3 Things: Dermalogica skin favourites

Taking up prime real estate on my bathroom counter lately has been a few things from Dermalogica. Though I’ve tried a good handful from this cult skincare brand, here’s  my three universally friendly products to consider trying or wishlisting – because I know you’ve been creeping up on holiday gifts.

Now cleansers are something that seem to divide people; those are particular swear by a holy grail and others wouldn’t mind using a bar of soap. The Special Cleansing Gel* is one of my favourite high end gentle and soothing cleansers which offers the satisfaction of a bubbly foam, yet is soap-free and always manages to sooth my skin. Unlike other similar products for reactive skin which either leave you with a film or just feel like they aren’t doing much, this cleanser is the perfect balance between gentle and thorough with absolutely no drying feeling. It doesn’t work quite as nicely with my Clarisonic but is a great choice for using with your hands or a washcloth.

Next up is the Multi-Active Toner* which admittedly I completely overlooked at first but turned out to be a real gem. With a mix of lavender, balm mint and cucumber extracts this feels like a breath of fresh air for the skin without being an astringent or having gimmicky tricksters like menthol. Since I keep most of my skincare in my room (away from the humidity of the bathroom), I do a mist of this to keep my skin moist while I shuffle off to put on my creams in the other room. Moisturizers go on extra smooth post misting and I also find it helps to take down redness after exfoliation or other treatments.

And speaking of exfoliating for radiant skin, I know the change of season can make skin feel super sluggish and just overall dull. My favourite high end exfoliator to date is still the Multi-Vitamin Thermafoliant* (see full review); with it’s oil balm base and great mix of both chemical and physical skin renewing ingredients, I’m pretty excited to say that it’s so that I’m nearing the end of my tube. Realistically I’m not completely convinced by the warming sensation factor but everything else about this is perfect. It’s a fine scrub that offers plenty of friction while the balm suspension means it says on your face for as long as you want instead of dripping down the drain.

As a little FYI, Dermalogica is known for using a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients in their formulations so I do recommend reading up on the additives in case you are allergic.

3 Things: Spring Beauty Refresh | PG Canada

Fast, easy and effective should be the motto of every busy woman’s daily beauty routine. Starting my mornings at 5:30am means I have little time to fuss about and I need products which can handle the weekday rush. Luckily P&G Canada answered the call with a box of spring goodies at my door and these three have been the most loved so far.

Spring Beauty Picks
Olay’s Daily Facials* dry cleansing cloths has been a lovely rediscovered favourite. For the speediest way to wash up at the end of the day, I saturate one of these cleanser infused dry towelettes under warm water and in a few seconds I’ve got a great lather and washcloth all in one. There’s plenty of product on each sheet for a thorough clean and it rinses off without being fussy. Plus, having to pack myself for travel a couple of weeks ago I was so glad to have these to throw into my tote without worrying about spillage.

Now my second favourite is a real trip down memory lane and just the mere scent of the Olay Complete Moisturizer* reminds me of being a pre-teen and my mother letting me sneak some of her lotion from the nightstand. In fact to this day, my grandma still insists on using her Olay creme (in it’s various incarnations). The light weight lotion consistency feels comfortable on the skin yet provides me enough juice to keep my skin hydrated in the spring weather. While this does have SPF15, I don’t wear this on an everyday basis as I can be reactive to avobenzone (its chemical sunscreen ingredient) but I do sneak this on a few time a week. For those who don’t have such issues and want something affordable and dependable, this long loved formula remains a great pick.

Asian makeup

To get a little coverage on my face during lazy weekends, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the new Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream*. It’s made for oily skin but I found the light non-powdery finish really easy to work with despite my aversion to the word matte. With medium coverage that doesn’t sink into fine lines or pores, I’ve been using this with a beauty blender on slightly moist skin and the result is so fresh and pretty! In fact, after initially trying my pr sample, I was so smitten with it that I went out a few days later to hunt down a lighter shade as the original was just a smidgen off. And while I haven’t had time to photograph a full review post, expect to see this make a reappearance very soon either here or in a Youtube video.

What have you added to your spring beauty routine lately?
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3 Things: Sephora VIB Spring Haul

Sephora VIB Sale Makeup
One of the best spring things to look forward to is definitely the bi-annual Sephora sale. Having spent an alarming amount of dollars in the past year at beauty heaven, I’ve recently been upgraded to VIB status (yes, a silver card!) which means a cushy 15% discount during sale week. Though I have a long rolling list of things on my wishlist, I decided to go with the frivolous wants and ended up with these 3 little beauties.
You’ll recognize the Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation straight away as it received a glowing review from me just a few months ago. Indeed the medium coverage, smooth texture and skin enhancing effect is a rare gem in my powder collection and whilst the stores seems to have stopped stocking this, I was eager to get a lighter shade online. Pick it up if you see it because I have a feeling this is going to be discontinued in favour of their new (and more expensive) pressed powder foundation.
Now for the record, I’ve never actually owned a single Hourglass product (save for a little sample of their primer) and despite the hype all around the blogosphere I was just never completely convinced whenever I stopped by to swatch their compacts. But when the Ambient Strobing Powder series came out it was love at first swipe. Even though I’m not a meticulous contour and highlight fan, there is a truly special ethereal quality about the shimmer in this powder that reminds me of galactic stardust. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before so of course the shade Brilliant went into my basket.
In the hair department, the Alterna Caviar CC Cream has been on my Sephora wishlist forever and I decided it was either now or never to finally try it out. The concept of a do-it-all product for hair sounds perfect for unskilled (and lazy) beauty lovers like me who want a polished look but who don’t have the finesse to put a lot of effort into hair styling. It’s formulated to provide manageability, shine, UV protection plus strengthen and moisturize hair; all while the extra hold formula locks the style in place. This particular version is new (and recommend for thick hair) but I also redeemed for a sample of the original and will report back on which one I liked better.
Did you splurge during the Sephora sale?
Let me know!
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3 Things: Weekday luxuries

Calgon Scrub EOS Shave Cream
Weekdays have been busy lately to say the least and if I’m lucky I can find an extra 10 minutes to do something for myself before lugging said tired self into bed only to start all over again at 5:45 am the next day. These three little luxuries have been keeping me company…

EOS | Shave Cream*
Some of the creamiest whip I’ve ever used and it’s housed in a plastic pump dispenser. Who else finds their regular aerosols stop pumping 3/4 through? I really adore the ergonomically designed rubber coated bottle which is easy and fumble free in the shower plus my skin is soft and softly scented. Because the consistency is very thick, I find it better when used over very wet skin (rather than damp) as it spreads easier and won’t clog your razor.

CALGON | 2-in-1 Sugar Scrub Daily Wash*
Tell me I’m not the only one who own little collectibles of mini Calgon body sprays when I was a teenager long before I was allowed real perfume. This double duty body scrub and wash is quick to use on busy days and I’ve been enjoying it for a little chest and leg scrub in particular. The sugar particles hang around long enough to get the job done and I found the scent just right for a relaxing aromatic experience without covering everything in the bathroom for hours. And if you’re worried about the ginger, don’t be… it’s super mild and smells more of a tropical mix.

MERCHANT & MILLS | Sewing Book
For the past few years I’ve grown a great liking to a more rustic aesthetic (not too far out country though because I’ve gotta make sure the mail man can still get there). This Merchant and Mills sewing guide I’ve dug up from the depth of the library shelves has been my bedside read and I’m smitten with their approach to simple luxuries like linen, canvas and wool. The book starts with a few chapters on basic tools and then leads you through your first techniques with easy but beautifully rustic projects for practice. And if you’re a fan of photography, the visuals in here are lovely as well.

Happy Wednesday,