Beauty Look | New Rimmel Products vs Dark Lip


Witty titles are escaping me today but I do want to show you a makeup look using some of Rimmels’ newer products! Most notably, they’ve launched a couple of large format eye shadow palettes that I’m sure you’ve poked at in stores plus a full range of matte lipsticks. 
The shadows have a great distinctive colour range and blend reasonably well taking you from matte to satin to metallic finishes all in one swoop. Colour payoff is good and I’d say comparable to the higher end drugstore offerings like L’Oreal though with less snazzy packaging. I’m also wearing some really fun fibre eyebrow pencil – yes, fibre hairs in a pencil that’s kinda blowing my mind and I fully intend pick up in a darker shade to match my hair! And the lips you ask? The Only 1 Matte lipsticks are a true matte that has a slight putty texture which is best smoothed out with a lip brush. It photographs beautifully and offers a large shade selection for mixing but I’m not crazy about the strong candy scent.
– – – – – – – – – –
Side note, anyone here still haven’t figured out this contouring game? Since it’s hair up day, I thought a little shading wouldn’t hurt to go along with the dark lip but it sure is looking a little stripey here on camera. I swear on my favourite foundation that I did blend this…..
Chat soon,

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