5 Cool Shareables | #1

K is for Kani | This Cosmic Love
K IS FOR KANI | Connie’s blog is one I’ve been reading for the past year and gushing over everything from the bright and beautiful colours to her sweet casual fashion sense. Not to mention she runs an Etsy shop that sells flower crowns… I mean we can all do with more flowers in our lives right?

MASTER PALETTE BY MARIO | Blame it on the Instagram hype but my heart fluttered when I laid eyes on this palette. I’ve never owned an ABH eyeshadow before but word on the street is saying YES YES YES! I think the variation on brights (aka. Colourful but tonally muted down) makes this an interesting twist to my usual nude collection but I’m still a little on the fence. Are you getting this one?

DIY PLAID & FUR THROW BLANKET | This rainy week has me wishing I could be forever bundled up in a cozy blanket and this DIY version from Sewbon with faux fur on one side plus plaid on the other would be so perfect on the couch or over a bed. It’s a super easy construction using only straight lines and looks just as luxe something you could buy from a home décor shop.

HOMEMADE BUTTER | You know when you’re video hopping on Youtube and suddenly run into something amazing? That’s what happened with this homemade butter recipe from Gemma’s site Bigger Bolder Baking. I mean if it’s this easy to whip up some butter, then where has this been all my life!

BULLET JOURNAL INSPO | Having used my Happy Planner for a couple of months now, I realize that I am an awful doodler. Maybe it’s my more serious art training background but letting loose with some casual scribbles is actually frustratingly hard. Eva’s blog, Forever Good Life documents her own bullet journal ideas as well as sharing beautiful inspo from other people.  I love how her style is decorative yet not overwhelming – you won’t find her hoarding pages of stickers – and super functional.

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