5 Suprisingly Good Beauty Products (Video)

Having been around excessive amounts of beauty products for the past 5 years, I’d like to think I can made a fair judgement on an item from a quick glance. (Insert posh girl hand wave.) There are so many options on the shelves now days that it takes a sharp eye, experience (and perhaps a weed wacker) to separate the good from the gimmicky. But whatever reservations I had about these products were quickly melted away after they’ve turned my mind around with their performance. Here’s 5 that you need to know.
  • ESSENCE | I Love Stage Shadow Base
  • ESSIE | Drying Drops*
  • THE BODY SHOP | Drops of Youth Eye Cream*
  • MAYBELLINE | Dream Wonder Powder
  • FRESH | Creme Ancienne Treatment Cream* | reviewed
The moral of the story? You can judge a product by it’s cover but leave the door ajar to potential revelations. I mean, the most exciting times are often those that take us by surprise. Now since we love a good comeback story, let me know what products have changed your mind lately.
 Stay Adventurous.

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