BEAUTY LOOK | Shu Uemura x Super Mario Holiday Makeup

If there’s one thing to expect from Shu Uemura holiday collections, it’s to allow yourself to be surprised by the unexpected! With a history of collaborating with artists and gravitation towards pop culture, Shu gives us a power up with a limited edition Super Mario makeup collection complete with the original pixel graphic artwork and shiny gold accents. 
Shu Uemura Super Mario Makeup//

This multi-piece release includes not only limited edition package but some fun colour options as well, all of which are much more wearable than you’d think at first glance. The collection ranges from makeup to skincare and even a few hair care items. Most of the products are the same formula as pre-existing favourites which I always think is a smart move so there’s no new learning curve to conquer. 
  • SHU | Yuzu Makeup Refresher Mist* 
  • SHU | Peach’s Eye and Cheek Palette
  • SHU | Drawing Pencil* | Light Orange, Brick Brown, Dreamy Peach Pink
  • SHU | Tint in Balm* | Underground Adventure
  • SHU | Rouge Unlimited Supreme* | #187
  • SHU | Eyelash Curler with Charm*
    The big drop in this collaboration is the two in one cheek and eyes palette which seems to be curated into corresponding purple and bronze options. Both extremely wearable on most complexions and every single colour is something that you can reach for frequently. Yet with that said, it is also quite a pricey piece and may not necessarily be the best value for money if the shadow is not part of your daily repertoire. Instead, if you want just a little something then the golden eyelash curler with the star charm or fun printed lipsticks would be my recommendation.
    Shu Uemura Super Mario- Holiday Makeup//

    Shu Uemura Super Mario- Holiday Makeup//

    If you manage to pop during our livestream Youtube session, you’ll remember that this is the makeup look that we created together live which was so immensely fun! The majority vote went to the orange side of the palette so I used all three shadows
    to create a warm rich bronzy eye with rust and brick tones and rimmed by a heavy dose of the Shu pencil in Brick Brown on the lower lash line. I mixed both peach and pink shades on the cheek. The lips was a real toss up between the two available colours I had on hand looking and at these photos, the deep glossy berry wine was the right choice and really popped the entire look. Do note however that the extreme glossy formula can be hard to work with and isn’t something I’d recommend for day to day wear but it does photograph so stunningly!

    Shu Uemura Super Mario Makeup//

    With this being such an iconic collaboration, I’d recommend calling your local Shu retailer as many counters might be very limited in stock. Shu’s website and even Sephora online will generally carry some holiday collections into the end of January. If you’re picking up a piece or two, let me know what’s caught you eye.
    Chat soon,

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