3 Things | Drugstore vs. Luxury Bodywash


Soap. Doesn’t sound all that interesting when you’re washing up the dishes but all of a sudden turns quite snazzy in the beauty aisle. If you’re thinking of trading up your regular shower bar, here’s three options sitting in my shower.

In the more affordable category, OLAY body wash is probably something you’ve seen in every single drugstore around town and for good reason. Always out with new seasonal scents and lathers easily with or without a pouf, I usually go for the sensitive skin version but lately it’s been the Outlast Birch Water & Lavender*. In the summer heat of the summer, when your only salvation is constant cool showers, Olay has been keeping me fresh but not dry. Bonus point, it comes in a few neutral scents so it makes a great unisex bathroom staple.

New to the market but still sharing the drugstore shelf is France’s best selling body wash by the name of Le Petite Marseillais* which prides itself in it’s beautifully concocted shower scents. And true to its name, I’ve never quite smelled something like these before under the $10 mark! With five scents to choose from including Cotton Milk & Poppy, Orange Blossom and the Vanilla Milk currently in rotation, I think they are such a fun step up to enliven your shower experience. The fragrances are based from natural ingredients, doesn’t overwhelm your nose and leaves just a faint trace so you can still layer on your daily perfume. Moisturization factor is on par with Olay but just a little bit more fun.

Now I also think that once in your life time, one should absolutely experience a completely indulgent bath product. Lately mine has been the AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle* body wash and if you know anything AERIN’s perfumes, these do not disappoint on that level and the scent lingers for quite a while close to the skin. In a gel consistency, I find this doesn’t lather quite as foamy versus the creamier options and is better suited for oilier skin types or the occasional weekend use. For the luxury price point, I’d really wish they’d upgrade the formula because it would make such a great add on if AERIN is already your scent of choice.

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