Haul | Summer Natural Beauty Products (iHerb) + Video

There’s something about the summer heat that makes me crave…face wash? Yes. Whatever it is, I’ve recently bought three deep clean, exfoliating, warm weather worthy cleansers from my latest iHerb purchases. It just feels like you can never get clean enough in the muggy heat! Oh and of course some makeup snuck into my basket too.
iHerb beauty haul


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Admittedly, I’ve already busted out the Acure Cleansing Gel in excitement and it’s been a great refresher this time of the year; a welcomed change from the high foaming products I’m normally using. The Brightening Scrub has also seen some action at the sink but it’s too quick to judge yet. More on everything in a couple more weeks but do let me know what your little eyes have been eyeing in these warm weathered months!

* This post contains an iHerb rewards code that I was given upon my introduction as a first time customer. When used by other first time customers, I gain rewards points which can be redeemed towards my own next purchase for a limited time. This “cash back” reward comes from iHerb’s own marketing budget, not from your order.

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