Shoe Haul | Work + Casual Style

Who knew the things you put on your feet can ever be quite so interesting. The past few weeks yeilded a goldmine in awesomely affordable, everyday style shoes. On a side note, lets not confuse everyday with boring because I think there are time where a shoe should shine on it’s own and a time where it should play a supporting role to your amazing wardrobe. And guess what? They’re all totally walkable.

I’m really thrilled about welcoming these lovelies to my closet; it’s been far too long that I’ve purchased shoes that were both functional and pretty all at once and of course, you can’t beat the thrill of a sale. In the bigger picture though, this shopping extravaganza lately is part of my Wardrobe Architect Project and I’ve been working hard on purging the old and re-consolidating a closet of things that make me smile. Interestingly, the weather is now full blown rain as I’m typing this post and it seems like I didn’t quite get any rain appropriate footwear….
Happy Shoe Hunting.

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