#2017MakeNine | My sewing projects for the new year!

In my mind, the trick to getting things done is to get a sneaky head start. In anticipation of starting the #2017MakeNine, a crafting community initiative by Rochelle (of LuckyLucille.com), I am sharing with you my planned sewing projects for the upcoming year. Prior to discovering the tag, I had initially penned in 6 challenge projects but have now added 3 easier makes to sum up a total of 9 things. Play the video below to hear more about ’em!

  1. SEW OVER IT | Anderson blouse
  2. Slips & Petticoat (pattern undecided)
  3. SEW OVER IT | Betty dress
  4. MACCALLS 1748 | Bob Mackie ruffle dress
  5. SIMPLICITY 7262 | Retro cape
  6. BUTTERICK 6423 | Lisette loose coat
  7. TRU BIAS | Ogden Cami
  8. MCCALLS 7543 | Off the shoulder dress
  9. VICTORY PATTERNS | Sophia pencil skirt
Of course the tag is not limited to sewing and clothing but can include knitting projects, home decor and the like. But for those who are teetering on the edge of starting or learning to sew, I will be adding a new tab to my blog to link you to some free sewing patterns to help you get going. Come and join the handmade adventure!
Happy Sewing,

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