Philosophy | Renewed Hope in a Jar – Day & Night

This is the narrative of a sad love story – you know, the on and off relationship that tends in disappointment and a bad breakout. I’m talking about Philosophy‘s renewed cult classic moisturizers Hope in a Jar* which has been been their best seller for years. The classic concoction is made with anti-oxidants and contains an alpha hydroxy complex (way before it was widely popular to do so) to smooth and revive the complexion. The renewed version amps up the ingredients, adding hylauronate to the mix and is supposed to be lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Both the daytime cream ($62/full size) and the night cream ($59/full size) have a mild relaxing scent paired with a smooth easy to apply texture with the night version being slighter thicker. It doesn’t take much per application and on first touch it does leave my skin smooth and comfortable. I loved the fact that Philosophy didn’t try to add SPF to their day version which means I can layer products to my liking. For a few days, things were looking up but the fling was short lived.

My major issue with the Hope in a Jar set is that it broke me out in small little bumps and clogged pores. Being still rather acne prone, I’ve grown quite careful of skincare products but there was nothing that looked out of the ordinary in the ingredients list. But my second problem was a clear giveaway – the moisturizer pilled on my skin if I applied too much or if I used any foundation that needed buffing. I’m guessing it’s the silicone. While silicone works well to instantly smooth the surface of the skin and make products feel amazingly lightweight (think those popular makeup primers), it also happens to clog my pores like no tomorrow. After two more recuperation sessions followed by two more trials, I think this cult favourite and I are not mean to be.

Chat soon,

Flash Reviews : These are my initial thoughts and/or first impressions on beauty samples that I have been trying out. I try to give you as much information as possible but this may not be as comprehensive as full fledged review. I hope these mini posts will give you some basic information and details on certain products you’re interested in even if I haven’t had the usual full experience with them yet.

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