Make Up For Ever | High Precision Lip Pencil


Ah, lip pencils. Every necessity or frivolous add on, I think it never hurts to have a few faithful in the back of your beauty drawer for perfecting that fussy lipstick. Make Up For Ever has been incredibly busy expanding their lip collection it seems and with that, they’ve recently re-released their classic wooden lip pencils. If you’re still looking for some beauty regime builders, look this way.

Brand: Make Up For Ever
Product: High Precision Lip Pencil*
Size: 1.14gram
Colour(s): 12 MUFE website, 8 Sephora online
Price: $22 CAD / $18 USD
Availability: Sephora, MUFE Boutiques
Would I (re)purchase: Yes!

Make Up For Ever markets this lip liner collection as a set of neutral colours used to define and perfect the lip contour. Variations of nude, plum, rose and brown shades makes this a basic makeup wardrobe builder especially if you prefer earthy makeup or need something polished for work. Separated into three tonal families, there’s a few variations in each of the nude, pink and red categories.

Make Up For Ever Lipliner
Top – Bottom | #23, #14, #40


Great balance between glide and durability, I like how they are so easy to apply without any tugging. I’ve used pencils that are more like glossy lipsticks and others that are thick and hard to manipulate but these are pretty fool proof. Colour comes on strong, glide is great and the formula allows for a little bit of blending but doesn’t smear into nothingness if you rub it with your finger. Nothing intimidating here. 


This is where this MUFE pencil really shines and immediately jumped to my top drawer selection; these are one of the few options I can wear as an actual lipstick all over and look great throughout the day. Despite not labeled as a long lasting product per say (there’s Aqualip for that), I found this to be very forgiving on my lips, did not accentuate my lip lines nor crack or made my lips look dry. That in itself deserves a gold star because I have an awful time wearing lip liners that not only last but doesn’t parch my lips. Note that these do not claim to be and are not transfer proof but I have eaten with this and still came out with a good even stain.

Make Up For Ever Lipliner


ON MY LIPS: #14 all over


Make Up For Ever’s High Precision Lip Pencil offers flexibility for wearing as a liner or going solo as a lipstick. Either way, the well curated selection of neutral shades offers lots of options for everyday colours and I can see these as a makeup staple for lipstick lovers especially. I was most impressed by how evenly and comfortably these wore throughout the hours while not enhancing my lip texture. Essentially, you (and I) need more of these.

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