When in America | Mini Beauty Pickups

AquaNet-Nail Dryer-Clinque Super Moisture
One of the great hidden advantages to living in Vancouver is the completely doable travel distance to the USA. Why does this need to be highlighted you ask? Well… when in America, you buy all the things that we don’t have access to at home. Simple things like hitting up Walmart all of a sudden becomes an adventure worth the trek down the I-5, traffic and all.  

Last weekend ended up with a trip to Seattle Premium Outlets via the lure of summer sales (which is another post altogether) and of course a stop by the Cosmetic Company Outlet; a Estee Lauder owned establishment which sells overstock, limited edition or discontinued EL aggregate branded products. I was dabbling in the Bobbi Brown and Ojion products when I suddenly spotted it out of the corner of my eye…the Clinique Super Moisture Makeup! Years ago, before glowy skin became trendy, this was my favourite illuminating foundation and somehow it had fallen off the shelves, never to be spotted again in stores. With this safely stashed in my shopping bag, I strolled down the Walmart beauty aisle looking for special releases and odd finds. The result was this adorably kitsch bottle of AquaNet Hairspray (I heard this was a total 80s craze) along with the ONYX Nail Dryer Spray; both amazingly affordable! Never underestimate the excitement that the rarity of an item can add to its allure. I can’t wait to put these to the test.

Stay Beautiful.

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