What’s in my sewing box | Building a starter kit


  • Sterilite | Stack ‘n Carry box (3-tier)
  • Fiskars | Fabric Scissors
  • Tomato pin holder
  • Pins
  • Small snip scissors
  • Seam gauge
  • Clover | 6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch guide
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Tracing wheel
  • Clover | chalk rolling pen
  • Fabric marking chalk pencil
  • Measuring tape
I can’t be the only one but having a sorted, easy to use toolbox makes your hobbies so much more inviting and enjoyable. For me, finding the right sewing box was especially important but in addition to storage I also need portability as I tend to do my sewing all over the place. This Sterilite Stack ‘n Carry box was a complete surprise find in the home aisle of London Drugs but it’s been just perfect for a small sized sewist like me. Over the years I’ve also learned that while some things are fun to keep, the extra bobbles means you are forever shuffling through the pile to find your pair of snips – oh if I had a quarter for each time I was lured by a cute sewing tool. Now of course I still secretly yearn for one of those vintage folding sewing baskets but I haven’t gotten that lucky at yard sales yet…

 Happy Sunday,

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