3 Things | Glycolic for congested skin

By now I’d like to think I have a somewhat decent handle on my temperamental skin; steer clear of mineral oil, pump up the hylauronic and stay faithful to my Clarisonic. Yet between daily pollutants and wearing makeup a few more times a week, my skin can still get the bumps…a sprinkling of clogged pores that threaten to turn into nastier things if left to their own devices. 
Hence the latest addition to my regular routine has been glycolic acid treatments; a type of fast acting exfoliating ingredient often used for those with acne scarring, congested skin and anti-aging. Neostrata is a Canadian brand known for their iconic glycolic range which comes in various strengths and textures. Their Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion 10%* has a light creamy consistency that absorbs quickly, looks matte on the skin, doubles up as a moisturizer and is the one I’ve been using the longest. It takes a good week or two to see visible results and while I wouldn’t call it drying, I certainly didn’t feel drying, it wasn’t the right texture for my winter needs.

My next try was the BLISS Incredi-Peel* resurfacing pads which I kept right by the bathroom sink so I can do a speedy wipe down treatment when I’m out of the shower. I love how quick they are to use and the water-like consistency means it feels like nothing once it dries and I appreciate the individual seals meaning not only does it stay fresh but it’s great for traveling. The results are pretty quick too so they’re great as a pick me up but I wouldn’t recommend using them on a daily basis as directed since I find it quite strong.

My latest experiment is Glycolic Laser 10* by Canadian skincare brand Jouviance, another name who’s built their reputation on anti-aging products. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth yet weightless this hydroxy acid blend felt on my skin and within two days the bumps were smoothed over and my pores looked clear as well. For the record, I wouldn’t recommend using any other scrubs or exfoliants at the same time that you are using glycolic unless you’ve carefully eased your skin into the routine and of course, don’t use everything all at once.

These days, with the deep pool of retinol, glycolic and enzyme options in skincare there’s no reason not to be exfoliating even if you have sensitive skin. So… how have you been shedding?
Chat soon,

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