Sew Happy 2016 – I got a new sewing machine!

Well talk about opening 2016 with a bang! I’ve finally waited out until December and snagged myself a brand new sewing machine from the Spool of Thread sale that goes once a year during the holidays. The logic is that good equipment will result in more crafting and more happiness for the new year. Sounds perfectly legitimate to me.
  • ELNA EXPLORER 320 | Website
  • Me and My Sewing Machine: Kate Haxell | Amazon
  • COLETTE | Peony Dress Pattern | Website

Now the next step here is figuring out which 6 items I plan on tackling in this year and how to spread them out so that I can get maximum wear out of each and of course to finish each garment on set schedule.  Throughout the past few months of culling my wardrobe I’ve really come to distill exactly what aesthetic I’m working towards so hopefully my projects will be more direct this time around. I’m off to cut up some magazine inspiration… a project binder video awaits!

Happy Sewing.

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