Though I only have 3 to show you, in its entirety the collection has 7 base and colour products all formulated with color-lock complex technology.
AVON Extra Lasting Makeup
I’m relatively certain that the foundation shade is too saturated and dark for my complexion which is rather disappointing as you all know I am a huge foundation fan and will usually jump on a new base product eagerly but fear not, this formulation does have a total of 17 shades if you ordering from the catalogs.

Another very on trend release are the Big Colour Eye pencils which have a diamond finish (read: big sparkles) in a creamy formulation. A collection of 6 jewel toned shades which can be used as both shadow and liner in a single swipe. Oh yeah, did I also mention they are waterproof? These shall be fun to take for a dip.

AVON Big Colour Eye Pencil Diamonds
  • Extra Lasting Foundation SPF12 (shown) | 30ml @ $15CAD
  • Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder | 9 grams @ $15CAD
  • Extra Lasting Pressed Powder | 12 grams @ $12CAD
  • Extra Lasting Concealer | 8 grams @ $12CAD
  • Extra Lasting Eyeliner (shown) | 2.5ml @ $12CAD
  • Extra Lasting Lipstick (shown) | 3grams @ $12CAD
  • Extra Lasting Lipgloss | 3 grams @ $12CAD
  • Big Color Eye Pencil “Diamonds” (shown) | 1.6 grams @ $9.99CAD

Available: June 2013 (Extra Lasting Line), August 2013 (Big Color Eye Pencil)

AVON Extra Lasting Eyeliner

I’ve noticed that some of these items are on the Avon USA website though the newly released items have not been fully updated on the Avon Canada site but do have a chat with your local Avon representative for all the details. 

AVON Extra Lasting Makeup

What a way to be introduced to a brand. This shall be a truly new experience for me as I’ve never quite had the opportunity to fully dive into Avon but with all these products to try out, you can be sure some of these will reappear in a future blog post. Skincare will need to be divided and shared amongst the boyfriend and my mother most likely but I’ll be sure to get their thoughts on them and pass it on to you. Now please excuse me as I go and re-try to scrub this lipstick off my arm…they sure don’t call it extra lasting for nothing.
Have you used Avon products before?
Which items are you most interest in?