5 steps for a better year of sewing


UPDATE YOUR STATS | Ideally, you’d be doing this before starting every project but being mindful to remeasure yourself periodically will save you from unplanned surprises when things don’t fit. Granted, you may want to wait until after you’ve fully digested the holiday leftovers and get a friend to help you with the tricky parts like shoulder width and hips. I like to put my numbers on a sticky note right on the inside cover of my sewing notebook so it’ll be an easy reference whenever I need it.

INVENTORY YOUR STASH | No matter which method you use to organize (or not) your sewing stash, chances are there are deep dark corners that you have no idea what is hiding in there. Brave the uncertainty and have a thorough inventory of your fabrics, sewing supplies, books and notions. Knowing what you have, and maybe discovering a few new things you forgot you had is a great way to get a baseline for how to approach your projects in the new year. Make a list of items that need replacing and create a spot where all your supplies have a dedicated home – I’ve found that being prepared is the first step to a successful project.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO LET GO | Guilt. You know it, I know it and it’s often what prevents us from letting go of projects that are going no where. The difference I found with sewing, as compared to my other hobbies like makeup, is that the process to learning creates a lot of failed tangible material objects. You feel guilty for cutting into that nice piece of fabric only for it to look less than flattering when trying it on and even more guilty to get rid of it because of the time and energy already spent on it. Sometimes an item is worth re-strategizing and sometimes, if it brings you anxiety just to look in it’s direction – just let it go! The money was spent the moment you bought the fabric and it’s served the purpose of practice so stop hanging onto items you dread working on and start fresh.

CREATE INTENTIONS | I love the idea of creating intentions rather than goals when starting off a new year. The word itself feels more fluid and flexible which gives an indecisive crafter like me the option to purposefully change my mind about a project if I’m not longer feeling motivated by the idea. In previous years, I had participated in challenges like the Make Nine initiative yet I found myself loosing interest in items I had put on my list in January. Last year, I created a list of sewing intentions with focus areas I wanted to work on – say a particular category or purpose – instead of being dead set on a specific garment/pattern.

START IN DECEMBER | New years plans doesn’t have to start at exactly midnight of January 1st – I often find that the more build up and pressure we put on a certain date, it can be overwhelming and our momentum peaks then crashes quickly. Easing yourself into your 2019 plans at the end of 2018 let’s you feel like you are already on your way to success … even if just means cutting one piece out for your new project, it’s one step closer to checking it off your list.

Happy Sewing,


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