That Pinterest Life : My recent boards

The last few weeks have been filled with work, work and the occasional beauty event (of which I have yet to edit photos for but that’s a minor detail, right?). On the other hand, Instagram would have told you that I am on a serious bedroom revamping mission on everything from better closet organization to DIY-ing a new filming backdrop. For a little daydreaming, I’ve recently been all over Pinterest and wanted to share with you a few of my favourite boards right now.

If you didn’t get the hint from my last Style Bite post, I’m having a skirt moment. In particular I’ve always been swooned by the midi skirt and sweater combo which is both comfortable yet stylish whether you take it girly or modern. Of course there’s something undoubtedly vintage about this pairing which makes me love it even more.     
The Charmed Life is one of the first boards I’ve made and I wanted it to be an amalgamation of beautiful homes and interiors that will hopefully one day inspire my own. It has also been a great way for me to pin down my personal aesthetic by looking at reoccurring colours or styles that has made it on my board. Lately, backyard planning has been an interesting side track and I adore browsing all the innovative layouts which makes for a multi-purpose yard. No more boxed in, rectangular garden in my future that’s for sure.
Surprisingly The One About Faces, is actually quite sparse but I’ve pinned a few makeup looks to try plus a few artsy ones just to spice things up. It’s funny how I tend to be most picky about this board but only because I wanted every single post here to be something spectacular. (That’s a bit of my inner perfectionist peeking through.)
Let me know what you’ve been pinning lately. Don’t forget to follow my boards to see what new things I’m into and share with me your favourite boards as well!
Happy Pinning.

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