Monochrome to foxes – discovering colour in my wardrobe

The best thing about getting back into garment sewing has been all the all the little revelations and epiphanies along the way. In between sewing pockets and struggling with zippers, I’ve been really excited to fall in love with colour again. 
In my childhood my mother dressed me in ditzy florals and pastel pink button down shirts but my teenage years were clouded by blacks, greys and lots of denim (denim my friends, is another story). Coming out on the other side in early twenties, I had soon adopted a fear of colours and prints. I often hummed and hawed over what went together then shove my frustrated pile in the back of my closet and put on something safe instead. Didn’t they always say black was slimming? The problem was that I had stopped loving my clothes.
Colourful fabric prints

My wardrobe overhaul has been in the works for more than a year now yet looking back at the progress, I’m glad that it was a slow and purposeful project. I started branching out from my comfortable greys into coloured solids and classic patterns like stripes and polka dots then before you know it I was buying foxes, poppies and cartoon clouds. My guidance came from bloggers like Oh Joy and Oona Balloona who expressed so much happiness through their bright and colourful clothing choices that it was practically addicting.
This week I’ve thinking about this new vintagey mustard yellow floral rayon that’s going to be made into an Eve dress; it makes me smile just looking at it! I’m really starting to think this is what life should be about.
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