New minimalist 2016 planner – The Setup

Fresh new paper makes me so happy and it’s even better when bound up in a nice new planner. With so many things going on all at once, having place to sort out my day keeps me grounded. While I usually wait until December to purchase such things I was in desperate need of something to divide my personal, school and blog life but my previous option just didn’t have the right layout. Well all I have to say is…. thank goodness for online shopping.

  • PLANNER | Indigo | Similar | Similar slightly smaller 
    • Note: This exact version you see here was the 2014-2015 edition of this planner and most sellers have now updated to the new 2016-2017 version which has a different layout for the weeks.
  • ERASABLE PENS | Pilot Frixion Series
  • WASHI TAPE | Daiso
  • LEATHER TABS | Buy it
  • DECO DOTS | Buy it
  • STICKER POCKET | Buy it 
  • MAGNETIC BOOKMARK | Similar / Different Design

The planner craze is hot right now and you may have seen some of the more popular options like the Moleskin, Kikki K and the Erin Condrin. I went for a Korean brand because I love the smart yet simple aesthetic and it’s understated luxury all for less money than most of the western options. Essentially here’s what won me over with this Indigo Story planner.
  • It’s the perfect notebook size: while the ring binders are easily customization I didn’t like that it made things quite bulky. Most other bound options were only for pocket sized which is much too small to write comfortably.
  • It’s organized vertically: this seems rather trivial but my last planner had a strange left – right layout that didn’t feel natural and I always wrote my dates in the wrong place.
  • Each day has 3 sections: and that’s really important because I need one for my daily school schedule, one for life things and one for blog planning. I also have them separated by colour but the divided section makes looking things up a breeze!
  • The paper is beautiful: I mean really, if I am going to be using a planner every single day then I want smooth gorgeous paper to write on. I’d say this is a medium weight paper (heavy ink pens will bleed/cause shadowing a little on the other side) but its fitting for a planner as not to make it too heavy.
  • It has nothing more: which could just be a sign of me growing old(er) but the fact that it has just everything but nothing else makes me incredibly pleased. I pack enough in my purse as it is and this minimalist design is both stylish yet space saving.
Little accessories are also really helpful in personalizing a planner and to add extra functionality. The monthly tabs are something I had from last year that I really enjoyed. If you’re a planner enthusiast, let me know your favourites!

Stay organized,

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