Inspired Art Supply Haul

If it’s not obvious by the lack of attention to this blog in the past month, life has been… busy to say the least. Between trying to get enough sleep and keep up with work I’ve been looking for little pockets of time for myself in between paperwork and prepping for the next day. But one thing I’m really loving is delving back into art again.

Art Supplies Modern Watercolor
Inspired by my recent subscription to an online arts and crafts website called Creative Bug, I was particularly drawn to a class on modern expressive watercolour painting. Now my old art student self would have cringed back in horror at the mention of the word but having discovered illustrator Yao Cheng‘s take on this medium has gotten me really excited to dip into this again. Of course, once I stepped foot into the store I couldn’t help but pick up a few extra things so here’s a look at my recent art supply haul.
  • Mungyo | Semi Jumbo Oil Pastels
  • Dynasty | #10 Brush
  • Dynasty | #6 Brush
  • Nobel | #02 Brush
  • Windsor & Newton | Cotman Watercolor Sketcher’s Pocket Box
  • Fabriano | Studio Watercolour Paper / 140lb
  • Demco | Masking Fluid
  • Faber-Castell | 24 Set Colour Pencil

Now that I think about it, this is probably also a good time to dust off my bin of old art supplies I’ve been collecting in my high school years. Who knows, maybe I’ll have something more to show you in a few weeks time.

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