Pain-less high heels : What to look for & Insoles tips!

So much beauty, so much pain. You know the story – you’re just browsing the mall minding your own business when you catch them from the corner of your eye, they are gorgeous and you take them home in a delirious high only to realize later on that these high heels are ridiculously painful. For all the shoe lovers out there, I think it’s time we are a little more critical of our shoe choices not only for our feet but also for our sanity. 

But really, with my fare share of shoe mishaps I’ve now become a little bit more reserved in my purchases although I still stop to pet the shiny ones whenever I pass them in the store *ahem Charlotte Olympia…because there’s really nothing more awful than pretty shoes that you can’t wear. On the other hand I’ve spent probably about a good $50 on various insoles but no regrets here, I’m perfectly happy sacrificing one pair of heels if it means I can wear my others more comfortably and when you are trying to get home on public transit after a heavy day you will be so thankful. Never let anyone tell you insoles are for little old ladies because heck, I’m sure they’ve been wearing shoes longer than we have and we can probably learn a thing or two from them too.

Chat soon,

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