EVENT: LynnSteven EcoBeauty Summer Bash

Living in Vancouver, us Westcoasters are known for our taste in eco-conscious, natural and might I add slightly…hipster… products. Combine that with a small, homegrown boutique in the historic Gastown location and that’s what I was recently treated to at LynnSteven, a local shop catering to all the above with gorgeously tiled floors and an inviting, fresh interior. In addition to stocking one of a kind fashion items, they have lately been expanding their beauty arsenal

Leah alexandra Jewelry
LynnStevens Ilia Lipsticks

Lynnstevens RGB nail polish

LynnStevens Ilia Makeup

It was great to see a few familiar brands on the shelves plus a few new names. Of course there was no hiding the audible shriek upon me finding out they carried RGB Nail Lacquers (super chic shades, 3-free formulas in stylish bottles) and equally exciting to find a super smooth hydrating formulation in Ilia Tinted Moizturizers. A few names like Butter Elixir and Belmondo still need some further research but I’m always happy to expand my beauty vocabulary. Instead of weeding through the plethora of up and coming names myself, it’s always helpful to walk into a store with a well curated, manageable selection of products to try out.

LynnStevens Event
THE GIRLS: Do Want Makeup | Mizz J | Cosmetic Proof

Between product swatching, popsicle eating and drink sipping, we even managed to snag a few minutest at their summer photo booth! And while none of us coordinated outfits, I have no idea why we all showed up in darks on a hot summer day.

Natural Beauty Proucts
PRODUCTS SHOWN: Zoe Organics (Natural Insect Repellent*) | Tata Harper (Resurfacing Mask*) | Ilia (Natural Lipstick*) | Butter (Elixir Oil*) | Dalish (Cheek & Lip Tint*)

The night ended with a completely unplanned pudding pit stop down the street and a little bag of natural beauty treats swinging on my arm as I strolled down the cobblestoned street. Thanks for having us LynnSteven and look out for reappearances from these little beauties!

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