3 Things: Spring Beauty Refresh | PG Canada

Fast, easy and effective should be the motto of every busy woman’s daily beauty routine. Starting my mornings at 5:30am means I have little time to fuss about and I need products which can handle the weekday rush. Luckily P&G Canada answered the call with a box of spring goodies at my door and these three have been the most loved so far.

Spring Beauty Picks
Olay’s Daily Facials* dry cleansing cloths has been a lovely rediscovered favourite. For the speediest way to wash up at the end of the day, I saturate one of these cleanser infused dry towelettes under warm water and in a few seconds I’ve got a great lather and washcloth all in one. There’s plenty of product on each sheet for a thorough clean and it rinses off without being fussy. Plus, having to pack myself for travel a couple of weeks ago I was so glad to have these to throw into my tote without worrying about spillage.

Now my second favourite is a real trip down memory lane and just the mere scent of the Olay Complete Moisturizer* reminds me of being a pre-teen and my mother letting me sneak some of her lotion from the nightstand. In fact to this day, my grandma still insists on using her Olay creme (in it’s various incarnations). The light weight lotion consistency feels comfortable on the skin yet provides me enough juice to keep my skin hydrated in the spring weather. While this does have SPF15, I don’t wear this on an everyday basis as I can be reactive to avobenzone (its chemical sunscreen ingredient) but I do sneak this on a few time a week. For those who don’t have such issues and want something affordable and dependable, this long loved formula remains a great pick.

Asian makeup

To get a little coverage on my face during lazy weekends, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the new Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream*. It’s made for oily skin but I found the light non-powdery finish really easy to work with despite my aversion to the word matte. With medium coverage that doesn’t sink into fine lines or pores, I’ve been using this with a beauty blender on slightly moist skin and the result is so fresh and pretty! In fact, after initially trying my pr sample, I was so smitten with it that I went out a few days later to hunt down a lighter shade as the original was just a smidgen off. And while I haven’t had time to photograph a full review post, expect to see this make a reappearance very soon either here or in a Youtube video.

What have you added to your spring beauty routine lately?
Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger and as part of my affiliation with this group I periodically receive products and special access to P&G events. However I am not obligated to participate nor am I monetarily paid to do so. The opinions on this blog are my always my own. For more details on how I blog, visit my blog policy page.

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