My Burberry Black Perfume – making it my own

What makes a perfume a classic? 
Maybe it’s a stylish bottle. Maybe it’s the amber and tortoise cap. Or maybe it’s the special monogram. This fall Burberry brings out My Burberry Black* and invites you make this your own. For me this meant pairing it with my current favourite silky scarf in a bold flowing print. As Burberry knows from the success of their iconic twill trench coats, fabric can be incredibly luxurious and individual. Throughout the design, you can find nods to its fashion heritage from the button inspired cap to the garbadine twill knotted bow (the textile invention that is the cornerstone of the brand).
My Burberry Black Parfum
This new version of My Burberry takes on a sweet demeanor with notes of warm amber, rose and peach, mingled with jasmine and patchouli. While sugar seems to be the buzzword for fragrances this year, this one surprised me with how well balanced it is – it’s present without shouting, sweet without being cloying, young but polished. The promotional video features a very sexy Lily James but use a light hand and this can certainly be day time appropriate while easily lasting 5-6 hours on my skin. There’s also a politeness to this version if you will, as the scent stays closer to the wearer without taking over the entire room. 
As I’m busy packing away summer clothing this weekend and resurrecting all my lovely knitwear, I can’t wait to wear this out more often with a turtleneck, my handmade double slit skirt and a silky scarf topped with a wool coat. In fact, I might even be a little indulgent and do a little spritz in my closet before putting all the clothes back in. And for those already making their holiday wishlist, Burberry is offering free monograms for all bottles.
Stay cozy,

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