3 Things: Dermalogica skin favourites

Taking up prime real estate on my bathroom counter lately has been a few things from Dermalogica. Though I’ve tried a good handful from this cult skincare brand, here’s  my three universally friendly products to consider trying or wishlisting – because I know you’ve been creeping up on holiday gifts.

Now cleansers are something that seem to divide people; those are particular swear by a holy grail and others wouldn’t mind using a bar of soap. The Special Cleansing Gel* is one of my favourite high end gentle and soothing cleansers which offers the satisfaction of a bubbly foam, yet is soap-free and always manages to sooth my skin. Unlike other similar products for reactive skin which either leave you with a film or just feel like they aren’t doing much, this cleanser is the perfect balance between gentle and thorough with absolutely no drying feeling. It doesn’t work quite as nicely with my Clarisonic but is a great choice for using with your hands or a washcloth.

Next up is the Multi-Active Toner* which admittedly I completely overlooked at first but turned out to be a real gem. With a mix of lavender, balm mint and cucumber extracts this feels like a breath of fresh air for the skin without being an astringent or having gimmicky tricksters like menthol. Since I keep most of my skincare in my room (away from the humidity of the bathroom), I do a mist of this to keep my skin moist while I shuffle off to put on my creams in the other room. Moisturizers go on extra smooth post misting and I also find it helps to take down redness after exfoliation or other treatments.

And speaking of exfoliating for radiant skin, I know the change of season can make skin feel super sluggish and just overall dull. My favourite high end exfoliator to date is still the Multi-Vitamin Thermafoliant* (see full review); with it’s oil balm base and great mix of both chemical and physical skin renewing ingredients, I’m pretty excited to say that it’s so that I’m nearing the end of my tube. Realistically I’m not completely convinced by the warming sensation factor but everything else about this is perfect. It’s a fine scrub that offers plenty of friction while the balm suspension means it says on your face for as long as you want instead of dripping down the drain.

As a little FYI, Dermalogica is known for using a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients in their formulations so I do recommend reading up on the additives in case you are allergic.

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