Video | Guide to Sewing Books & My Collection


  • Me and My Sewing Machine | Kate Haxell
  • Casual Sweet Clothes | Noriko Sasahara
  • Feminine Wardrobe | Jinko Matsumoto
  • Vogue Sewing
  • The Colette Sewing Handbook | Sarai Mitnick
  • BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook | Nora Abousteit & Alison Kelly
  • Handsewn | Margaret Rowan
I’ve gotten a lot of love on my sewing posts and videos since I’ve started sharing more of them this year but one consistent theme that seems to cap off many comments is the confusion about how to get started and where to find good sewing information. And while I’ve had a few sewists helping me out along my learning journey (thanks for redoing that zipper for me Mom), most of my skills were acquired through books. To do it well, there’s a lot of small technical details that needs to be practiced when it comes to making clothes that really makes the difference between sloppy handmade and phenomenal handmade. We’re lucky that there’s a pretty decent selection of modern sewing volumes out there in English but if you’re just testing the waters, the choices can be both confusing and overwhelming. I hope you found this flip through my own personal collection helpful and perhaps even encouraged you to pick up your very first book!
Keep on stitching,

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