Chatter: The Winter Lip Trio

Winter Lips Nuxe ELF Hurraw
As much as I adore the winter weather for allowing me to wrap up in knitwear all day, my lips are not so happy about it. Every year comes the inevitable question of dry parched lips which not only makes wearing liquid lipsticks patchy but it’s also just so darn uncomfortable.

My current rotation has been this triple treat system. At night once a week, I start out with wet skin and I do a light round with the ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator making sure to pay special attention to the perimeter of my lips. This sugar based scrub is excellently priced and I love that it’s in a stick format so it’s also super convenient to apply.

Winter Lips Nuxe ELF Hurraw
Winter Lips Nuxe ELF Hurraw
Rinsing that off, I then treat with a layer of Nuxe Reve de Miel* while I sleep. Now I find this cult favourite much too thick to use during the day (it feels like a thick honey scented salve) but I’ve been surprisingly enjoying it at night as it doesn’t make my lips feel greasy and I’m not smothering the product all over my pillow because it stays put. In the morning, I take off any residual balm with my washcloth, pop on my favourite morning balm from Hurraw (currently love the natural vanilla version) and get on with my day. It’s been a simply enough routine that I can keep up on the regular and I’ve noticing my lips are in better shape even when I don’t have balm on.

Speaking of lip maintenance I’ve also been curious about lip masks such as the BITE Agave version and the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask so I’d love to hear your winter lip tips!

Stay cozy,

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