Dressing for happiness

Closet declutter

Do you dress out of convenience or happiness? I think we would be much better people if we practiced the latter but sometimes life gets in the way and we regress to plain clothes that doesn’t get dirty and aren’t too precious. Realistically I’ve yet to spend a lot of money on a piece because I worry I’m going to spoil it but many of my clothes don’t bring me joy – they are simply for covering. And that is a poor reason to pick something out of your closet.

With the air heating up to 30 plus degrees this past weekend, I’ve finally succumbed to scavenging my closet for summer ready clothes and beginning to pack up my winter items. The big surprise? I don’t actually have any likable pieces to wear for the summer. In the past few months I’ve done a great job at updating my knitwear collection and even the odd fantastic shoe but the heat is bringing in a whole series of new problems. On one hand I would hate for something to go to waste if I haven’t worn it much but on the other it’s probably the piece that I always flip past because it doesn’t spark happiness. Between dressing for real life and dressing for myself, where does one find the balance?


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