Whatcha Reading | June 2016

    • 100 PERFECT HAIR DAYS | Jenny Strebe
    • BRUNCH @ BOBBY’S | Bobby Flay
    • YOUR BEAUTY MARK | Dita Von Teese
    • MY TINY GARDEN | Lucy Anna Scott & Lucy Conochie

      You can always tell the type of mood I’m in by the books I’ve got in my book bag. Lately I’ve been taking a break from makeup and have taken a liking to gardening… well, more like bringing spots of green indoors. I’m always fascinated by the thoughtful and creative ways that people make use of small spaces and the way that everything fits together so seamlessly and My Tiny Garden has been a great treat of a read to sneak up on others ideas. But of course a good trip to the library isn’t complete without a stop by the food shelves; being so busy with school the last while, food is one of my little luxuries and I always try to take the time to pack myself a good meal. Speaking of which, in case you’ve been missing my Foodie Tuesday series – I’ve got something else in the works!

      Good night,

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